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The news media coverage of Donald Trump has been abominable. Media outlets have treated him with kid gloves, obsessed over him, and given him free run of the airwaves for the entire news cycle.

It’s even worse than that: The news media has given Donald Trump a special phone privilege, allowing him to call in to shows instead of forcing him to appear via satellite or in studio. As a result of this privilege, Trump can appear on more shows, and he can avoid being confronted by images and demonstrations showing his lies for what they are.

It’s time for it to stop. CBS refused to let Donald Trump call into its morning show. This is a start, but other networks and other shows are still letting Trump call in. Sign our petition, and tell news networks that it’s time to take away Trump’s special privilege.

Through the course of this election, time and time again your network allows Donald Trump call in to shows. We fully recognize that sometimes phone interviews are necessary. But Trump’s reliance on phone interviews is completely unprecedented and far exceeds what any other candidate has been allowed to do. By letting Trump phone it in, you’re just enabling media manipulation and reinforcing the idea that the more he takes, the more you'll give in. It's time for that to end. 

Tell Donald Trump that going forward, he will be treated like every other candidate and will no longer be given the extraordinary advantage of calling in to your news programs.



NBC's Meet The Press Will No Longer Allow Trump To Phone In


Chuck Todd, host of NBC's Sunday morning political talk show, Meet the Presstold The New York Times he will no longer allow Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump to call in to the show in lieu of appearing on camera, taking away a media advantage that has been solely granted to Trump thus far this campaign season. 

Trump has dominated the Sunday morning political talk shows since the beginning of 2015, appearing more than any other candidate, (63 times) including 28 interviews by phone -- a privilege the shows have not allowed any of the other four remaining presidential candidates. Media critics, who say the format gives Trump an upper hand, have called out the practice noting that allowing him to interview by phone "is a signal of the extent to which the television cable networks contort themselves to accommodate Trump." 

According to a March 20 New York Times column, NBC's Chuck Todd told The Times' Jim Rutenberg that he "will no longer allow Mr. Trump to do prescheduled interviews by phone." Rutenberg noted that Fox's Chris Wallace has also refused to allow Trump to phone in. From the article:

Then there are the Sunday morning public affairs programs. For decades they have served as proving grounds where candidates must show up on camera, ideally in person, to handle questions without aides slipping them notes, their facial reactions and body language on full display. It's why the programs were named "Face the Nation" and "Meet the Press" -- not "Call the Nation" or "Phone the Press."

And yet, as the campaign began in earnest, all of the shows went along with Mr. Trump's insistence that he "appear" by phone -- all except one, "Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace."

"I just thought even if we took a ratings hit -- and to some degree we did -- it was a line worth holding," Mr. Wallace told me.

On Friday, Chuck Todd, the moderator of "Meet the Press," told me he had only grudgingly allowed Mr. Trump to call in to his show earlier in the campaign, determining that he would rather have Mr. Trump take questions via phone than not at all.

Now, Mr. Todd said, he will no longer allow Mr. Trump to do prescheduled interviews by phone on the NBC program. And CNN told me it would think twice before giving full coverage to a Trump news conference that devolves into an infomercial.

I thought I might be witnessing a midcampaign course correction. But then I tuned in to "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" on ABC and there was Mr. Trump, or, that is, his disembodied voice.










"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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Why does this dude even want to be president? He already has more money than the law allows. He owns a plane, helicopter, yacht, has more palatial homes than anyone on the planet. He's uglier than sin. Who in their right mind wants to look at this creep as president other than all the folks sniffing after his money??? He's a serious "Gawd O Mighty". He's beyond horrific to me. Looks like he's an escapee from every mental institution in America and beyond. Has a mouth that looks like a condom, size mini, should be shoved over it to quell the word ejaculations.

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CNN is paying on air "analysts" Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean to defend Trump's racism and violence.

