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Originally posted by Frenchy:
Again, just because they can, doesn't mean they did.

It doesn't mean they didn't either.

And, just as with the TWA Flight 800 explosion, an errant or intentional missile has been suggested repeatedly, and government agencies and sources all provided evidence they believed bolstered their denial. Very similar indeed.
Well Frenchy bang keep banging away.

Some folks still think that the CIA has something to do with creating crack for blacks, the sponsorship of the Bloods and Crips, and the creation and spread of AIDS. So trying to convince them that a plane did not actually crash into the Petagon is a futile effort.

It's not like the CIA, NSA are actually known for keeping secrets ie. the warrantless eavesdropping on American citizens.

Ps you're not a CIA mole or something lol
Originally posted by MBM:
Frenchy - get help. eyes kiss Next you'll be telling me that we actually did walk on the moon. lol

Alright, now I'm convinced that we DID walk on the moon. The science is entirely possible and I've explained several times over the years what the so-called "anomalies" are.

I think people who think the moon landings are a hoax just can't believe that Mankind has come that far and they have a hard time accepting it (I know, it can be hard to take in when you think about it).

Making the moon landing out to be a hoax is one conspiracy theory that I think is rubbish (and I generally like conspiracy theories cool). Most of the arguments against it are from peole who don't seem to understand physics beyond a middle school level. I've taken college physics already, and the science DOES fit the landing.

But, I agree that the alleged 757 crashing into the Pentagon is far-fetched. That't the damndest Boeing crash I've ever seen if it was a Boeing plane.
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Originally posted by AudioGuy:
in the lower right corner you see a wing... mostly in tact... unlike the pentagon post 9/11 photos.

The conspiracy theorist in me could not let this pass...

I was believing the media hype for 5 years. This one post has convinced me that I have been duped. Thank you audio guy.

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The plane that I posted in this thread was a C-130 military aircraft... roughly about the same size as a 757. Also the building that it hit was an apartment building... not made with super reinforced concrete - amazingly it did not crash completely through the building...

There were report that the plane that hit the pentagon was flying at approx 300+ mph... between 0 & 15 ft off the ground... and people were able to recall what airline it was? I have seen a vehicle moving at 100 mph while I was standing still and was barely able to make what kind of car it was because it was a blur... You mean to tell me that people standing on the ground or in their cars, were able to read the print on the side of an aircraft travelling 3x that speed? In the video cam footage that we did see, you could not even identify it as a plane...

I also find it hard to believe that a plane being flown by inexperienced "pilots" were able to control a plane travelling that fast, so low to the ground...

At that time of day, on that hi-way that runs next to the pentagon, it is virtually a parking lot - which means literally hundreds of people would have been able to see the "plane"... If I am an investigator, I would want to talk to most, if not all of those people... the only way to get those people to come forward would be to make a plea in the news media... didn't happen.

Was it a plane? I don't think so... JMHO
Originally posted by Frenchy:
... The government could release video footage and play the recordings from the Black Box and people would STILL think it was fake. I, for one, am glad they have not gone that grisly route...
It could not have been any more grisly than showing the planes hit the towers a kazillion times or seeing people jumping their deaths (both of which I saw last week). What harm would there be in releasing the black box recording of some guys speaking arabic or farsi while flying the plane?

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