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Tell ya what...when the white-folk start asking....youv'e got a problem!! (lol)



ONE day during the 2008 campaign, as Barack Obama read the foreboding news of the mounting economic and military catastrophes that W. was bequeathing his successor, he dryly remarked to aides: “Maybe I should throw the game.”

On the razor’s edge of another recession; blocked at every turn by Republicans determined to slice him up at any cost; starting an unexpectedly daunting re-election bid; and puzzling over how to make a prime-time speech about infrastructure and payroll taxes soar, maybe President Obama is wishing that he had thrown the game.

The leader who was once a luminescent, inspirational force is now just a guy in a really bad spot.



No Nation is any Greater than it's Leaders


“Africa must build relationships with the rest of the world independently. It should never receive friends or foes from Europe and America"....President Robert Mugabe

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  I don't KNOW any President in my lifetime.....besides Nixon...who has gotten soooo much oppostion from both ask  me.  Clearly this has absolutely NOTHING to do with his ability to run this country....but!  Everything to do with the color of his skin.  I've heard so many insultive remarks regarding why he doesn't do this or why he doesn't do that....well if EVERYBODY is against you MERELY cuz you are black and micro managing everytime you go to the bathroom.  Then what do you think?  What's irrating to me is all this political hogwash conjecture as if you have to use big words to describe or explain simple explanations of what is going on in this country. The only thing that's needed is real talk.  Simple.   Besides all that, this is not like in the late 50s or 60s where BLACKS had to take a TEST just to vote.  I mean come on guy let's climb off this soap box and tell it how it really is.  Obama is met with oppostion ONLY cuz he is black.  There hasn't been a president I know living now or in the past more smarter, intelligent with the capabilities that warrants presidential material.  All one had to be was WHITE and willing to jump in the political pool with no educational degree and/or no experience in the military required. Just willingly WHITE!


Folks talk ALL this stuff about what Obama should be doing.......but!  I have a question.  What is black folks doing to negate or mitigate what is currently going on with our OWN issues?  Are we in our communities doing our part?  Are we sticking by our president despite the fact he is not so popular in the midst of white America?  What black man is popular among massa?  Ask the many young black men who have died by the hands of white police officers.  I know one thang....even if white boy is wrong...whomever whiteboy may be [hill billy, elite-whatever]..that whole lot of whitefolks sticks by him regardless...even if he is a criminal with the gun in his hands accussed of murder....they will stand by him.  But Black people do not have that form of solidarity.  Never have.  They like to talk to appear they know what is going on.  But in our is no different in psychology from the African in a massa-torn African country who is killing his neighbor cuz of a vile rumor that doesn't make any sense caused by the European than when young black men in America look at each other and one kills the other cuz of what he deem is disrespect.  Same psychological poison.  We as a people can't even respect the fact that we have gotten to this point with a black president at the end of a horrific journey as slaves.  So there is no way in hell our kids will EVER learn what true respect is.  Cuz they see what we do to our own.  We always talk about RESPECT...but truly many of us know nothing about its principles and values.  I don't know about yall...but!  I tired of our kids killing each other and give no legitimate reason why.....other than the modeling they see and experience with us and how we treat those in authority in terms of [black on black] respectability. 


There is no black unity.  I repeat.  There is no black unity cuz the people do not have vision...and when people do not have vision....they. will. perish.  And that's exactly what is happening to us here in America and in Africa...but the funny thing is....we are doin it to ourselves.  So whether my president has another term it really doesn't matter....cuz many black people who voted for him initially...bailed out 10 days in office[and will probably do it again...why?]  They are nervous.  A Black man powerful globally.  It is/was an uncomfortable feeling.  They weren't/aren't used to it.  So.  What do we do?  Turned to massa and massa said sic!  And [like a pit bull] without thought, attacked Obama from all sides while massa continue to dismantle the economy, the changes, his reputation-all to discredit him.  Mission:  Accomplished.


 It would different if those of us did our part.....but! Nooooooo.  We attacked the first and maybe only black president in this country cuz we got SCARED!!!!  We allow this white psychological machine to use our behavior against him.  And it soooooo pitiful cuz it is a childish immature [obedient slave] move.  And I am totally disgusted.  All the blood, sweat and death of our people to get to this fork in the road and what do we do?  Attack the destination.  Do we try to help our kids?  No...we attack the situation....making it worse.  Do we try to make our communities better?  No...we attack the issue by doing absolutely NOTHING...but talk while our children continue to DIE!  So.  My president may not be done...but!  I am.  I'm done with black folks.  Not with black children...but!  Definitely with brainless....don't know a thang but run their mouths spewing intellectual ignorance black folks.  Talk about self-genocide.  Well...we are here.  And it's no one's FAULT...but our own.   

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Clearly, Obama is not as brilliant as I thought he was... 


It's become clear that he seriously thought he wouldn't have the kind of opposition he's been getting.  That is probably the most serious miscalculation, but it's been a presidency full of miscalculations.  


If I had known during the campaign that this guy was unaware of what he was going to be dealing with, I never would've supported him.  

This may be bad timing for this .... but .....



Cheney: US different if Hillary Clinton president





WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't president, but Dick Cheney says that if she were in the White House rather than Barack Obama, then things might be different today in the country.


Cheney isn't getting into specifics, but he does think that "perhaps she might have been easier for some of us who are critics of the president to work with."




