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Trump scorches Omarosa ahead of book release: 'She's a lowlife'

John Bowden
Omarosa Manigault et al. posing for the camera © Provided by The Hill

President Trump blasted his former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman on Saturday amid fallout from the former staffer's claim that she had heard audio of the president using the "N-word" and making other racist remarks.

Trump told press pool reporters on Saturday at his Bedminster, New Jersey resort that Manigault Newman was a "lowlife." Trump was responding to a question from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman about Manigault Newman's claims.

"Lowlife. She's a lowlife," Trump responded.

The remark comes as Trump's first public denunciation of Manigault Newman's claims since she kicked off her press tour this week ahead of the release of her tell-all book about her time working for Trump.

In "Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House," Manigault Newman makes an number of damaging claims against the president, including that she heard from a friend about a recording while filming for "The Apprentice" in which Trump allegedly used the "N-word" and made other racist remarks.

"On this phone conversation, I was told exactly what Donald Trump said - yes, the N-word and others in a classic Trump-goes-nuclear rant - and when he'd said them," Manigault Newman's book reads, according to excerpts.

Manigault Newman contradicted those claims Friday, saying that she had heard the tape personally.

"I heard the tape," she said, adding: "Hearing it changed everything for me."

The former aide has also claimed that the White House offered her a non-disclosure agreement upon firing her, which she claims was related to her search for audio of Trump's reported use of the "N-word."

The White House denied Manigault Newman's claims Friday, slamming her as a "disgruntled former White House employee" who is "trying to profit off of these false

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Did my best to re-copy but you know how my computer.  If someone can put the articles up regarding  Omarosa, her  new book and the WH's response?  That would be marvelous cuz then we can get the full throttle of the fallout.  I knew this was coming.  Never trusted Omarosa.  She's about fame and money.  But I think she couldn't live with herself knowing she was hated by most if not all black folks.  And they who did hate her TOLD HER and made her feel uncomfortable-which why I think she bailed out on Trump.  It may be lies that she went kicking and know that myth they have about angry black women?  The thing is?  Huckabee is next to bail out.  She gon break down cuz she's a woman and a mother and I think that ceilings gonna fall on her head and she's gon be the one to really pull the WH down. Watch!  I see her breaking down as I write this commentary.  It's only a matter of time.  But!

Lordy, President Barack Obama, I MISS YOU!! So handsome, such an intelligent wife and children and YOU, so enjoyed Sunny and Bo, such beautiful coloring of the skin tone, so handsome walking across the airport/tarmac with the Marine all slim and tall, with your coat tail flapping in the breeze. Let me say this one more time:  I MISS YOU!!!!! Every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Omarosa, you're as evil looking as Trump. I don't give two damns what you have to say about him, how many people he called Nigger, none of that. Damn near every white person alive has said "nigger", I've said it probably a minute ago. Someone's calling you one NOW!! Who gives two damns???? You worked for this sucker. Now you're singing on his ass. Hope you can continue living a year or two. You know how they get. You could become a female Michael Brown, dummy!! 'bye Felicia!!

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  They're talking about prosecuting Omarosa for taping in the situation room.  Suppose to be against the law to do so.  This may mean Omarosa has shot her own self in the foot.  Cuz who's gonna come to the rescue and defend her if it goes that far?  She already pissed black people off years ago and the then black church looked at her side eyed when she was in the white house.  So who's left?   And really...did she think this through?  Writing this tell-all book.  Was that a smart move?  Cuz who will she turn to?  Hilliary?!!!!! Obama.    Cuz it sounds like the whole unhinged backfiring.  But!

  I agree but it's working.  And now that she exposed two tapes?  She really have their attention.  And some of the things she said have already been the $15,000 hush money given to aides when they leave the WH.  This was confirmed yesterday that many aides who left the WH since this prez been in office have been awarded this sum.  So that's gonna explode soon.  And the rest of the tapes Omarosa claims she have.  And instead of allowing his press secretary to handle this?  He is blasting Omarosa on social media....which proves another point she convey: "if he didn't know I was fired....what kind of president is he not to know what's going on in the WH.    If he can run the WH, how can he run this country.  Why does he continues to use the social media when he has important issues to address as president?"   And comments like that is what drove the prez to go cra cra on twitter.

For me?   I think this is just the beginning of a long fall out or collapse if you will of folks in WH including the president.  He has so many things coming at him at different levels and different times....soon he will be overwhelmed.  The man is in his seventies and his heart won't be able to take this especially since his team continues to bail out on him.  We have this war ongoing, then Iran, Iraq, Syria...and North Korea(who hasn't stopped with the nuclear power).  Not to mention Turkey with its pants in a bunch.  Plus he turned America's allies against him soon after taking office.  So to me?  Very interesting cuz Omarosa isn't going to back down.  She is fearless.  I think the primary reason she is doing is because she has to prove to the African American community that she is in fact "black" not a coon/sapphire/mammy for Trump.  It seems she realize [after being shunned by black folks, her friends and spit in the face]  that the "money" she was making was not worth betraying her people.  This realization was in an interview she did stating that after she joined Trump she experience the forementioned and it cut deep in her soul.  I knew then.  She wasn't going to stay with Trump long.  And she didn't.

