I'm not saying that Pastor Manning is right on the money, but at the same time, when you see a preacher who's last name is Dollar, it makes you wonder.

Like meeting a doctor named Jekyll.
Wow!!! How judgemental!!! That was one of the most un-Christian things I've ever heard a Pastor say. This man sounds like a HATER to me. He clearly has some serious issues.
OMG! ROFL........

"You pimp you!"

"Creflo Dollar couldn't be the pimp that he issssssssss were it not for GREEDY... HOT... WOMEN! GREEDY! and HOT!"



OMG! No he didn't!!!!


Okay I'm not endorsing Creflo... This guy... or the calling of women whores, floosies!

It's just so outrageous... I couldn't help but fall out...

Its ridiculous..!!!

Did you notice the way he says "ssssssss" after he speaks... and looks directly into the camera...

he just need some attention to boost his collection that's all...

" GREEDY HOT WOMEN !" rofl..
It was ridiculous and ironic if you ask me because the good Pastor Manning looks a little "pimpish" himself. LOL.

But seriously, this is really dangerous because there are some people who take every word their Pastor says as if it were coming directly from God. I think it is irresponsible for this man to make comments like this especially the comments he made about women.
You PIMP you!!!! Mad

All of those clowns are scum. Creflo is, but so is this guy. "Whores and floosies," indeed... Roll Eyes This is hilarious, though!!

Another Eek and 20, brought to you by RadioRaheem! tfro
You know... snakesssssss... ussssse alot of S'sssssssss on the end of their sentencessssss.

... not that Creflo Dollar is any better.

Its interesting to see high degree Masons casting one another out. They swear alliance to Allah in secret, but teach lies to the masses in public.

I tell you they need to take the "t" out of ATLAH Ministries and come on to the New Ruler.... You see... there are 12 inches in a ruler and the 12th letter of the alphabet is "L". 12 Apostles, 12 Signs in the Heavens. But the crooked preacher who swears alliance to Allah in secret, won't change the "t" to an "L" and lead his followers with the same truth he learned in secret. If he did, his church would be called "ALLAH Ministries".

Remember on the Religion and Spirituality board when the discussion was regardingt former pimps and drug dealers turned preachers....I believe that this man is one of them. He just turned the game from the streets to the pulpit and apparently knows all about this while he's criticizing Creflo Dollar. Does he want in on the action too? LOL
Now I'll have to say I'm not defending Creflo, but it take one to know one. Know what I mean?

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