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Slavery And the Making Of America
Feb 9th and 16th from 9PM-11PM

Coming to PBS on Feb. 9th and the 16th from 9PM to 11PM is the four part series Slavery And The Making Of America, produced by Dante James, and narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Dante is an incredible filmmaker who has produced many award wining films among them biographies on Marian Anderson and A. Philip Randolph. He worked with the late great filmmaker Henry Hampton at Blackside and was the executive producer of Hampton's last series - This Far By Faith: African American Spiritual Journeys.

Slavery And The Making Of America tells the story of slavery from the point of view of the enslaved. The series recognizes the strength, humanity and dignity of the enslaved and redefines them as pro-active freedom fighters not passive victims.

It is essential to pass this email on to friends and family and encourage them to watch. If we can create a large audience for this important series PBS will be forced to produce and air more programs that address the African-American experience. There are also two web sites for the series they are: and
Please pass this email on and be sure to tune in.

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Cautious about this series. It talks about the slave but not the slave master, what he or she was involved in. Those companies that seem to be the high talk HERE on for REPARATIONS, etc. If I am a slave I want to know all I can about the habits of my master since I am obliged to serve him or her in mind, BODY [which this series website is all about in my opinion] and definitely not my soul. This series I have a feeling does not do that.

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