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Instead of "Oh Condi! How Can You Sell Us Out Like That?", A More Suitable Reality Would be "Merv Dymally! How Can You Sell Us Out Like That?"

Unlike Condoleeza Rice, who must do the bidding of those who hired her, meaning the President George Bush Administration, Merv Dymally is an elected official, meaning his employer is the people of the jurisdiction of the elected office represented.

Over a period of twenty years plenty of evidence exists to prove that Assemblyman Merv Dymally is unfit for public office!

One of numerous examples, are evidenced by the L.A. Times Article entitled: "Dymally Linked to Diamond Importer", Congress: Lawmaker withdrew support of South Africa sanctions. Businessman later donated $34,200 to California's scholarship program." by Jim McGee, a Reporter for The Washington Post, as published in the Los Angeles Times, Thursday, January 25, 1990, pp. A15

Black people just choose to keep misfits in elected office!


Michael Lofton


"Many withdrew support of sanctions after apartheid ended......what is your point? Quit making blank azz open-ended statements that have no context to why did he withdraw support? Any specifics?" by Kevin41

Just validates the claim, "If you want to keep Black People ignorant put it in a book, a magazine, or a newspaper article". Anyone who truly understands what is written, or even go the distance to actually read the article as referenced would draw an entirely different conclusion, a conclusion which would not depict Merv Dymally in a good light, as it relates to the essence of what it means to be a public servant!

"If this guy is not a democrat and not black, then I'm curious as to why Lofton is dissing him, since that's not his usual" by Vox

Bio of Merv Dymally, an illegal immigrant who serves foreign interests at the expense of the communities of South Central Los Angeles, Compton, Inglewood, etc.

Again Plenty of Evidence Exists to Prove that Merv Dymally Represents Foreign Interests, as Opposed to Representing the People of the Jurisdiction Served!

Democratic Assemblyman Merv Dymally, being Black, is a native of Trinidad, to which it has yet to be published anywhere where he became a U.S. citizen. Assemblyman Merv Dymally is an illegal immigrant, who should not hold elected office to begin with. But here again, by and large, Black people choose to keep misfits in office!

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It was good to see Rice and Powell "stand" when it counted.

So many partial truths get thrown arounf in issues. Like for instance, when was "race" thrown out as a determinant in college admissions. Was that the Bakke case? If so, I was under the impression that a formula evolved from that case, and was in fact the basis, at least in part, for the Michigan process.

The origianl article cited Bush as keeping his position "narrowed" to Michigan, believing that on the broad scale diversity should be allowed to evolve.

Success without race-consious "guidance" is the view from the top. The view of success from the bottom has a different face, if it can be seen at all. Most African Americans with a view from the top climbed through the portal of Affirmative Action.

I am for Affirmative Action no matter what you call it. But a race-based decision process must be a part of any effective system to achieve change, and hopefully balance.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.
Personally, I have no clue who "Merv Dymally" is, but since Lofton is criticizing him for withdrawing sanctions against South Africa, I would guess that he is a black democrat. I wouldn't normally guess that, since "Merv Dymally" is an unusual name for a black person. It sounds like the guy who posts on the P&P forum, but that guy's name is Myrlin, or something. The only reason I think he must be black is because Lofton is criticizing him and using him as a counterpoint to critique of Condy Rice. If this guy is not a democrat and not black, then I'm curious as to why Lofton is dissing him, since that's not his usual M.O.

Is he mayor of some California town? Compton, maybe? I don't feel like doing a Google search. Nevertheless, Kevin41 is correct. Ending boycotts/sanctions against South Africa was not a problem once Apartheid ended.
A Faheem, the so-called black republican is the prodigy and offspring of the old Negroes reward system directly related to American slavery! These are the Negroes that happily catered to massa and accepted their subordination with glee, - snitching on those seeking they're freedom. Then these same Negroes would stand back and watch massa whip and punish those who made an attempt at freedom. Our history is replete withy numerous examples of these kinds of blacks who have today transcended their turn coat ways into the so-called black republican! Now sounds like a go time to repost what I've already said and continue to maintain about the likes of Dr. Rice.

Super Vassal Class

Condelezza Rice, Justice Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams and other like-minded blacks represent the ultimate of all American social experiments; they are the members of the new modern day super-vassal class. The socially engineered two class intra-structure of American slaves, i.e., field Negro and house Negro, is the wedge responsible for the dual development of black people in America today. Miscegenation is a direct derivative of the slave social twofold and was by the 18th century an embodiment of an additional class of black Americans. Having broken the yoke of rebellion and resentment associated with field hands and while lacking mixed blood and the attractiveness of bright skin, the super-vassals adopted and rejuvenated social values required of house Negroes and demanded by their masters, - subordinate mannerisms, compliance and obedience. These values provided the nexus of trust between house hands and their masters. They also rest as the cornerstone of today's dominant subordinate relationship between whites at the helms of power and their super-vassal class of Negroes.

For Corporate bosses, government leaders and the like, the super-vassals are indeed the chosen of the black community. They cast the mold that shapes the real meaning of black success in America. When individuals like Condelezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams and Ward Connerly are questioned about social issues pertinent to most black folk, their responses more often than not is hurtful to blacks but always welcomed by whites! In doing so, the super-vassals effectively separate themselves from blacks at-large; thereby reinforcing in the minds of white society exactly what side they stand on. Indeed, discourse about house Negroes verses field Negroes is passé', social advantages that light skinned Negroes once enjoyed is long vanished, - one only needs to ask Louis Farrakhan. Today even the blackest of Negroes can be socially rewarded as long as he or she is educated, devout, possess subordinate mannerisms, is compliant and obedient to his/her white superiors. From the ashes of America's subjugated Negroes classes, the super-vassals emerge. Irrespective of atrocities committed against them, no other country in the world can boast the success in reincarnating a rebellious despicable slave into a highly educated loyal vassal who now despises his own kind.

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