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According to this source the following outrage is taking place in Africa.

MDC 'promised millions' by UK


09 August 2004 11:03

Nigeria is being used by Britain as a conduit to bankroll Zimbabwe's main opposition in a bid to unseat President Robert's Mugabe's government in next year's legislative elections, a state-owned paper said on Sunday.

The Sunday Mail reported that Nigeria, through its diplomats in Harare, had promised the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) at least 200-million Zimbabwe dollars (about $36-million) for the March 2005 electoral campaign.

The promise reportedly was made at a meeting between top MDC officials, including its leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Nigerian embassy officials in the capital on July 28.

Under Zimbabwe law, political parties are prohibited from accepting funds from foreign donors.

The MDC rejected the allegations, denying ever meeting Nigerian officials in Zimbabwe. "The allegation is completely without any merit," said MDC spokesperson William Bango.

Relations between Zimbabwe and Nigeria have soured in recent months especially after Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo refused to invite Mugabe to last December's Commonwealth summit in Abuja and backed the decision to prolong Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth.

Tensions are also high with former colonial ruler Britain over Zimbabwe's land reform programme that saw thousands of white farmers evicted from their land that was handed to landless blacks.

Some of the evicted white farmers have been given farmland in Kwara state of Nigeria.

"It is believed that these farmers have been instrumental in securing British funding for the MDC, which is being channelled through Nigeria," said the pro-government Sunday Mail.

"Some of the farmers are known to be hardcore MDC supporters and financiers who are also linked to British intelligence," said the weekly paper.

Nigerian embassy officials in Harare were not immediately available for comment on Sunday. - Sapa-AFP
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LOL Henry38 ... I don't know why we keep ending up on opposite sides of the same coin! Smile

But, as far as the newspaper .... the Mail & Guardian, the source of the story, is indeed an South African newpaper ... one which I have a lot of respect for! However, that paper is stating that it is quoting a story that ran in Zimbabwe's state-owned newpaper, The Sunday Mail, ... or Mugabe's mouthpiece, as he has outlawed and banned any independant source of news and information because such a news outlet might actually be proned to tell the truth about him! And even you should know that is strictly prohibited!! Eek Either he walks on water, halo safely in place ... or his government troops have the right to torture and/or kill you!! Roll Eyes

Had the story been able to quote anybody but Mugabe or his newspaper, I might have been inclined to believe it.
Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Originally posted by henry38:
... a state-owned paper said on Sunday.

These five words are what make the story totally unbelieveable for me. Roll Eyes

Robert Mugabe speaks with a forked-tongue.

Nonetheless, I would be thrilled if it were true. Smile

So is a state owned paper worse than the corporate owned media? Know news source is even partially impartial...there are just papers that are better at appearing impartial than others...They are all funded and express the views of the people with the money behind them...period.
Oshun Auset ....

No paper is going to give you the total objective information one needs to make an informed opinion and decision.

However, in this particular case, I find there to be one declarative factor: That at least in a country/state where there is at least the semblance of democracy and/or freedom of speech, there are various alternative sources from which to gather information and differing opinions ... which when all scrambled together and then sorted out can tend to give you at least a sliver of the truth of the situation, which of course, one has to discern for oneself! Smile

In the situation of a corrupt, dysfunctional, terrorizing, brutal dictatorhip state/country where the dictator is an old, crazy, half-senile torturing, murdering fool, who cares more about his self-respect and image than he does about the state of his country and cares even less than that for the benefit of its citizens ... then a state-owned newspaper run by such a leader of such a state will have little if any possibility of ever reporting anything that may even remotely be close to the truth!

Thus, I cannot take it as such! Smile
First of all, "fair and square" are questionable terms. Yes, there were independent observes, but only a minority of them declared the election corruption-free. Had, indeed, there been no improprieties in that election, then at least a majority, let alone a unanimous consensus of those obervers should have/would have been made. Don'tcha think? Confused


Main Entry: dic*ta*tor
Pronunciation: *dik-*t*-t*r
Function: noun

1 : a person ruling absolutely and often brutally and oppressively
2 : one that dictates

... is how I come to the conclusion he is a dictator! Smile Does the above not describe Robert Mugabe in striking clarity?

For future discussions, please know that I have never been and am not likely to ever become swayed by or snowed by Western propaganda. In fact, I find it an insulting suggestion and would appreciated it if you would not make such comments in the future! Smile

I would not think so lowly of you as to accuse you of being unable to formulate your own opinions from your own independent investigation of the truth ... I am merely asking for the same consideration!
In the situation of a corrupt, dysfunctional, terrorizing, brutal dictatorhip state/country where the dictator is an old, crazy, half-senile torturing, murdering fool, who cares more about his self-respect and image than he does about the state of his country and cares even less than that for the benefit of its citizens ...

Sounds like Bush.