Cuz both like attention.  It is going to be a showdown.  And as we get ready for the mid-term elections?  More fallout in WH will come.  And this will only fuel what Omarosa has in her book.  Personally, I'm not mad at her about the book and the media tour.  Cuz this is making the president spin even more.  He has to have the last word.  On top of that, he can't stand not to be right.  He can't take it when people leave.  Soon his incompetence as a president will be toooooooooooo much for anyone to ignore including the republicans.  Soon, the republican will have no other choice but to throw in the towel.  Side note:  One of the reasons why the demonstration by alt-right failed is because members didn't want to show their face.  Many alt-right demonstrators have lost their jobs once seen on social media.  I mentioned that cuz they are his base.  So.  Again...I don't see Omarosa backing down.  And she shouldn't (which is part of the powerful representation that African Americans and other groups this president have targeted [since taking office] will not back down)   It's time to rise up and be counted.  That's one of many ways We the People can take America back.  But!



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No matter what she does she'll always be a coon/saphire/mammy for Trump.  Carson's Step-N-Fetchit. This dude HATES black people and they're grinnin' and skinnin'. I have no interest what-so-ever what Omarosa has to say.

I'm more concerned with that god damn black cop beating the hell out of that brother because he was hollered at. Now he has resigned. That shit was horrible. I hope that dude sues the drawers off his ass when he recuperates. Broken jaw, broken ribs. Damn, that dude was a black woman's son and didn't deserve that.

When black men work for white men, they take the shit to the nth degree and then some. Let me be the first to call the black cop a bastard. That's where that name applies, Trumpf, not with the racist so-called "National Anthem" on bended knee!!!!!!!!

  In that split second.  I just changed my mind about Omarosa.  It just hit me.  If there is anyone to bring this man down?  It would have to be a strong black woman who is unafraid.  There is no doubt she does not fear "him."  All his loud insults....and meanness are nothing more than puff.  But behind that puff....are the base that want America to go backwards-Jim Crow/Segregation.  And if anybody can go toe to toe with him it's her.  Cuz the republicans are afraid of him and are silent merely because they want to stay in power.  They have shown they don't even give a damn about their own people.  And are willing to lose a few soldiers to gain nationwide victory.  So.  I think Omarosa will be one of the firsts to bring him to his knees....then Stormy will finish him off while Muller cleans up the rest of the mess and restore some kinda order.  But initially?  It's gon take a woman to do this job.   But! 

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  Exactly!!!  If you's WOMEN who are confronting him including the Women's Movement. Everybody else [that would be males] are acting scared sh&tless!!!!!  They are afraid of losing their jobs, their reputation and status.  But not these women.   Ooooooh no.   They are relentless and will take Trump down.   I won't be surprised if his daughters and wife are  quietly supporting these women.  I think for the most part they are just waiting for the mike to drop.  Then it's on.  But!   

  I believe that my sista.  His daughter had a lot of friends....who dropped her the moment her father became Prez.  And those who do associate with her do it quietly.  I also believe Omarosa when she says Melanie is just waiting for the presidency to be she can get her and her child as far away as possible.  Cuz I don't believe that it is she who is making all those comments about Be Best.  But I do believe she did in fact reach out to LeBron after her husband made that racist comment.  This?  Very telling as what she is thinking.   So we'll see as more of his soldiers just ship.  Sometimes?  Money can't buy everything....especially respect.  And I think his daughter lost a lot of respect from those she know and love personally.  I think she is living in a boxed bubble.   about to burst.    But!

I don't care about these people. They're people who have money and do some of the most unbelievable shit on the planet because they can get away with it, all the while having this title and that title. They'll rot in their graves just like everyone else, when the time comes. The only difference will be they'll be in designer duds. They'll smell the same.

Studio 54 had rich people dancing naked, fornicating while dancing, had a rubber room that was hosed down after closing to wash away all the bodily waste after celebrities were through fornicating all over the joint. Everyone went there. It's on youtube.

I no longer worship celebrities, if I ever did. There are some I like; mostly male singers, although I'm very sorry that Aretha's as sick a she is. There will NEVER be another HER. It just came across the news that Aretha has DIED. That's too sad!!!!

I like you guys, although I've never laid eyes upon any of you, my dialysis buddies and love the bejesus out of my family and a couple friends. That's it for me. Folks are just Folks. When Trumpf's gone: toodle-loo!!!! Something's wrong with homeboy, big time.


