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Open letter to Obama: iLIVE

Lukhona Mnguni, from Umbilo, Durban | 12 March, 2012 14:30
U.S. President Barack Obama. File picture
U.S. President Barack Obama. File picture

Dear Barak Obama I am a citizen of what you may conventionally call the Global South, that place that is only good for handouts in your eyes. I reside in that region of the world where your influenced is at times used to manipulate my leaders into succumbing to resolutions that are anti-Africa and its self-determination agenda.

Yes, I am a South African and that on its own may be enough for you to disregard anything I say. I can almost sense the scornfulness of your eyes as they move through this text, simply because I am from that part of the world, which feasts on your remnants.

These are my useless credentials to you, but to me they have shaped me to have enough venom to stand up for real justice and not this flummoxed justice you propagate.

In your State of Union Address (25/01/2011), you made it clear that you have no role to play in advancing us the Africans and the rest of the world. I do not blame you because that endnote of every speech you make, “God bless America”, is actually finished off but silently drowned by the applause.

In reality it goes, “God bless America and no place else”. In that State of Union you said, “Others come here from abroad to study in our colleges and universities. But as soon as they obtain advanced degrees, we send them back home to compete against us. It makes no sense.” Let me school you a bit.

There are strings of African leaders whom were educated in America, including one of the founders (Dr Pixley ka Seme) of the oldest liberation movement in Africa, the African National Congress (ANC). They obtained education; they learnt about constitutionalism, they got to appreciate the 4 July 1776 liberation of America which gave birth to the 1787 constitution.

Some of the lessons that they received were then transported back into Africa to organise and agitate for the liberation of the African continent – politically from the same British tyranny that the Americans were fighting. Leave the fact that today Britain and America are in cahoots together.

It thus amuses me to read that, you do not believe you have a role to play in actually emancipating peoples of Africa and the rest of the world. Indeed, what you fear is competition.

You want to live in a world based on Unipolar leadership, where the mantra of “Americans lead and the rest follow” is maintained. Let me be simplistic in my eloquence on this matter: If we are to talk of a global village, then rest assured that we would fight monopoly of power and dominion in the same manner that it was fought in our individual national villages.

You better start opening your eyes and realising that the duty of the entire global village is the advancement of human life and the upholding of human rights for all peoples of the world without being selective as you have appeared to be.

You would be correct to wonder in your mind as to whether my faculties of comprehending international politics are operational or not.

I must state that at the wake of long standing realisation that the USA has used institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to pillage resources of the Global South, further economically oppress these people through the laborious Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs); I do not understand why everyone sees a darling in America.

Well you may be laughing because in these institutions America is the biggest contributor; however, it is possible that America has the most debt with the WB and IMF, debt that is without conditions.

It is a myth that these are International Financial Institutions. These banks are inventions of the Americans born in 1945 through the Marshall Plan, one that focused on the rebuilding of Western Europe following World War 2. I do not know what drives my African leaders in particular, to feel that participation in these American banks will earn them economic emancipation.

What these banks have done, is to give legitimate entrance for America into all countries of the world to know the exact economic models that countries use, to detect exactly what kind of weaknesses that these countries experience in their systems of governance.

It is like the rest of the world accounts to America and America is the father of this global village. The American government has no interest to repair the fractures, the weaknesses and the instability of governments of the world; instead the American government fuels these by exploiting the identified fissures.

Thus, fellow Africans and the rest of the Global South must know that as I write to you the notion of International Peace, Justice and Security (be it food security or socioeconomic and sociopolitical security) can never be realised for as long as America continues to hold that monopoly position of impugning each and every international institution by merely being the major funders of each and every institution. This disdainful behaviour has found expression with Britain and France acting as the envoys of this global thuggery.

Your rise to power was very colourful and powerful. Who can ever forget the message of “Yes we can”? It resonated with the rest of the world, as we stood in awe with George W. Bush’s arrogant international policy.

