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Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of police-shooting victim Philando Castile, urged against violence at protests in the aftermath of his death, which she streamed on Facebook Live using her cellphone during the fatal traffic stop in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, on Wednesday evening.

Reynolds said that she was "baffled" to see some protesters responding to police brutality with more violence.

In St. Paul this weekend, protests forced the closure of Interstate 94. Some participants allegedly threw objects and dropped liquids from overpasses on officers below. Others allegedly directed laser pointers at officers. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an officer had his teeth knocked out, according to police.

"Violence is never the key. It's not acceptable. We have to be able to come together and lead by example," she said. "If we're not able to stand together and control our emotions, then how can we ever expect anyone else in the world to do so?"


What the fuck does our outrage with being killed have to do with your boyfriend being shot and killed by police?

That's like chastising at a sex trafficker for killing his or her enslaver and escaping. 

I am sick of this shit. This is coon behavior. Black people do not need to apologize for a DAMN THING. Black people do not have to speak out against riots, retaliatory killings or protests.

Fix the fucking system and these things will not happen. 

You know what I wish these victim's family would say. "I will not talk about the Black population's reaction. Fix the system. We are being oppressed."

I swear to God, if I die at the hands of a racist, my loved ones better not say a damn thing about peace and love or I would haunt them. 

The settlements these families get from the system , if they get that at all, is hush money.

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  Ah...where DID she apologize?  She said black people?  Stop being STUPID.  Can't fix the system inciting more violence.  You do that from the inside out.  I have never seen anyone shooting while rebuilding a broken structure.  You?  To me?  Our younger generation of black folks are so desensitized that sometimes it impossible for them to use their unique cognitive ability to see horrific things through.  The first thing they wanna do is retaliate without thinking about the consequences of that retaliation and the many people AFFECTED by it.  As why SELECTIVE memory is so DANGEROUS for our younger generation of black folks...cuz for the most part...they either were not born yet....or were very young.  They don't really have a pattern of behavior to look at.  If they did?  They would understand that VIOLENCE never works.  It only guarantees more DEAD bodies.  And you can't make change while dead.  I never saw it.  You?  And certainly if you look on the other side of the world...many blacks are powerless...and don't have RIGHTS in their own what is that telling ANYONE about us? That we are top of line Africans-who are the survivors of the most horrific human crime in the world.  We didn't get here(free with human rights)....being stupid.  Even though some don't KNOW anything about that.  But we TURNED it around for the  Now it's spotlighted.  All the shyte massa's been doing to us is on 44 inch screens and the green monster is on stage...finally.  Remember.  America has been a bully for hundreds of year hiding behind that fake hero white roman/greek tragic image.  The curtain is up....and everybody can see.  So it would be FOOLISH and even STUPID for black people...ah young black people to take this opportunity...and SHIT on it.  

Once again...the middle east is crumblin;.....but!  That is a pattern too.  Folks are migrating...again another PATTERN.  So wake up people.  Stop wanting to use violence to get revenge.  Be smarter.  Use what massa has used to get his advantage....BLACK INTELLIGENCE, BLACK CULTURE, BLACK PRESENCE.  Lets use own skills and tools to regain our power as a dynamic culture.  Cuz if you don't play you gonna walk on court with a ball in your hand?  Just cuz the ball is yours...don't mean you gon win the game.  So...let's utlize what we have already....we know the value of it.  And let's grow up a bit more shall we?  And prove [to ourselves] just how brilliant we are....and have always been.  Repent getting in the self-destruct mode...cuz that?  Is what massa wants.  But!

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I never heard her say anything that did not make perfect sense.

And you do have to fix a broken system from the inside, i.e., you have to flush out those responsible for the system being broken in the first place.

People fighting and dying while the same people that are seated in very system that has legislated and facilitated the very thing being protested remaining in place is fruitless.  

It's equivalent to dipping out the flood water one bucket at a time, without fixing the hole in the damn.

African Americans need to do everything possible to plug all the holes in our dam system.

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  Exactly sista Sunnubian!  We say we are the most intelligent.  Let's solve this like humans-not animals. The thing is massa don't wanna fix nothing cuz he is still benefiting.  It is his arrogance that will be his downfall. You see it all around.  The old force wanting to hold on to its old ways as the world is rapidly changing back to its original position as it continues to evolve modernly.  I agree too that we have to flush out those responsible for the system being broken...truth is they did no maintenance.  Cuz NOT doing anything...worked.  For them.  And in reality, how can you live in world where you bite the hand that feeds you?  As long as you control can.   Narcistic. arrogance.  We don't live in the Roman/Greek times and yet this  is how massa's been behaving for the last 300 years or more.   The evidence is clear.  Court room providing justice solely to the murderers who mostly look like them.  I thought fraternizing, discrimination, racist practices were illegal in the highest and lowest court of the  judicial  system...and yet, what have we seen?   It's more than NEVER included us because we were ALWAYS the imprisoned and enslaved.  And I guess 50 years haven't been LONG enough for massa to ACCEPT that we are free self sustaining HUMAN beings.  He didn't rescue us....from shit.  And our existence as human beings doesn't have a DAMN thang to do with him.  He is not OUR god.   Which is something I think massa's new generation THIRSTS for.   It is so much SILENCE from the white one has said a word.  All these white right fighters...where are they?  No whites in defense or against.  Nothing.  But!  Doesn't matter.  The world sees.  And we are a vital part of the world.  Have ALWAYS been.   And as the world changes, so do we.  As why the time is now...more than ANY other time in human history.  But!  

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