National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism

The NCCPT is a coalition of grassroot activists and organizations dedicated to abolition of police occupation and terrorism in the African-American Community and Communities of Color.  

The principles of Unity governing the NCCPT are:   

A Fundamental Belief in the Abolition rather than Reform  of White supremacist Institutions controlling Black Lives as a necessary basis for racial equality and Democracy in America. 


Ending racist institutional Policing (state sanctioned terrorism) in America and establishment of community regulated and controlled Decentralized Policing.

Social Mobilization and political empowerment of the lost 5% Black voter constituency in the Black community who’s Voter and Civil Rights are abrogated  by  racist institutional policing and Law Enforcement. 

Political mobilization and organization of Black youth, Students, and Adults into alternative neighborhood community survival networks that protect Black Life and build positive neighborhood environments.  

Challenging the reactionary and racist narratives of Law Enforcement on a national level regarding Mass imprisonment, school to prison pipeline, and translating those challenges into political independent power.  

The NCCPT is co-chaired by Former US Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney and Former Black Panther Party Leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad.



Urban Survival Preparedness Institute

It has always been a very real fact that Black people are in danger. Crime rates are rising, police brutality is at an all time high, they are murdering us in our places of worship, the global economy is getting worse and natural disasters are becoming more prevalent.  

There is a need for every man, woman and child of Afrikan descent to know how to survive and thrive in a world in which the powers that be do not support them.

What would you do if the power grid in your area went out for several weeks?

Are you prepared to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake situation?

Do you have enough supplies and equipment to be able to survive for several weeks? How would you deal with a home invasion?

Do you know how to evacuate your area in the case of civil unrest?

These are just some basic questions which you must have answers for!

The USPI gives you the training and knowledge needed to give the best answers to these questions.

We will prepare you and your family to effectively deal with the problems you will face in a crisis, or during an urban disaster, either natural or manmade.

Hands-on instruction focuses on both short-term and long-term survival, taking you from drafting a family or personal emergency plan to implementing that plan and acquiring the critical survival gear needed along the way.


Programs include:

  • Disaster Preparedness Workshop

  • Youth Survival Summit

  • Prepping with Politics Workshop

  • Anti-Brutality Workshop

  • Reading for Warriors Book Fair

  • Preventing Home Invasions Workshop

  • Firearms Safety Workshop

  • Situational Awareness Workshop

  • Urban Combatives Workshop

  • Urban Survival Camp, Level 1

  • Urban Survival Camp, Level 2



Community Movement Builders

Community Movement Builders (CMB) is a 501(c)(3) member based collective of black people dedicated to being a force for creating sustainable self-determining communities through cooperative economic advancement and collective community organizing. Our mission is rooted in Black love and equity.

Community Organizing

CMB is working to win real changes in policy and resource ownership for our community. We have developed demands and participated in actions to stop police violence and will develop a model for organizing to create sustainable resources in the community.


Food Justice


CMB is the care-taker of the Welch street community garden and a private garden on Windsor street in the Pittsburgh area of Atlanta. Pittsburgh is a community settled by formally enslaved Africans in 1883. It has remained a working-class black community until today. As with too many of our communities it has suffered from a lack of resources and community control which has led to the area being a food desert. CMB  will distribute fresh food to the community, create community food sustainability programs with youth from the area. Presently, we are developing a food sovereignty program that will feature a Black farmers market which will launch this spring.

Anti-Gentrification-Buy Back the Block Campaign

Neighborhood forces across the country are fighting back by creating ad-hoc organizations, protest groups, cooperatives, non-profits and other entities to organize against gentrification, the Pittsburgh community in Atlanta is no different. The community is pushing back with policy initiatives, public anti-gentrification campaigns and land-acquisition campaigns to control the resources in the community needed to create activist housing, low/moderate income housing and land trust for long-term sustainability. Our goal is to use this model to stop gentrification and create a healthy Black community. Under our buy-back campaign, we currently own two properties in the community and plan on acquiring a new property every year.  Currently, one of our properties, the CMB community house hosts the Siafu Youth Corps, a home-schooling program of a partner organization and Renegade Clothing coop.


Afrikan Martial Arts Institute

The mission of The Afrikan Martial Arts Institute is to promote and preserve the traditional, indigenous martial arts of Afrika, as conveyed through the system of Egbe Ogun; to focus on adults, as well as children, in our educational activities; and to share the history and cultures of Afrika with our community, through demonstrations, lectures, workshops, classes, films, plays and music.

Our objectives include forming a strong community of martial artists who are skilled in indigenous Afrikan martial arts and / or martial arts of the Diaspora, including the ability to sing, play the instruments, execute the movements and techniques, and have knowledge of the roots, rituals and traditions of Afrikan and Diasporan martial arts.

We encourage our members to promote the ideals of human equality, cultural exchange, and global peace and justice through involvement in projects worldwide.
We will continue to learn and develop our martial arts through interaction with other practitioners and we will serve as a cultural force which inspires the appreciation of the Afrikan martial arts.


The martial arts of Afrika follow Five Basic Principles, which are the principles that govern traditional Afrikan life:


In Afrikan societies, there are four elements, which are considered the vital materials found in every living creature on Earth.  These four elements are:

Earth – The element of Earth represents the stances in the Afrikan martial arts.  Within the Earth Element are Three Foundations:

  Wood – High, narrow stances. Wood stances are extremely mobile and are used for fast, upright fighting and self-defense.

