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PBS' 'Finding Your Roots' Returns After Ben Affleck Controversy

The show has hired a new fact-checker and two new genealogists as part of its reforms.


NEW YORK (AP) -- PBS' popular "Finding Your Roots" series, temporarily shelved after an episode omitted references to the slaveholding past of Ben Affleck's ancestor at the actor's request, will return to public television for its third season in January.


The show has hired a new fact-checker and two new genealogists as part of its reforms, said the network's Beth Hoppe on Monday. PBS had suspended the series after determining that the show's producers violated standards by allowing Affleck undue influence on its content and failing to inform the network of his request.


"It has become a more transparent process and a more rigorous process," Hoppe said, "but essentially at its core these are personal stories about people who are finding out about their histories. That hasn't changed."

"Finding Your Roots," which is hosted and written by Henry Louis Gates Jr., returns on Jan. 5. Julianne Moore, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Sen. John McCain and television producers Norman Lear and Shonda Rhimes are among the 28 new celebrities whose backgrounds are traced.


Given the sensitivity of the Affleck case, the series makes certain to mention if its experts find slaveholding backgrounds for any of the celebrities featured this season, even if that isn't a central part of the story being told, Hoppe said. That's the case with several people in the new season, but PBS would not reveal which ones.

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  I like to say that we as a black people should go a step further than this.  We need to really investigate our roots to the world.  And when we do?  We will find out that it is more complex information than massa and his boys ever let on.  And if we can get some of our young people to get a taste of history. then the sky will be the limit to what they WILL uncover.  


The problem with uncovering our true history is the black elites who have socially blended with massa.  It is the same dynamics that has burden India.  Cuz in that culture, it is clear that massa erased everything BLACK in its history and replaced it with the mighty Indo-aryan migration theory-which by the way has been proven to be a LIE!!!!`But whose gonna argue that case especially with the way India treats its people?  


We need black literary soldiers to get down and dirty and find the truth for all black people.  Yes,it is a lot of work but it is necessary or the powers be that will find a way to erase all of that are attempting to do in Texas.  But that's how massa and his boys roll.  They know damn well they weren't the ones to civilize anybody.  They know damn well it was they who usurped the wisdom, knowledge and civilize thinking of a society that lived and traded with and without them for millions of years.  


Massa and his boys want folks to believe it all started around 10,000 years ago.  But it didn't.  That was the time in which massa and his boys had enough of em to begin destroying what had been created and thriving for ions.  Black people need to dig that out.  They need to start before the migration out of Africa and follow the journey from there.  And in every corner near that exodus you will find BLACK PEOPLE.  You will find them in Japan, China, Indonesia, Burma, Nepal, Australia and all the way in South America-and when you find them you will also find big BLACK statues of them in the guise of the Buddha, in the guise of Shiva... in the guise of Jesus....even in the guise of the olmec astronaut.    


So we need to inspire our black children to be excited about their history and to encourage them to unveil for the world to see.  We must teach them to shut their ears to naysayers and use their eyes to determine what the black gods homenize[sp] in white coat and the ancients of our black people from around the globe been trying to say all along....that Black People....ruled the world not for thousands of years but for millions of years.    


And I know that's hard to believe...but!  That's massa want.  He wants everyone to THINK that it's HARD to believe that Black People RULED anything...let alone the world.  But that's the biggest lie about us that needs to be eradicated by our TRUTH.  Our truth...the real history of humankind.  So this torch of awaiting knowledge, the question is will our young people take it?  Or? Will they continue to be willingly components of being totally unaware of their world BRILLIANCE?   Just askin....but! 



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Sen. John McCain has some black relatives in the south. Are they going to find them and talk to them?  Sort of like the black relatives J. Edgar Hoover had down south no one knew about until he damn near destroyed every black leader we had and then died. J. Edgar Hoover was black and supposedly a homosexual; they named streets and a building after him and never mentioned that FACT.


People in the U.S. have so many racial secrets; live such lies and deceit; it's fun to watch this show on PBS just to see what they say people are comprised of. How many grandparents do folks have anyway?  Millions?  How can anyone claim "racial purity."  Everyone has two parents, they had two parents and it goes on to infinity. Some "white" people might be "blacker" than us. No one really knows, does one???


America's filled with racial lies and bullshit. You can't have wayward genitalia and claim racial purity, because it all becomes nothing but hilarious with death sentences attached.

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  Yeah you're right there are a lotta black secrets around here.  Remember Dinah Shore?  She was supposed to be black and when Carol Channing announced that she was black?  No one was surprised except for her.  I think she knew all along.  But decided to pass for her career.  


And that's the thing.  We say we are black and proud. But are we really?  I mean come on.  You see black folks who get an extra penny or a dollop of education and the first thing they do is find someone white or someone outside their race to hook up with.  And so it is my belief if the TRUTH is told about our dynamic history that extends far beyond Africa....then self-esteem will emerge earlier on and a lotta black folks won't be trying to find some form of identity through crime or reckless sex behavior growing up.  You'd be surprised at how many black folks have inferior issues about  being black and are the loudest in the crowd in terms of black pride.  It's a FAKE.


And I feel that old schoolers like me....should come to the table and try to encourage young people to find out about their history while they can and while massa doesn't have power over it enough to wipe it all out like ISIS is doing over there in the middle east with the Palmyra ruines-they wanna wipe out massa's history of power.


I mean I know it's a lot of reading and researching and all.  I also know you have to have a love for history as I do.  But doing so will give our youth tangible power to combat those ignorant ass neanderthals who saying that we are subhuman when the fact is?  They are the ones who were subhuman before inbreeding with us-homo sapian sapian.  It's important for them to know the distinction.  I'm tired.  So it will have to be other young bloods to take the torch of our vast knowledge and give it to our youths chaser.  Otherwise, we gon see many of Ann Coulters closing the mouths of ignorant ass blacks like Raven-who once she was confronted by somebody she THOUGHT knew MORE than her?  She shut her focking mouth and didn't say another word the entire show.  


I would have liked to have heard Raven say in retaliation that yes I may have a problem with ethic names being that I have one, but I will not denounced or try to prevent another human being from coming here to the land of the free to earn a living that will potentially take care of his/her family-being that poverty is a worldwide issue.   You know something to that affect.  Our children need to learn how to debate and defend our culture.  And not bow down to who they think know more than them.  Cuz it's simple not true.  That itch coulter knows absolutely NOTHING.  It is just rehearsed rhetoric and propaganda that she studied in a racist high school or university.  But it is scripted.  But Raven?  Too stupid to recognize that.  So that's all I'm saying my sista.  We need to leave our youth with something that they can be proud of and can PROVE.  And fortunately today?  They can do both. But!      

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