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I'll second the request for a workable search function.

One of the technical things that made stand out from other forums that I post in was the completeness and efficiency of searches done on old posts. I could always find old posts here when posts on other boards (sometimes the very same spam post) came up missing.

If I took an article from here and reposted it somewhere else, often I would have to come back here to find the original article that I copied from just to find an exact quote that I could use to narrow the search for my own post in another forum.
No, I'm not particularly liking the new format ... but, I wasn't real crazy about the old one either!    However, I was just starting to find out where everything was and starting to play with a few of the features ... and now I suppose I'll have to start over. 

Which, for the technologically-challenged, such as myself, is no small feat! 

But .... don't worry about me ... I'm just a disgruntled old lady who's survived worse than this!  And I'm sure I'll find a way to get over it!  I always do. 
Yeah, I saw the change earlier this morning, too, before I went to bed ... but, thought maybe it was just my computer losing its mind and rearranging the page or something.  But since both of my computers are showing the same thing ... I guess it's a relief to know it's not just me! 

And you're right ... for all we know this could be the 'old format' in a couple months time! 

Do you know if this is 'it' for this particular change??  Are they still working on stuff or are we at where we're going to be? 
'Cause if so, this is what I got when I put the word "Haiti" in it: Error The page you requested is not available. Reference ID: 155811774017772074[254284907][-1624170886]TUR-QSHARK2.r9468.b490-livecloud.ps003
Odd, I got a page of previous posts on Haiti. I do not know what the issue is. It could be a browser issue?
Heeyyyy!!!  The "search" feature now goes back into our old archives and you can reference stuff back from the beginning! 

It didn't find the relatively new post (on the "Brainwashed" book) that I was looking for when I put that keyword in ... but, it gave me damn near everything else!  So ... I'm not going to complain!  
I have only ONE complaint[been complainin 'bout this since the inception of the new site].  Every time I try to edit my post, it takes a loooooooooong time.  So long that I cancel it and just write a new post citing the correction.  That's a bummer.  Other than that...I'm straight.  I'm just getting back to being on here, so I don't know what went wrong during my absence....but!  It's all good now....right?  If you help me out with this editing thingy then everything's is everythang with the problems...not one! 
We answered this for you in the other thread you posted to about this problem, Ms. Koco .. but you probably haven't been back to it in a while! 

It's just a glitch!  And the easiest way to fix it is to not wait for the edit to go through!  Just hit your  "page reload/refresh" button while the little wheels are turning.  The page will refresh and you should see your edited version of the post.

Or you can just close the edit reply window (or hit "cancel") .. and the edit will take on its own, anyway!  (You can check it to be sure by going out of the thread and coming back into it .. and you should see that your edited version is there!)
LOL ... oh, you're welcome, girl! 

Yeah ... this site's got tricks ... some of 'em good ... and some not so much!    I'm finding that we're a very small part of a really big community!  We're kinda 'cocooned' in here ... which is probably the way it should be!  

But, there's also a lot of things to play with ... and other places to go within the LiveCloud community ... if you're feeling adventurous!   I've found that we all have our own individual pages like over at that 'Ning' site we almost went over too.  But getting to it was an adventure!    And not all of the features were working right yet! 

Maybe once they're able to knock all the bugs out ... we'll be able to have a little more fun around here!
Okay .. first the compliment ...

I do like what's been done to the place, lately!  A lot of the changes that have taken place make the site much more easy to navigate through ... and a lot of the bugs have been taken out ... which puts me a LOT further along on my quest to learn to stop cursing before the year is out!    And I appreciate all the help I can get on that!

Now for the complaint ...

The "search" function seems to have been lost again!    It took me a minute to find it ('cause y'all hid it in a different place again!), but it seems to only come up with results that are in posts that were posted today  .. and not searching previous posts beyond that.  Can you flip the switch like you did last time and bring that functionality back sometime soon??
Moderators - to whom it may concern:

Does anyone know how to completely delete a posting after it's been offically posted? It seems that you can delete the post after you initially add it to the discussion without posting it. After you officially post it, all you can do it edit after that. Someone get me straight here. I hope that I'm making some sense here.

It's extremely important to maintain the integrity of the issues via the topic categories for balance.

NSpirit, I'm not that good at it but for posting a video (especially the youtube videos) once the video ends (I usually just click and slide the mouse to get to the end of the video) look to the right and look for the "URL" code below the "EMBED" code.

Highlight the URL code and copy. In your post reply on, look for the "Insert/edit embedded media" tag to the right of the smiley face emoticon. Click on it and paste the URL code into the "File/URL" section of the "insert/edit embedded media" tag. Click your mouse wherever you want to put the video in your thread.

And once you paste, scroll to the bottom of your reply and hit insert,

You will see the video show up in your thread or you may see a pinkish blank screen but once you post your thread, you should see the video.

For some videos, you will not have the set-up for he URL code below te Embed code (including some youtube videos but you will have to look for the section  that says "Share" and try to find that URL code.

I hope this makes sense.

NSpirit, scroll up seven threads and practice on the youtube "Jeporady" video posted by EbonyRose.

I also think that if you're copying an article to pose on, you can also copy the video along with the article that you're copying, go to "insert/edit image" and paste the entire thing. If someone here has more info for NSpirit (and me) about posting various types of videos from different media sites, please share. 

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