  Stone – Low, wide stances. Stone stances are extremely stable and are used for grappling and for fighting with a weapon.

Metal – Low, narrow stances.  Metal stances are extremely malleable and are used for grappling and ground-fighting.

Air – The element of Air represents the footwork and movements in the Afrikan martial arts.  A practitioner of the Afrikan martial arts can move like a gentle breeze, a gale wind, or a whirlwind.

Fire – The element of Fire represents the masculine energy and techniques in the Afrikan martial arts.  Fire techniques are forceful, penetrating and explosive.

Water – The element of Water represents the feminine energy and techniques in the Afrikan martial arts.  Water techniques are yielding, encircling and deceptively powerful.


Like the Afrikan drum, the techniques in the Afrikan martial arts are polyrhythmic; meaning a practitioner of the Afrikan martial arts seeks to touch his opponent in two or more places at once.  An offense and a defense are usually applied simultaneously, or the offense is the defense.


The principle of The Unbroken Circle is also referred to as “Call and Response”.  A practitioner of the Afrikan martial arts seeks to blend with, and adapt to, the actions and rhythms of his partner or opponent, creating a never ending circle.  A practitioner of the Afrikan martial arts does not meet force with force, but rather takes his opponent’s force and uses it against him.


The Afrikan martial arts simplify self-defense by dealing not with a specific attack, but with the angle of the attack.  The Afrikan martial arts recognize that there are only fifteen angles an opponent can attack from, so instead of being concerned with the infinite variations of attacks, the Afrikan martial arts deal with finite angles.  The Afrikan martial arts further simplify combat by teaching that every block is a strike and every strike is a block.  Thus, when an Afrikan martial artist learns an offensive technique, he has, in effect learned a defensive technique.


The Afrikan martial arts stress economy of motion.  The idea is: “If it’s there, use it.”  Thus, if you strike an assailant in the chin with an uppercut, you should continue that upward motion and hit him in the throat with an upward elbow, because after the punch, your elbow is in perfect position to strike your opponent.




Siafu Youth Corps.


Official Logo for Siafu Youth Corps


 Siafu Youth Corps is a collaborative effort between the FTP Movement, Community Movement Builders, Afrikan Martial Arts Institute and the National Black Archers Association. Siafu Youth Corps is a scouting/rites of passage program designed for inner city youth ages 11-16 years old. The goal of Siafu Youth Corps is to shape, mold and prepare our youth by arming them with leadership skills, encouraging good character, integrity, principles, morals and other tools needed to support themselves and their communities. SYC reinforces responsibility and accountability through a practical code of ethics. Siafu Youth are encouraged to be active in their communities through volunteerism and activism.

Siafu Youth Corps is a rites of passage program offering urban survival and  preparedness training, Afrikan martial arts, agriculture, hiking, camping (pitching tents, making fires, campfire cooking, identifying plants edible & poisonous), First Aid/CPR, political and cultural education, community development, entrepreneurial skills, conflict resolution, life choices (values/virtues classes, substance abuse prevention, peer pressure), esteem building (i.e., public speaking) and more! 

UPDATE! We need YOUR assistance purchasing a 15 passenger van that will be used as a transport for the children in the Siafu Youth Corps! Click the button below to find out how you can assist TODAY!


Official Logo for Siafu Youth Corps

Freedom Home Academy Atlanta



Freedom Home Academy Atlanta will launch Spring 2019 with instruction for preK- 5th grade! Location and exact date (Tba) 

Stay tuned for more details. For more info on how you can support or join the team feel free to contact us.

Freedom Home Academy International, an independent private school serving Afrikan youth began in Chicago, IL. We feel that all Afrikan children have growth and development potential that reaches far beyond our limited –and limiting– perception of society. 

Our program is holistic in nature and addresses how the world is viewed. Therefore, we teach about international policy and how it places the Afrikan, so that our students can be clear on how to move with confidence in this competitive world.

We began as a humble home school 13 years ago, and have grown into a truly dynamic school where our elementary and middle school children learn on a high school and college level. 

In Atlanta we will offer French, Kiswahili, Afrikan Martial Arts, Yoga, Science, Biology and more - concentrating on Reading, Mathematics, Focus, Geography, Health, and Cultural Enrichment.

Assist in building and maintaining Freedom Home Academy Atlanta by making your donation today!!!


Mama's Army


 Official logo for Mama's Army

Mama’s Army is a program focusing on the development of Indigenous women (“women of color”) and their families. It is not required that you have given physical birth to be part of Mama’s Army, as women, by nature, are mothers and nurturers of life. Our participants advocate and practice holistic health, education, natural childbirth, community building, sustainable living, environmentalism, strengthening sisterhood and families, economic empowerment, and youth outreach. We understand that we are all at different levels of knowledge and development, and this program has been developed to assist one another in the vein of “each one, teach one” to reach a higher standard of living.

Mama’s Army was formed to bring about an evolution in the way we relate as Indigenous women amongst each other, within our families and abroad in the community. Our purpose is to eradicate our conditioning and get back to practicing traditional ways of living that helped our people flourish.

“Some would like to confine our women to their domestic duties or to see their organizations occupy themselves with charity, visits to hospitals or kindergartens, contests or beauty competitions. Yet, in the context of revolutionary Africa such activities come only in second place as they tackle only superficially the harmful effects of our historic conditions, failing to combat the fundamental causes of our economic difficulties and social shortcomings”- Ahmad Sekou Toure











"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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