Of course, a man from the Global South worries not about your internal policy because I am not American and harbour no such ambition; however, on your external policy I take deep interest. We are so alive to our miniature position, in the Global South, that we have come to say, “If America sneezes, we catch a cold, if America has a cold, we are destined for pneumonia”.

In this expression alone, you can read that there is a sense of oppression and that oppression is the sustenance of a special kind of imperialism, which manifests itself through monopoly industries and vast subsidies from your government that render the local markets of the Global South uncompetitive and obsolete. That “Yes we can” and promise of a better world was all a lie.

You postured your dishonest theatric so well that you were even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. You did not deserve that Peace Prize, you have not even today proven that you understand what peace is about. Yes, you understand your version of peace, one that is quite distorted from the kind that we seek.

Ours entails justice, trial, restoration and security, with the view of achieving equity. You did not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize in the same manner that FW De Klerk did not deserve it. The day you went to receive your Nobel Peace Prize, you had just authorised the sending of more troops into Afghanistan.

Can you tell the world what peace is? Your actions are a betrayal to champions of civil rights, more especially as you are trained in that field. I know that every act of tyranny and terrorism that you have sanctioned will be curtained with the overly used phrase of “we are fighting terrorism”.

Anyway, with hindsight one can say that all you Americans are the same on international policy, be it you are Republican or Democrat, you all drink from the same well of International arrogance and superiority, which is akin to how the colonisers treated the Global South.

The “Yes we can” was a ploy for us who are not American. The “Yes we can” was a mother of false hope, with the intention of further sustaining the Old Boys club led by the USA, Britain and France. The Africans were so excited when you became President that today you will now find many three-year-old children that are named Barak or Obama throughout the continent.

It was all a ploy, today one of their own died at your merciless hands. That “Yes we can” was a lie to the Global South in the same category as Bush’s 2003 lie that he was sending troops to invade (read colonise) Iraq so as to save the world from Weapons of Mass Destruction, even though high level security advice was clear that there were no such.

I warned Africans then and said, “He [Obama] may be an African child, but reality is that he is the President of America and a patriot of America too.” However, I must admit that much of the article I had written was positive and with hindsight, I must attest that you have given new meaning to the adage that says, “Do not read a book by its cover”. Thank you for this experience. My perceptions about you then and now are two worlds apart.

I want to draw attention to your behaviour that makes me worry about an Obama second term; however, all animals are equal in that American zoo, so whom ever comes will still treat us no differently. Paul Begala wrote, “Obama has approved 239 Predator drone attacks in just three years.

George W. Bush approved 44 in eight years, the wuss.” Is this true father of the world? Are you waging so much war against your very own “children”? You are the father figure and that arrogant, destructive Hillary Clinton the mother figure of this world – utter chaos.

On Libya and Muammar Gaddafi

It is no secret that Gaddafi was no friend of America. The Americans do not make friends with people who oppose their international arrogance. It is also suggested that there was a CIA attempt somewhere in our past of early 1980s to assassinate Gaddafi. The hatred of America for the man is historical, and you just had to be the one who does it successfully.

You killed him like a rat, unlike Bush who at least did try setup a Kangaroo Court for Saddam Hussein after capturing him. This is why I call you a terrorist, you applaud war crimes. Gaddafi was shot on close range and you said nothing about that because it fed your blood appetite.

Africans will never forget the 20 October 2011. You declared that day, war with the African continent. You may find this feeble but one day it will shine in the face of Americans so much that they will not be able to stop the rise of Africa. We will not kill anyone of you; we will depose your arrogance and superiority. You can laugh but that day will come, maybe not in yours and mine lifetime.

When it suits you, you talk of sovereignty, territorial integrity, fair justice and so on. Yet in Libya you respected none of that. You seduced the South African President Jacob Zuma into voting with you on that fateful UNSC Resolution 1973.

You led the attack on the airspace of Libya with your silly warplanes and drones (maybe one is coming for me), then your envoys Britain and France took over along with the NATO. However, all that time, from March until October, Gaddafi resisted, you wanted him to surrender and he could not.

