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Yeah, I'm finding the balance between our individual little forum and the "social networking site' as a whole to be a bit of a slippery slope, myself!

For instance ... my 'blog' "The ER" is not really exactly my blog anymore ... right?  I mean, I don't really have any control over it ... it's more like just another forum on the site as a whole! (I think!).  However, there is a 'blog' offered by the LiveCloud site that (I think) would be my own individual space to write ... but there is also (I think) a forum blog for all members to post to ... as well as a LiveCloud blog .. which is more universal!

Do I have this right?    And if so, I'm not sure what the rules are for all of that!
So i'm kinda liking how you can copy and paste links from articles DIRECTLY into a post here on this site.  kool!  You can also directly copy and paste a photo without having to go through the images process.  kool too!   Embed some thangs too!

Is it me, or does the writing/print size on this site look squinty SMALL?  Do i need to visit an opthalmologist?
Is it me, or does the writing/print size on this site look squinty SMALL? Do i need to visit an opthalmologist?
Yes!  And some posts are even smaller than others!

Here's a 'little known Windows fact/trick:

If you hold down the 'Ctrl' button while rolling the little wheel on your mouse upwards, the print on the page will increase!  If you roll down, it will decrease.

I believe it's just a temporary condition, though (hard to tell 'cause I use it all the time ) ... but, it's especially helpful here!
If you hold down the 'Ctrl' button while rolling the little wheel on your mouse upwards, the print on the page will increase! If you roll down, it will decrease.
wow!   holy cow!  that is a neat trick!  THANK YOU EBONY ROSE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!>>>and eyeballs

This site is much more appealing now that i can see it!
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Hey Fab!! Glad you made it through!

To answer your question ... this is what I posted to Cholly in another post earlier today:

Once you have posted your comment, put your cursor down at the bottom, right-hand corner of your post and the words "edit", "report", "delete" and "permalink" will show up in little blue writing.  (For some reason they are hidden from view until the cursor moves over them!)  Click on the edit and your post will come back up!

Also of note ... it seems like you only have a few minutes to edit or delete a first/original post (if that!) ...and then the option to do that disappears!  Not sure what the rules on that are, yet ... but, just beware that once you post a story for the first time ...  you might not be able to take it back!
Hey there, Mr. Chester!!  I was beginning to get worried about you ... thought you might have been 'Lost in Space'!! 

Hmmm ... I'm not sure if this will work (my avatar transferred over by itself, so, I didn't have to re-insert it!) ... but try this and see if it works!

If you click on your own (currently blank) avatar picture (located next to your name on one of your posts), it should take you to your own 'home page'.  Once you're there, just below the "LiveCloud" logo you'll see the words "Home", Ticker", "Me" and "Manage" .. etc.,

Hold your cursor on "Manage" and on the drop down list choose "Edit Profile".  If you scroll down towards the bottom of that page, you'll see a place where you can upload your avatar picture called "My Primary Photo"!

I do know that the "signature" option is not working (it's there, but it doesn't seem to show up!) so I don't know if the avatar feature will work for you either!  But ... give it a try!  You never know! 
Try this, JWC ....

If you click your own avatar and go to your own 'page' ... at the time you will see the words "Home", "Ticker", "Me", "Manage", etc.

Under "Manage", choose "Notifications"

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of that page, there's a box that says, "Suspend All Notifications".

Check that box. 

Lemme know if that works! 

(And, by the way ... I see you haven't put your flag up, yet!  Are you still having problems with that? 
Err hello.. I have joined here to offer a little advice if I can at any time. I have been on LiveCloud and before that Groupee for a couple of years and know a few things. You are all asking the same questions and having the same problems that we all experienced when Livecloud became err live (shrugs).

In the LiveCloud support forums there are a lot of questions and answers. Take some time to read them.

If I may I will try to embed a video as a test. I will of course delete it after a while.

Hi there, James!

Yeah ... I know that it looks like the blind-leading-the-blind here ... and it is ... ... but, we somehow usually find our way to where we're going!    I'm sure that the support forum will be very useful!  I'll be sure to check it out!  Most of us will just have to click our way into figuring out how things work around here.  And it'll probably take some time.

With the problem I had with embedding, I found out that it works perfectly well if I'm using Internet Explorer for a browser .... but, I'm a Firefox user ... and for some reason that feature doesn't work with Firefox!    That's not just a LiveCloud thing, though ... I periodically run into that problem with other softwares and programs.

I do like the video you posted, though, as a test!    Oh!  And welcome to the board!
and how come my "insert/edit link" icon is grayed out?
It is greyed out until the link is typed and highlighted, as stated below.


1 Find and copy the URL you want to link to.

2 Open a reply box here and type your reply.

3 Where you want your link to be type the title you want it to have

4 Don't post yet

5 Highlight the title

6Click on the icon 13th from left (insert/edit link)- A box opens foryou to complete. Right click in 'URL' line and click paste.

Chose target='open in same window' or 'open in new window'

TITLE=whatever word or phrase you highlighted.

Ignore the last box.

7 click INSERT and the box will close and your word or phrase will now be underlined in your reply box.

8 Post your reply when Ready

NB If you want to use a smiley as your link just type it's CODE. Highlight the code and proceed as above.

Add Reply

Link copied to your clipboard.