On Independence Day, Also Remember Thomas Jefferson's Betrayal

Posted: 07/02/2012 9:52 am


Here comes the Fourth of July, number 236 since the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence and riders on horseback rushed it to the far corners of the thirteen new United States -- where it was read aloud to cheering crowds. These days our celebration of the Fourth brings a welcome round of barbecue, camaraderie with friends and family, fireworks, flags, and unbeatable prices at the mall.

But perhaps, too, we will remember the Declaration of Independence itself, the product of what John Adams called Thomas Jefferson's "happy talent for composition." Take some time this week to read it alone, to yourself, or aloud with others, and tell me the words aren't still capable of setting the mind ablaze. The founders surely knew that when they let these ideas loose in the world, they could never again be caged.


Yet from the beginning, these sentiments were also a thorn in our side, a reminder of the new nation's divided soul. Opponents, who still sided with Britain, greeted it with sarcasm. How can you declare "All men are created equal," without freeing your slaves?

Jefferson himself was an aristocrat whose inheritance of 5,000 acres, and the slaves to work it, mocked his eloquent notion of equality. He acknowledged that slavery degraded master and slave alike, but would not give his own slaves their freedom. Their labor kept him financially afloat. Hundreds of slaves, forced like beasts of burden to toil from sunrise to sunset under threat of the lash, enabled him to thrive as a privileged gentleman, to pursue his intellectual interests, and to rise in politics.


Even the children born to him by the slave Sally Hemings remained slaves, as did their mother. Only an obscure provision in his will released his children after his death. All the others -- scores of slaves -- were sold to pay off his debts.


Yes, Thomas Jefferson possessed "a happy talent for composition," but he employed it for cross purposes. Whatever he was thinking when he wrote "all men are created equal," he also believed black people were inferior to white people. Inferior, he wrote, "to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind." To read his argument today is to enter the pathology of white superiority that attended the birth of our nation.


So forcefully did he state the case, and so great was his standing among the slave-holding class, that after his death the black abolitionist David Walker would claim Jefferson's argument had "injured us more, and has been as great a barrier to our emancipation as any thing that has ever been advanced against us," for it had "... sunk deep into the hearts of millions of the whites, and never will be removed this side of eternity."


So, the ideal of equality Jefferson proclaimed, he also betrayed. He got it right when he wrote about "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" as the core of our human aspirations. But he lived it wrong, denying to others the rights he claimed for himself. And that's how Jefferson came to embody the oldest and longest war of all -- the war between the self and the truth, between what we know and how we live.


So enjoy the fireworks and flags, the barbecues and bargain sales. But hold this thought as well: that behind this Fourth of July holiday are human beings who were as flawed and conflicted as they were inspired. If they were to look upon us today, they most likely would think as they did then, how much remains to be done.

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When the European stole Africans, he didn't see 'MEN', he saw what he thought were GORILLAS that could talk and might be easy to train.  When he said "all men are created equal", that didn't mean Africans.  That is why we experience what we're experiencing.  That mindset is still in effect right now and will be forever, amen, as long as we're here.


When the European stole Africans, he didn't see 'MEN', he saw what he thought were GORILLAS that could talk and mght be eaasy to train.


No. That's where you are soooooooo WRONG.  Having been slaves themselves [by Arabs] and tired of "f"ing themsleves in the behinds as they had been "trained" to do so in their culture...if in fact they did see a "gorilla" it was because they were bewithered cuz they had damn near eaten and had sex every "wild" animal in their regent as if why they were drenched with ongoing disease and death...so to see an animal and to assume it is  human or humanlike is short of historical delusion which "plagued" their society for thousands of year....I mean to mistake an animal for a human proves total illiteracy and IGNORANCE of diverse human beings.  Europeans weren't THAT dumb.  The real reason for slavery of Africans...that is the original modern humans was MONEY..  Cuz Europeans could not take care of themselves based on years of epidemics and pandemics including the inability to grow food as a result of the  many series of little ice age that swept throughout the continent.  No?


