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Call me uninformed but to me, these predators are only after younger girls and boys because they themselves are undeveloped and developmentally challenged. They have not even come close to mastering the challanges of dealing and co-existing on a adult level with adults.

They are in many ways, simular to those brothers who claim to be so challenged by Black women that they opt to only want to date white women. Who, from all I have read will do almost anything to not fail and lose that Black man once she commits to him.

Now to those who happen to fall in love with a member of another race, I am not talking to you. Someone is bound to get it twisted anyway but there it is. big grin

But getting back on point, I think it is something about a young girls ignorance and meager life experience that cause these predators, like R.Kelly to seek them out.

That is my take on it today. What say you?

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I read a article on him where they talked about him being molested as a child by another man and how he tried to commit suicide as a teenager,but covered it up by saying someone shot him. He went through alot in his life that I did not know about. I am not one to judge, I can not say if he is 100% guilty or not b/c I was not there. But even if he did do it, I believe we are all God's children and everyone can be given a second chance. SO if he did do it, he has to confess to himself, the courts, his fans, the public, and most importantly to God and he can be forgiven. As the bishop of my wonderful church would say,"Just because we have failed, it doesn't mean we are a failure." smile We all need to pray for him, instead of trying to put him down!(He who cast the first stone is the one without sin!)

Don't hate me b/c of the things I say, hate me b/c I have the nerve to say them.

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