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Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Hundreds Of Others, Just Made This Family’s Christmas

The singer donated $10,000 to a family in need.

12/26/2016 01:39 pm ET

Is there really a “Better Man” than Eddie Vedder?

The lead singer of Pearl Jam ― along with hundreds of other people ― pitched in to help a 35-year-old Maryland mom who was afraid she wouldn’t be able to afford rent, much less Christmas presents for her kids. 

“I’m so hurt,” Tyshika Britten, a mother of six, wrote in a post on Craigslist picked up by The Washington Post. “I’m trying my best. I pray everyday and now I’m begging for help. I know it’s not about the gifts, but they are kids! I’m such a failure right now ... please help me.”

Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images
Tyshika Britten, with her 11-year-old son Na’zhia Bolden, gives a hug of thanks to Shirley Luu, a local businesswoman who stopped by to give the family some gifts and money. 

The Post wrote about Britten and her family, and she felt encouraged to create a GoFundMe account. 

Anything will be helpful ... we are not picky and I am asking for prayers as well,” the message read in part. “My kids are a blessing to me and I just want to finish school to build a better life for them.”

After hearing her story, hundreds of people donated to the cause ― $10 here, $25 there. And then a $10,000 donation came in. It was from Vedder.

Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images
Tyshika Britten tosses gifts to her 15-year-old son Vashon Bolden. Donations and presents came in from people around the country, including from Eddie Vedder.

“I was just so moved by the story and what this mother did for her children,” Vedder, who is also a pretty great solo artist, told the Post. “I thought those kids must be so proud of their mother for reaching out. That takes a lot of courage.”

Britten’s five boys and baby girl were able to have a merry Christmas, unwrapping video games, clothes, Legos, remote-control cars and more. 

In an update on her GoFundMe page, Britten thanked her supporters.

“We love you, we love you, we love you, God is able!!” the post reads in part. “We are ready for 2017! I am truly humbled.”

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