And we know how cowardly Europeans are....they wouldn't DARE go near ANY large  animal.   But you are right....equality had nothing to do with Africans cuz they were already brilliant human beings....and never penned themselves "men" to prove worth.  Cuz if I'm not mistaken it was AFRICANS who built this country....as white feminent[sp] men wore wigs and f themselves in the butt behind the doors of sacred men's club.  And because slavery is an Asian, European and Middle Eastern kinda thang they had support as to how to do this in their eyes correctly.  But we ALL know that all these group of folks STOLE all of Africaa and use psychological devices to justify it. [one of 'em is when they put in the bible:  the confirmation that we were born slave based on Noah's son either catching him having sex with a male or animal or having sex with one of his sons- otherwise why would anyone be shocked to see someone naked?  And the word "see" in the bible...means having sex. So it doesn't make sense as why it called psychological device].  And many of the psychological devices had been PROVED wrong...but!  Many of 'em held on to those beliefs  until recently....as is why there is MUCH turmoil in the middle east...Arab Spring.  Cuz folks KNOW better now.  They know it has been ALL LIES to control and dominant from people who ARE totally weak in the head, body with no soul.  And no conscious.  They had subjegated women and raped the childhood of children.  And now that the jig is up.....those who are still participating in this law against nature are just plain angry that they can no longer RULE with untruths.  Bottom line.  Say whatcha what.  But there is evidence to what I say.  How about you?  Your racist point of view just verifies the truth historically about white folks, asians and middle easterners.....and unfortunately this poisonous destructive  mindset has engulfed the spirit of present day male Africans.  Having said that, a true man doesn't have to announce his manhood, only those who have switched natural roles making their position somewhat confusing has to.  As why Jefferson and his girlfriends...had to say all men are equal.....cuz in their history/culture they NEVER were.  But!

Originally Posted by Norland:

When the European stole Africans, he didn't see 'MEN', he saw what he thought were GORILLAS that could talk and might be easy to train.  When he said "all men are created equal", that didn't mean Africans.  That is why we experience what we're experiencing.  That mindset is still in effect right now and will be forever, amen, as long as we're here.


The White man never saw "gorillas" when they came in contact with Black people.  


That racist psych game was played on Europeans centuries later (during and after the Enlightenment) (which coincidentally coincided with Darwinism, which was deliberately mis-interpreted to claim racial superiority/inferiority)  when Europeans began to question the morality of slavery and after they had accumulated great numbers of Africans as slaves.  


So, those who stood to gain the most profit from slavery had to concoct a system of racial mythology to spread throughout Europe and to brainwash Whites into believing, something to keep Africans and the historically oppressed Europeans from joining forces against the oppressive ruling class(es) and put the world on equal footing.  


Slavers had to come up with something that would make Europeans stop questioning slavery, and that was to deliberately propogandize that Africans were not human or were not fully human or that African were inherently unintelligent savages that needed to be 'contained' and 'taught' (or domesticated), along with the lie that it was in the Bible that Africans were supposed to be slaves to Europeans.



They saw us as "non-humans" as a reason to justify their own lack of humanity. 


They were then, and had always been ... and some of them will always be .... the most savage, brutal, unconscionable, barbaric human beings to ever walk the Earth.


They were able to see us as animals, because they lacked basic humanness themselves.

  I agree with you BOTH  Which is why in my view....religion per se is very dangerous cuz historically it has been USED as a tool to dominate, manipulate and plain out LIE about certain things that are TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.  i.e. walk on water, return from the dead after three days, the split of the sea.....things that cannot be DONE today.  So how was it EVER done back then?And yet WARS have been launched because of it.  And the funny thing is whiteboy used to be able to use the ape that to justify our subhumanness...it was penned in Native Son with the character Bigger Thomas, written about in King Kong and used in everyday "white" language.  But is it ALL lies.  But I will say this:  Christinanity did save a lotta black folks from castration and FGM. Several million African men were slaughtered this way by the Arab Slave trade...but!  Their focus was different from massa.  Massa wanted slaves to make money off the plantations....arabs wanted africans for SEX: Male and female.  Which makes all the garbage in all three so-called religious documents nothing more than hyprocritical verbose.  If you peel off all the stuff in each of these books you will see the word:  patriarchy.  And this has absolutely NOTHING to do with god, gorillas or equality and more about male dominance and social control.  But!