He had to fight because he was now at war played on a country he had built tremendously well, against popular belief. Nevertheless, America never missed out of the action, it was your drone operated from a base outside Las Vegas that located the Gaddafi convoy and set on NATO and ‘rebels’ onto him.

They could have captured Gaddafi to stand trial, instead they killed him – you were fine with that. Shall we then, us as Africans, ever shed a tear if a terrorist attack takes place on American soil? I think not. We might just celebrate because you are sinking us into a global order of no Justice but “an eye for an eye” philosophy – a very destructive and brutish way of doing things.

Obama, will you go to the Americans and tell them that you killed a man whose administration never owed those vulture international banks of America any money.

Electricity in that country was free, people took loans that were interest free in the Libyan state-owned banks, newly wedded people were given almost about $50 000 by the state so as for them to buy a living space in order to start up their families.

Also tell them that before Gaddafi ruled Libya, only about 25% of the people were literate, today the literacy rate is more than 80% with people being multilingual. Kindly tell Americans that, while you struggle with Health Insurance, Libya had free medical treatment under Gaddafi and if need be people were transported overseas for treatment, with the state incurring the costs.

Libya has, or had after your thuggery, the best irrigation system in the world. Libya was ranked number 53 in the world on the Human Development Index (HDI). These and many more achievements were not myths but realities. Many in Africa and even in the first world have not mastered these achievements.

Did Gaddafi deserve to be killed this way? Do you sleep at night? Yes, democracy needed to be ushered in, but ways that are more prudent could have been adopted. You refused to look at the Road Map on Libya by the African Union and yet contradictory enough you consider every plan of the Arab League when tabled to you.

Yes the African Union may not be as strong as we wish it were; however, your selectivity and hatred of Gaddafi made you to disregard the African Union. You are responsible for Gaddafi’s life.

On Anwar Al-Awlaki

This killing was something of an “extra-judiciary killing”, fully sanctioned by you. Yes of course it was another war on terror victory. Al-Awlaki, an American born linked heavily to Al-Qaeda was killed with the cooperation of the CIA and Pentagon. You did not capture him either, even though you had the opportunity to.

This killing, which took place on the Yemen territory, made it possible for you to be so silent on Ali Abdullah Saleh’s ‘crackdown’ on protesters who have been peaceful unlike in Syria where there is an insurgence of armed forces that Bashar al-Assad is firmly rooting out. Those protests in Yemen produced Nobel Peace Prize winners (two women who were deserving unlike you).

It is a pity that in this crossfire human life is lost. You have not told the world the whole truth on Syria. Why do you not market the Arab League Observer Mission Report, because it clearly states this armed rebellion? You are only interested in painting Assad as a lunatic who is killing innocent people.

Today Saleh is receiving state of the art treatment in American facilities, because he was a puppet and gave up the sovereignty of Yemen to your thuggish regime so you could kill Al-Awlaki. You praise the recent elections in Yemen, even though there was literally one person on the ballot paper.

Do you call that democracy? You are such a hypocrite that there is no justice in your world, you resemble none and act as if you are an empty soul – merciless to the core.

On Osama Bin Laden

Obama, where is Bin Laden’s body? Why are there rumours that he was not buried at sea but he was actually lifted by a CIA plane to Dover and then “onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda [Maryland]”, according to leaked cables reportedly of email conversations of the US Intelligence company Stratfor.

It is no secret that as the entire sober world, we detest terrorism, but we also want to find the underlying cause of it. However, the USA again invoked the “eye for an eye” policy. We still want to know what the implications of the purported relationship between the Bush and the Bin Laden families are or were.

Did the USA government fear a possibility that Bin Laden would divulge to us the world, as to how he intercepted and bridge US intelligence in the bombings of the fateful 9/11? Yes there might have been involvement of certain US government officials. You should have trialed Bin Laden.

