Wow, there certainly are a lot of nuts in this world.

This is exactly why I do not have a Myspace page and will not allow my daughter to have one either.

he had another account detroitman313ishere and frequently commented on her videos… her “asia’s youtube haters” one, and the “asia dancing” one.

I wonder if that's the Detroitman that used to visit this site?
Wasn't there a guy on this site briefly a couple of years back who used to rage about black women... He used to claim that slave women enjoyed being raped by their masters, among a whole lot of other rants?

I think in his avatar he wore shades and had his head shaved. AND, he had a significant presence on Youtube and elsewhere on the web.
fro I am an advocate of not allowing children to be on the internet especially "teens." I tell 'em use the library. READ! Having said that, my older daughters have used the internet since its inception to the open public and my fear has always been them giving out too much info and putting their actual picture online. We fought about this for years...I won. Now they use an's safer.

I think earlier this year we had a new member place her picture here without abstracting her face....I immediately told her that WAS NOT a good idea. Cuz you NEVER know....who's watchin.

Safety is all forms of communication be it online or in person. Cuz indeed there are FOOLS everywhere.

...and really, this is why I keep my general information restricted from the internet. While I have various pages online, my personal business stays personal and only among family and true friends only.

EveryBody who wants privacy isn't doing it to be deceitful, but for safety's sake.

...and it isn't just a warning about meeting the opposite sex online either. Some of these crazy chicks who will try to "befriend" you, only have ill intentions toward you. You can usually tell these types of individuals because they go to all of your friend's pages and try to add them too as a means to try to "infuse" your entire circle of friends.

I found out that one girl in an online group was actually trying to befriend certain Women, only to find out where they live so she could try to hurt them. Sad, sad, sad.

While it is nice to think that everyone you talk to online is safe, the sad fact is that not everyone you talk to has your best interest at heart. So keep it simple and keep it light...

.....but ALWAYS keep it safe.

"Wisdom Is A Woman Who Ain't No Fool!"

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