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"Obama’s focus on immigration: ignoring black issues once again?" by Crystal Wright, 02/14/2013         

Crystal Wright is an occasional contributor to The Root DC and is the editor of the political site “Conservative Black Chick”. Blanca Flores, a member of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) United Service Workers West, holds a sign before a public viewing of President Barack Obama's speech on immigration  Jan. 29, 2013. (MARIO ANZUONI - REUTERS)

An increasing number of blacks appear to finally be  getting angry with President Obama and his policies. It’s just too bad it took four years and  voting for the president a second time for blacks to realize the president won’t  prioritize their issues. Immigration and the president’s determination to get  legislation passed granting amnesty to an estimated 11 million illegal  immigrants seems to be the straw that broke some black liberals’ backs.

Over the past week, some black Americans  have been calling  into black  talk radio shows like “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton”,  complaining immigration is not an important issue to them.  This is despite  Sharpton’s plea to one caller that amnesty isn’t just a “Hispanic issue”. But  according to a 2009 Migration Institute  report, blacks from other parts of the  world only accounted for nine percent of  US immigrants.

With black  unemployment at 13.8 percent —  almost twice the  national rate of 7.9 percent — many argue that granting amnesty to more than 11 million illegal immigrants threatens to make jobs even more scarce  for blacks. As black radio host Earl Ingram noted his “listenership is  anti-immigration”  because they are angry illegals are here taking jobs from them  because they are  willing to work for less than minimum wage. A Pew Hispanic  report found during the height of the economic downturn 2009-2011 Hispanic employment grew  by 6.5 percent while black employment grew by a minuscule 1 percent.

After voting overwhelmingly for Obama twice, blacks want to know when the first black  president will focus on issues  impacting blacks like:  rising poverty, unemployment and incarceration ratesgrowing education gap and  economic decline of the black family?

When I tweeted  about this lack of  love blacks are feeling for their blind support of Obama a  second time around,  a black person replied: “Obama has always made it clear that he  is the POTUS  not the President of Black America.”

Indeed, Obama  is  “president of all Americans” but Obama has  made gay marriage a priority and less than 5 percent of the population is gay.  He’s also made illegal immigration a priority  because 71 percent  of Hispanics  voted for him but only make up 14 percent of the population.  These two groups  don’t look like the face of “all Americans.”  But Obama seemingly won’t even give blacks a crumb. For starters, he has yet to name one black person to fill a cabinet position in his  second term.

It may be too late for blacks  to influence Obama because he doesn’t have an election hanging  over his head.  But blacks should take a hard look at the gang of pundits and activists like Al  Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and organizations  like NAACP, Congressional Black  Caucus purporting to fight for what’s good for blacks and ask them what have  they done for blacks?

Blacks also need  to question the Congressional Black Caucus about its agenda . In its  press release outlining its plan for the  113th  Congress, the CBC states “For  more than four decades, the  Congressional Black Caucus policy agenda has  promoted and advocated for  legislation that supports social and economic  progress, . . .for African  Americans.”

So why  is  immigration reform a key item in the CBC’s agenda? “Advancing legislation  and  policies that lead to comprehensive immigration reform”, as they write,  will do nothing to improve the economic situation for blacks and many black Americans appear to be  waking up to this reality.

If black liberals are really at the lack of attention Obama is giving them, perhaps they should use this as a lesson. Instead of voting for candidates based on race or party, perhaps black Americans should try giving candidates a  thorough vetting before going to the polls and hold politicians accountable to  records  in exchange for votes. Maybe then blacks would start getting something  in  return for their vote other than the status quo.



YouTube:  "President Obama's Re-election Means Nothing for Black Community"  uploaded by EleganceSpeaks, Nov 14, 2012


YouTube: "Black People are too Ignorant" Uploaded by ForTheRepubl1c on Oct 7, 2011.


Each year we (US born blacks) are becoming a smaller percentage of the population.


Why The Black Caucus Looks The Other Way On Immigration” by Joe Guzzardi on May 9, 2003. 


Liberal Democrats want us to accept abortion and homosexuality (and illegal immigration).    Misguided Democrats, Reverend Al Sharpton, etc., etc., Barack "the Illegal Alien Bootlicking" Obama, etc., etc.,  even compare the "Dream Act/Amnesty for 20 Million Illegal Aliens" and Gay Marriage for "Homosexuals'" cause or movement to the Civil Rights movement of U.S. born Blacks, a comparison that is a mountain of Bullcrap!  Unlike illegal aliens, by the 14th Amendment, U.S. born descendants of slavery are indeed U.S. citizens who have a right to exist in the U.S., and are supposed to have Constitutional protections.


