Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy brings

trustees, program officers, administrative, and technical staff,

with corporate, governmental, and association representatives,

Babip members. IT needs a Black view for philanthropic

discourse and debate. Babip's 60 person membership

is at its executive level service to a spectrum of

nonprofit and philanthropic organizations .

COmmitted to doing the following:

Increasing the number of African American in senior level positions

Better the leadership skills and abilities of its members

Recognizing and working with Black donors and Black Philanthropists

Fostering understanding and investment in the issues

facing Black communities,

Making sure that systems and institutions in the Black
communities have the room to be effective change
agents in areas they serve.

taking the Role of Convenor, Babip provides

space and resources for discussions, training,

informing, dialogue around issues of importance of

our members.

Taking the role of Connector, Babip

connects philanthropic professionals with board

member philanthropists, government and corporate

sector representatives to set up collaboration,

learning, and advocacy

Taking the role of the catalyst, Babip

is a cross sector thinking and problem solving.

taking the role of collector, Babip documents

gathers, and disseminates lessons and knowledge

on primary interests.

Taking the role of promoter, BABIP promotes

and celebrates Black culture and heritage.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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