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Folks - most of you (at least those taking the time to read here) know that I've been looking for a solution that will accomplish a coupe of things for

1 - to upgrade the social/interactive functionality of our community

2 - that will reduce the financial burden of operating the site

I had explored the Ning platform - which most liked - but which would have meant us losing all of our content. We've been up and running for 7 years. There's some extraordinary content here. It broke my heart to contemplate losing it. Recently, though, I came across a rather elegant solution that accomplishes all of our objectives while also allowing us to retain our content!! cabbage

As with any site change, its going to involve some adjustments and its going to take some time to for all of us to get used to it. Like Ning, it is more of a contemporary, social networking platform. The functionality will be a bit different, but the package is from the same manufacturer of this site - so you should find it familiar.

In the next few days you when you come back to the site you will see a page that asks you to register. That's about the only upfront thing that you will have to do. To make the transition smooth, we will need to integrate the registration systems and it works best if as many people as possible are registered before the change takes place.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. This will be new to me as well, so we'll be learning together, but I am very excited about being able to enhance our functionality and keep our legacy of content!


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OK - folks, the changes are a happening. The next time you log out - to log back in to you'll be asked to submit your UN and PW into the LiveCloud registration. This will link your current profile here with a new profile on the new site and with all of your content from here.

Please let me know if you have any questions but it should be pretty smooth.

Originally posted by zensufi master:
kresge here:
It is not allowing me to access my old account. I tried last night, and this morning, I created this one and tried to relink, to no avail.

Since you're an OLD timer, it may somehow be pulling an older UN and PW. I think it did that for me.

Try some older versions of UN/PW and see if that works. If not, I'll talk to the software folks about it.
Originally posted by ricardomath:
Should we be noticing a difference?

Thde only difference that I see is a little "Live Cloud" logo in the upper right corner.

The only difference at this point is that we are merging our old registration system into a new one. Has the system asked you to re-register? If not, you may want to log-out and then log back in. As you may have seen, some folks are having some issues - it seems to be looking for OLD user name/password combinations. I think, for me, it wanted the original UN/PW from back in 2002. So - be aware of that little nuance. Other than that, we're just waiting to get as many of our core users registered on the LiveCloud platform so that when we "flick the switch" and change to the new system people are already linked up to their existing/old profiles and content.

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