Feel free to customize the email below

Below is an example of an email you can send to CNN President Jeff Zucker and Executive Vice President for Talent Amy Entelis. Feel free to edit it to be in your words and tell them why you think CNN should stop giving air time to people who regularly support and promote Donald Trump's messages of violence and hate. We'll immediately send the email to Mr Zucker and Ms. Entelis and your name and city will automatically be added to the end. 

Demand CNN drop violence and Trump apologists Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean!


CNN is paying on air "analysts" Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean to defend Trump's racism and violence. These unabashed Trump supporters steadfastly defend and promote Trump’s increasingly violent and racist message.

No one in the media is currently paying a toll for making money off of the Trump brand of violence and racism right now. Media companies like CNN try to have it both ways – making bank from reinforcing divisive, reckless and dangerous myths about our communities while pretending that they are “unbiased." That ends now.

Tell CNN President Jeff Zucker and Executive Vice President for Talent Amy Entelis to drop Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean. 


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  Here's more on this FOOL!!!  But!




7 Brutal Yet Thoughtful Takedowns Of Donald Trump

Some of media’s leading voices are making the case against the candidate.

03/21/2016 06:21 pm ET
Donald Trump’s rise has prompted many well-known writers and columnists to speak out against the businessman.

As the prospect of Donald Trump being the Republican nominee becomes increasingly likely, many of the media’s most prominent voices are warning that the brash businessman poses a bona fide threat to American values. 

Here are seven columns that take aim at the Trump machine, strongly and carefully making the case that the GOP front-runner is not fit for the presidency. All of these pieces reach a similar conclusion: Trump’s rise, once an entertaining sideshow not to be taken seriously, is now very real, and very scary. 

“No, Not Trump, Not Ever”

David Brooks, The New York Times

“Donald Trump is an affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue and citizenship. He pollutes the atmosphere in which our children are raised. He has already shredded the unspoken rules of political civility that make conversation possible. In his savage regime, public life is just a dog-eat-dog war of all against all.”

“American Demagogue”

David Remnick, The New Yorker

“Trump is no longer hustling golf courses, fake ‘universities,’ or reality TV. He means to command the United States armed forces and control its nuclear codes. He intends to propose legislation, conduct America’s global affairs, preside over its national-intelligence apparatus, and make the innumerable moral and political decisions required of a President. This is not a Seth Rogen movie; this is as real as mud.”

“Donald Trump embodies how great republics meet their end”

Martin Wolf, Financial Times

“It is rash to assume constitutional constraints would survive the presidency of someone elected because he neither understands nor believes in them. Rounding up and deporting 11 [million] people is an immense coercive enterprise. Would a president elected to achieve this be prevented and, if so, by whom? What are we to make of Mr. Trump’s enthusiasm for the barbarities of torture? Would he find people willing to carry out his desires or not?”

“The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics”

Ezra Klein, Vox

“It is undeniably enjoyable to watch Trump. He’s red-faced, discursive, funny, angry, strange, unpredictable, and real. He speaks without filter and tweets with reckless abandon. The Donald Trump phenomenon is a riotous union of candidate ego and voter id. America’s most skilled political entertainer is putting on the greatest show we’ve ever seen.

It’s so fun to watch that it’s easy to lose sight of how terrifying it really is.”

“Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States”

Los Angeles Times editorial board

“The reality is that Trump has no experience whatsoever in government, interacting with the machinery of state only as a supplicant. He has shamefully little knowledge of the issues facing the country and the world, and a temperament utterly unsuited to the job. He is a racist and a bully, a demagogue.”

“The Man the Founders Feared” 

Peter Wehner, The New York Times

“The founders, knowing history and human nature, took great care to devise a system that would prevent demagogues and those with authoritarian tendencies from rising up in America. That system has been extraordinarily successful. We have never before faced the prospect of a political strongman becoming president. Until now.”

“Time to fire Trump”

The Economist

“The things Mr. Trump has said in this campaign make him unworthy of leading one of the world’s great political parties, let alone America. One way to judge politicians is by whether they appeal to our better natures: Mr. Trump has prospered by inciting hatred and violence. He is so unpredictable that the thought of him anywhere near high office is terrifying. He must be stopped.”

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