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

Which is why in my view....religion per se is very dangerous cuz historically it has been USED as a tool to dominate, manipulate and plain out LIE about certain things that are TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.  i.e. walk on water, return from the dead after three days, the split of the sea.....things that cannot be DONE today.  So how was it EVER done back then?


Yep, I agree with that, too, Ms. Koco!! 


But, the thing is .... that just like with the "ape/non-human" thing, religion was used for JUSTIFICATION ... as a way to try to reinforce what was a DELUSION on their part!!    And it's that delusion that bothers me most .... 'cause that's a CLEAR sign of MENTAL ILLNESS .... which apparently was rampant throughout their WHOLE race, just about!!


It's like there was some kind of inbred dementia that was passed - not just from generation to generation ... but from civilization to civilization - that allowed them to hurt, murder, rape, maim and otherwise abuse another human being!! 


"Religion" was just used as having a way to make an excuse for and convince themselves that the depravity of their mind was somehow "normal."  But, it's the psychotic and inhuman circumstance of being able to brutally kill someone or watch them being brutally killed on your behalf .... and being able to eat, sleep, socialize and continue on living a 'normal' everyday life .... acting like you're not responsible for watching a man being beaten until you see the inside of his flesh .... or selling off a mother, father or child from each other .... or repeatedly sexually assaulting scared, defenseless women and girls IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!


"Justifying" or "excusing" it after the fact would be the easy part .... compared to just being SICK IN THE HEAD enough to DO things like that in first place. 

  You're sooooooooooooooo right sista ER.  Yep, this is a sign of mental illness....however, mental illness i.e. patriarchal/penetration/pederasty is ancient social control over women and children.  But!  Although America is NOT where it should be in terms of socially, economically and in equality status....it is the BEST thing going presently.  America has a lotta faults, nicks, some things undeveloped...but it is by far one of the best countries in the world....despite all the work that must continue to be done.  And that's only cuz Christianity cannot be what it is unless there is true consideration for people.  I know that it can be just as extreme as the other two religion....but!  That's because it is man-man male driven dynamic that is slowly including the basic rights of women and childen....the other two religions are steadfast about the role of their women. But!  America?  It is getting there.  Compare it to other countries and social systems that are more than a thousand years old and have absolutely NO tolerance for women or children......I think we are headed in the right direction...it's just that we have a LONG LONG LONG way to go.  And the reason why is because MASSA and Ms. Ann are as you say so elegantly.... mentally ill.  And both do not wanna let go of those social selfish principles they KNOW are unfair and racist.  So it's gonna take some time.  At least we have free will......a lot of folks may not think free will is important...but!  As a woman go to the Middle East or Africa or certain parts of Asia and see how being a woman with free will work for ya.  They JUST let Arabia women work in lingeria stores....before it was men only.  Strange men touching you or showin you initimate clothing....now ain't that a bitch?  So if I had a choice as to where I want to be....it would be right herein America the beautiful with all its problems and certainly with all these white folks with generational mental illness.  But!  I'm just sayin  

Organized religion has did just as much harm to humanity as it has good, and any good that came from organized religion really did not start until after the Age of Enlightenment, before which organized religions were no more than political organizations and government dictating people's lives with torturous and deadly consequences for those who refused to conform.  I often think of how all the major religions harp on atonement/repentance/and sin, when are these religions going to atone for what they have put/are putting humanity through?  when are these religions going to repent of all of their wrongs against women, human beings, nature, humanity as a whole?  When are these religions going to stop sinning?

Religion is a belief.  It's the MEN of the world with their religious beliefs that cause all this havoc against others.  I used to believe in Santa Clause.  Watched out the window every Christmas Eve for Santa and his sleigh.  I just knew he was coming, and I was going to see him.  Religion is the same thing.  I never saw Santa and no one's seen God or Jesus.  The MEN of the world are out of their damn minds to the maximum, and they use religion to compensate for their beastly behavior against inhabitants of the world.

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