You again rendered infertile the sovereignty of another country in order to catch Bin Laden, Pakistan. You did not even give them a courtesy call of entry. If you impugn so much on aspects of International Law, how do you expect to inspire a law abiding global citizenry?

On Israel-Palestine conflict

I am not going to recall much of history, safe to say that there is enough literature to prove that the Israel government of Netanyahu keeps heightening the repression led by Israel on the people of Palestine. I was talking in a forum on #FreePalestine and I nearly came to tears as I detailed the realities facing the Palestinians.

The Israeli government is practicing occupation, which is colonialism; they are segregating (putting up walls like the Berlin wall) the territory, which is apartheid and others are talking about ethnic purity, which is not far off from genocide.

We have not forgotten here in South Africa that once upon a time, the US government supported the apartheid government in South Africa and some of the freedom fighters were classified as Terrorists by the United States by de facto of classifying uMkhonto WeSizwe a terrorist organisation.

Therefore, your support of Israel is not surprising at all. You even relented on your remarks to the UN General Assembly on 23 September 2010 where you had said “Last year, I pledged my best efforts to support the goal of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, as part of a comprehensive peace between Israel and all of its neighbors.”

You further went on to say, “The cynics say that Israelis and Palestinians are too distrustful of each other, and too divided internally, to forge lasting peace. Rejectionists on both sides will try to disrupt the process, with bitter words and with bombs and with gunfire”.

It is very laughable that you became the first rejectionist. Within the space of a year, you had become so two-faced that the face of the world barely recognised you. In 2011 at the UN General Assembly, you said, “Israelis must know that any agreement provides assurances for their security.

Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis of their state.” In simple terms, even if Palestine gets a territory that does not guarantee security, as is the case today you support that. You further dealt a blow to the Palestinians in the same speech when you said, “But understand this as well: America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable. Our friendship with Israel is deep and enduring. And so we believe that any lasting peace must acknowledge the very real security concerns that Israel faces every single day.” Are you connected in your elements well?

Obama, are you blind? Can you not see that it is your continued support in aid and military that is perpetually making it possible for Israel to continue oppressing Palestinians? What is this security threat on Israelis? Yes the Holocaust happened, but reality is that yes the genocide in Rwanda happened too.

Are you also providing 24/7 security to the Hutus and Tutsis? Are you also giving 24/7 security to us blacks here in South Africa, who were oppressed by the the apartheid system? Oh well, reading between the lines you would actually provide asylum to white people there in America, because you are inconsistent, you are a champion of global


You must demand the end of Israeli brutality; they must put down the wall that divides territories. Obama, where are civil rights for Palestinians? Where was your compassion when Khader Adnan went on a hunger strike, for 66 days, against Administrative Detention, which is when a person is being detained without a charge or trial?

Oh, I forgot. You just approved the National Defense Authorization Act, which is a twin of Administrative Detention practiced by Israel.


Your other words in the 2011 UN General Assembly were “So this has been a remarkable year. The Qaddafi regime is over. Gbagbo, Ben Ali, Mubarak are no longer in power. Osama bin Laden is gone, and the idea that change could only come through violence has been buried with him. Something is happening in our world.”

Yes, something has happened to the world. A heartless regime in the globe, under the guise of fighting terrorism, has emerged led by you relying on sophisticated technologies. I want to make it clear to you that peace, security and justice are intertwined to a point whereby they must be practiced not at the expense of the other but at the success of the other.

Creating a just, and truly humane world requires that all peoples of the world act as proponents and champions of peace, security and justice.

There is an American global scare that is created deliberately by the leaders of America. This is in order for America to justifiably flout aspects of Justice in order to bring about global peace and security.

Your actions may be seen as heroic inside America, but let me warn you that you are gradually isolating yourself and America from the rest of the sober world.

The problem is that this fake wealth that exists for the Old Boys’ Club led by America, Britain and France make you believe the false notion that you belong to the progressive block of our society. You are actually an anti-thesis to humanity.













"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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