I share this opinion on Mugabe...This was written by a close friend of mine from Zim. The only thing I don't agree with him on is that the old colonial powers ARE salavating at the mouth to get their hands back on the 'breadbasket' of Africa, and that is what fuels their criticism of Mugabe. Basically they are angry he is benefitting instead of them. Mugabe studied under Kwame Nkrumah. The fact he is betraying the people's better interest, when he was ideologically trained to do differently, makes him the worst kind of traitor to the people's revolution against colonialism. But I must admire him for talking a good game. The socialist rhetoric he espouses is coming from a man who built a highway from Harare to his mothers house, with public funds...was that supposed to be for the people? He takes the farms from the decendants of the settler colonialists and gives them to his inner circle ZANU-PF cronies...Roll Eyes

Mugabe is the pig in 'Animal Farm'

The Malice of our Enemies and the Duplicity of our Friends.

In the under world, power wars are fought through the creation of alliances, alliances with friends and with enemies. It is not unconventional to form alliances with enemies, especially if the we adopt the principle that
an enemy of an enemy is a friend. However, difficult alliances to forge are those made
with a duplicite friend. Duplicity is defined as deceit by pretending. A duplicit ally is one that to your face agrees to support you, yet
Nicodemosly betrays you by forging an alliance with your enemy. In simple African terms a
duplicite friend is a sell out to your cause.

The world is replicate with these groups; the malicious and the duplicit. It would appear that the world of politics is driven by these two principles. In the case of Zimbabwe this appears to be a case.

The Zimbabwean people are not decided as to who their enemies are. Without a doubt this nation has enemies. These enemies are to a great extent not external forces or governments. Imperialists and colonialists present no
threat to our nation's security. I submit that our enemies are internal forces; the so called liberation war veterans or African nationalists. The greatest lie the devil wishes the world to believe is that he does not

The greatest lie the Zimbabwean nationalists wish the people to believe is that they act in the interest of the nation and are worthy of our praise and deserve unwavering loyalty and support. This demand on the people's
conscience is malicious by every standard. To date this class of people have usurped the authority of the people and abused the nation's
collective trust in leadership. Verbs that describe this enemy are harsh and direct.
They have plundered our wealth, ravaged our cities, and destroyed the lives of our
people. They are at this time recruiting, training and transporting large militia's to complete the works of death, desolation and tyranny already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in
the most barbarous ages. Led by Robert Gabriel Matibiri Karigamombe Mugabe, the nationalists have led invasions of the country's fertile land, claiming the dangers of an invasion from Britain and America whilst sending the Zimbabwean economy into ceaseless convulsions. Erstwhile, the ZANU-PF disease festers from within, demanding the body of the nation to act now to save itself.

Zimbabweans, young and old, hold to a romantic notion of Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF. With smooth talk and a clear mind Mugabe beguiles the Zimbabwean people, to consider him as the liberator of the nation. Liberator he
once was, yet events past and present, force us to consider him a captor of the people and destroyer of our nature given rights.

However, the Zimbabwean people are not short of duplicit friends. Chief amongst this group is the Sub Shah ran nations. Led by South Africa,
the African community has ignored the brutality of the Zimbabwean government and sought to protect Mugabe from national and international censure. On the one hand the South African people have publicly pledged to seek a peaceful
resolution to the Zimbabwean crisis, whilst on the other hand have acted in what can be described as aiding and abetting Mugabe in the most gross violation of the Zimbabwean people's rights. South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, owe a debt of gratitude to the Zimbabwean people, for their freedom. Zimbabweans sacrificed national resources and life for the freedom and the peace these nations experience today. Yet with snake fang ingratitude the people of these now free, peaceful and relatively prosperous nations turn their backs on the suffering of the Zimbabwean people. Whilst spouting the principles of African solidarity and pursuing the avenue of silent diplomacy these nations have spurned calls for help, and emboldened the predatory actions of a dictator. By day they speak of a better day fro Zimbabwe and in the cover of night, equip the enemy with the tactics and strategy to kill, maim, rape, sodomize and murder the nation.

What of our European Friend the French. By day they adopt symbolic measures restricting the globe trotting tendency and lavish propensity of our enemy and in the cover of darkness sign asset protection agreements with a government
with whom they share warm and cordial diplomatic relations Then there is the Libyan imperialist. Libyans consider the black person to be their slaves. Yet with the slogan Africa for Africans Ghadaffi forges an economic alliance with Zimbabwe, accepts to train our youths in the doctrine of Islamic fatalism, then forges ties with the West to save his own tail from retribution for his terrorist tendencies. Our farm land is now stained with the accusation of training Islamic fundamentalists, under Libyan tutelage.

Our brothers the Nigerians endorse Mugabe's fraud in 2002, then they provide sanctuary for White African citizens of Zimbabwe I might add for the avoidance of doubt. Then we have our European and Western black brothers, who spout at the mouth of their love for the motherland yet show no sympathy for the suffering citizens of that land. Speaking out of both sides of their necks, they use their freedoms to endorse the oppression of our nation.

Do we really have friends or just a host of malicious enemies, who like vultures circle the skies above our beloved land, patiently waiting to pick the remains of what the maggots graciously leave.

This Opinion was written by Bruce Changa
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Originally posted by Oshun Auset:
In the situation of a corrupt, dysfunctional, terrorizing, brutal dictatorhip state/country where the dictator is an old, crazy, half-senile torturing, murdering fool, who cares more about his self-respect and image than he does about the state of his country and cares even less than that for the benefit of its citizens ...

Sounds like Bush.

Except the part about only being half-senile...

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