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  The more and more I hear Omarosa talk, I convinced  her and Trump had a "thang" going on.  Cuz she is not afraid of him.  It appears they had plenty of moments of off the record pillow talks.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit.  Cuz Omarosa is the type who will DO anything for money[and status]....and sleeping with Trump[the enemy] ISN'T below her.  And as we know, Trump is willing to pay for it at any price....and have.  And although Omarosa isn't well received in the black community right about now, her behavior now does remind me of a book called "Faces at the bottom of the well," by Derrick Bell.  In it is a story about aliens from Outer Space who come to the President requesting to take all of America's African Americans in exchange for gold, chemicals, resources that will improve the nation-which is in dire straights.  The president is pondering as a black man in his cabinet [the only black] is trying to influence him not to consider the aliens' proposal even though this black man is deemed by his people as an Uncle Tom.  He also tries to convince his people through the church to be conniving and strategic like slaves were during slavery in order not to be taken to an unknown place outside of Earth-but to no avail.  Omarosa reminds me of this character and maybe she is attempting to rescue her people before devastating events that happened to the Jews[holocaust], Japanese[concentration camps] and Native Americans [trail of tears] come to pass for us.   Although the story in this book is fictional what happened to the groups I mentioned above are factual.   That's why it's important not to ignore this dogma spewing from this presidency.....cuz thinking it can't happen to us like many say today?  Can and have.   And this realization may answer the question as to why Trump have been so fixated recently about the so-called "space" military he's trying to push on the American people.  Think he knows something we don't?  Just askin.  But! 

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Unlike the character in that book, just like ALL houseniggers, [who come in EVERY race and both genders] I doubt that Amarosa has any redeeming qualities.

And if she were the character in that book, she wouldn't care less what happened to any Black person other than herself, because the M.O. of a housenigger, first and foremost, is a person willing the sacrifice the many (All Black people in her case) for the few  (or in her case the (1) one--herself).  

Houseniggers rarely ever get anything other than a 'pat on the head' or token reward for their trouble, which makes houseniggering most agregious in that houseniggers sellout, undermine and stab in the back their own [people or class or gender, etc.], for mere goddamn 'pats on the head' and/or worthless tokens



When people don't mean you any good, it shows in their face. Omarosa has the same look as the Orange Tangerine. They're evil looking; I don't care how much makeup she or he wears or how much weave; Satan comes shining through.

If her book cost $.50, I'd keep my two quarters in my pocket. I'll just be glad when I don't have to see her or these ugly white men (Oh Lord, forgot Uncle Ben), ever again called an "administration".


They smile in your face and all the while they want to take your place, the backstabbers.

You was grinning and skinning for the Orange Tangerine, Omarosa, now you're singing like a song bird against him. He hired you three times; tell the truth about what happened between the TWO OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Bet he did more than "grab".

People like you, Omarosa are nothing but PHONIES personified!!!!!!

John McCain has your black behind sitting down somewhere for a few days, thank God. Not under the circumstances of his dying, just that I don't have to look at you for a few days and hear your blabber.

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You know Omarosa's been quiet lately.  Wonder what's up with her.  BTW:  We are a trillion dollar consumer base currently.  We can have several "greenwoods" throughout the nation....just on those dollars.  So.  It's really time to strategize what we need to do-while we have the capital.  Cuz by Omarosa not saying too much these days?  Says a lot.    But!  

  Trust me my sista.  Right now?  Omarosa is the least of his problems.  All these fires he has.  Every time he tries to put one comes another that he ignited.  I mean every other day he's firing someone.  So.  He kinda busy.  It's sad to see.  But seen before.  That's why Im wondering about Omarosa.  Cuz every monster has an Achille's heel.  But!  

  Now they see that their choice was WRONG.  It is funny as hell and sad at the same time.  The DEMS are telling Trump to use his own money to build the wall.  And one by one all the King's men are going against him.  He really thinks he won't be impeached or stopped.   His arrogance is beyond anything I've ever seen.  And it seems he wants a race war.  I can tell by the way he talks.  He thinks that "war" intimidates the DEMS.  But the thing is 5 car plants are closing down and folks are losing their jobs.  Plus the shutdown have caused folks not to be able to pay their bills and enjoy the holidays.  So he is losing his base because most are in the Midwest where the jobs are being eliminated.  It's gon be interesting how Trump gon get outta this.  When Trump start deliberately messing with folks money.....that's when you see his allies go against him.  At first it was alright when they had jobs and could talk shyte.  But without jobs they see now that Trump don't care for anyone but HIMSELF.  So.   Its a matter of time when Humpty Trumpy will fall.  I can't wait to see it.  Gone get my popcorn!  But!  

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People always have to follow somebody!! Jim Jones didn't teach folks shit!! People followed him and ended up being the size of balloons, deader than door nails. People are going to keep following this Tangerine and end up looking like Japanese Snow Monkeys with mouths the size a tampon can snugly fit through. It would be cool if someone would haul off and punch him in the mouth the next time he says 'WALL"!!! That would be some fantabulous TV.

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