The former vice president tells "Fox News Sunday" that it's his sense that the secretary of state is "one of the more competent members" of the Obama administration and it would be "interesting to speculate" about how she would have performed as president.


Clinton lost the 2008 Democratic nomination to Obama, who went on to beat Republican John McCain in the general election. Obama named Clinton as the country's top diplomat.

Oh, of course things would be different.  Racist republicans would NOT have went this far with a White person, Hillary would not even play that shit, and Hillary would have rolled back ALL of the Bush-Cheney policies while she had a Democrat controlled Congress, AND Hillary would have told republicans to kiss her ass if they didn't like.

I don't think Hillary would've told the repubs to kiss her azz.  I think it would be BUSINESS as usual....cuz why?  She's.  WHITE.  Just like Prime Minister Thatcher of the  United Kingdom years back...Hillary would have gotten her kudos for being the first female power in America.  And I don't think she would have gotten as much opposition and hate/sabotaging as Obama.  Women throughout this country will be just thrilled...with the women's lib and all.  Cuz back in the day, it was NO secret.  They i.e. white folks rather have a WOMAN in office than a black man.  They would be just following what the UK allowed years ago with their first female prime minister.  And it wouldn't be a blow to the whiteman's ego either.  But to hear a black man say if he known about how Obama was prior to voting for him....and knowing what we've gone through as people in this racist country....he wouldn't have voted for him. That right there is a SLAP in the faces of ALL slaves who died/suffered during the middle passage, were hung from trees just cuz they were black and those who lived painfully through the biggest crime committed in human history.  To hear a black man...say that.  Just shows that we will NEVER be unified as a people.  Never.  All it has come down historically to talk.  Cuz this statement really prove my point in terms of us as a broken people to the tee....we are in fact the "humpty dumpties" of the world....but!   

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Oh, of course things would be different.  Racist republicans would have went this far with a White person, Hillary would not even play that shit, and Hillary would have rolled back ALL of the Bush-Cheney policies while she had a Democrat controlled Congress, AND Hillary would have told republicans to kiss her ass if they didn't like.




I'm gonna have to AMEN that, 150%, Sunnubian!!! 


Hillary would have KNOWN exactly who she was dealing with ... and would have had her "battle plan" in place on the DAY she first sat in that Oval Office chair as the "Commander-in-Chief"!! 


She'd been "bumping heads" with those people for DECADES already!!!  And would have known who to go through, who to go around and who to simply RUN OVER and leave lying in the street as "road kill"!!! 


There's no way she would have WASTED any amount of time trying to play "patty-cake" with the "mean kids" .... knowing that it was an exercise in futility ... and that you cannot 'reason' with the "unreasonable'!!  And I wouldn't be surprised if her 'arm-twisting' methods weren't more forceful (and diabolical) than her husband's (after all, she DID make him who he was!!) ... and whatever she needed to do to sway those "Blue Dog Democrats" into submission on her health care bill - especially since they had a hand in killing the proposal she made while First Lady and head of a commission to tackle that during her husband's presidency ... she would have done!!!  And probably enjoyed it immensely! 


And, although it's extremely sad to say .... the reality is that she was the more support of and didn't have the tendency to throw Black people 'under the bus' as easily nor with the frequency that President Obama did during that campaign.  


I think it's VERY telling, though ... that someone (Cheney) who has openly hated her (and her husband) over the years would consider her "easier to deal with" than someone as conciliatory and "willing to bend over backwards" for the sake of 'compromise' as President Obama!!! 


I mean .... that just has "racist" ("I don't like (nor respect) a Black person trying to be in charge and tell people what to do") written all over it!!  He said HORRIBLE things about Hillary during the campaign.  And now he'd "prefer" her to Obama and considers her highly "competent"?? 



Yeah.  When pigs fly, maybe. 

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lets be honest. The black electorate never should have put Obama in a situation that he clearly could not win. Ignore the racism partisan politics, the simple fact that the economy was collapsing was reason enough not to put Obama in the Presidency because there is no one who could turn the economy around.


We as a people cannot afford to make mistakes like this. We have to have a chess mentality where we are not simply look at the next move, but rather, we need to be aware that every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. Hence, we cannot simply look at the fact that we will capture an opponents piece, because that capture could be just the move they wanted us to make because it sets them up to take a piece of much greater value from us. That is what happened with Obama. We got a black presidency and they got to write off the black struggle.


I don't think black America fully understands what we lost. THe world does not even look at African Americans the same. We are part of the imperalist frame work now....and not victims of it anymore. America is not a racist nation which keeps blacks down, which is why blacks are so much worse off, rather, its blacks not willing to work hard and be post racial like Obama did. Obama is the template that shows that blacks in America can be anything that they want to be if they are personally responsible, becocome post racial, and work hard.


I don't know what to say for black folks anymore. I don't blame Obama because he was simply a dreamer or a liar, in regards to everything he said he would or could do. I don't live in dream land and I know the truth about I did not support him. I knew one mans victory would be the collective loss for 40 million black folk.

Thanks for that info.  I didn't know Obama had said that.


But I wanted Hilary to get the nomination.  Not because I thought she would be a better president but because of the INCREDIBLE MESS Bush had created. Whoever became president was going to get egg all over their face.


I would rather have the White broad get it.  Now we are going to hear that a Black man wrecked the country even though it was that nitwit Bush.



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