You Tube video: "A conversation between President Obama and the black community" Published on Jun 7, 2012 by drboycewatkins.


YouTube: “Interview with Terry Anderson, Part 1” Uploaded by crowdiforniaon Jun 10, 2009.


YouTube: “Interview with Terry Anderson, Part 2” Uploaded by crowdifornia on Jun 10, 2009.

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Source:  "America's 'Other' Immigrants" by sunnubian


A elected officials first duty and responsibility is upholding the Constitution and the oath of office to serve U.S. citizens and legal immigrants and not illegal immigrants.    Elected Black leaders are not even doing this, and a dysfunctional Black electorate keep them in office.  Hispanic elected officials serve not only Hispanics who are U.S. born and legal immigrants, but these individuals do what that can to serve illegal Hispanics too, but not at the expense of the rights of U.S. born Hispanics and/or those who are legal immigrants. 


Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Part of me feels insulted that this Immigration legislation does not include Haitian immigrants, but part of me knows that it was the Latinos that go out and did all the work, protesting, negotiation, and Voting that would bring about such legislation.  Also, Latinos are in such great number in this country compared to Haitian immigrants, and volume means something in America (sometimes).  But, i also know that African American politicians sat back and did not one damn thing or said not one damn thing in the political arena regarding Haitian Immigrants (that I know of), and African Americans did not take to the streets with Haitian Immigrants to protest their deportation, their automatically being turned away from this country or the discriminatory imprisonment of Haitian refuges in deportation camps and prison in America.  (Nor have I seen anything or much that the Haitain American community did).


However, we did see Latinos protesting, hold those they elected accountable, strategizing as to who they would vote in office and try to vote out of office.  And, yes, President Obama does owe his election and his reelection partly to the Latino voter.  What it probably really boils down to is, the squeaky wheel gets the oil


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Well Norland,
I'm the worse nightmare for anyone who violates my property rights,  Constitutional rights, publishes falsehoods (the Los Angeles Sentinel for example) about me, or any family member, etc., because I don't give in and I don't give up.   Some of this even precedes the internet and internet technology, to which I have written and signed documents to back up my claim or claims.

Selected comment:


"The problem with MASS-INCARCERATION is not the USA JUST_US system…

The problem is with Black people; as the old saying goes, ignorance of the law is no excuse…

When you nine (9) out of ten (10) Blacks taking plea deals, and pleading guilty because of their ignorance, then there is nothing you can do about that…

You go to any city in America, and Black folks will tell you, you better take that deal, these white folks don’t play here…and this is all too common among Blacks…

1) Never give up your right to “REMAIN SILENT”…

2) Never give up your right to a “SPEEDY TRIAL”…

These are the most common rights we give up as a whole…I have been charged with every crime under the SUN, just for being Black…held in jail with a high bond for months waiting to go to trial…put in cells with thugs, and had to fight daily, because the people think that I will plea guilty to their erroneous charges…

NEVER, to strong for that, my mind is not week…

You have Black court appointed attorneys convincing their clients to plea guilty, instead of the attorney doing their job to investigate a case; I guess it is a lot easier to get  $30,000.00 to convince your own race to plea guilty, then to have to work for the money and help convince a jury they are not guilty…

There is nothing your “NOT  the Black people’s President” can do for you…it is like education, it must start in the home…but for some reason, families are first one’s to convince you to take the deal" -PB Short.


 60 Minutes, Sunday, March 24, 2013, “Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks”. The woman, Wanetta Gibson, who made the false claim of rape against Brian Banks is black. “As his day in court approached, Brian says that his lawyer feared that he wouldn’t get a fair trial, based on his age, size & race. So she, an African-American herself, convinced Brian to plead no contest to a crime he insisted he didn’t commit.”. -Attorney Elizabeth Harris should be barred from practicing law.

 Furthermore, unlike Brian Banks and other Black men and women, who are innocent, but who allow themselves to be talked into pleading "no contest" which is equivalent to "pleading guilty", no matter how many threats of jail time, prison incarceration, or bad advice are sent my direction by unethical city prosecutors,  any incompetent spineless attorney, etc., etc.  PB Short is also on target, and he definitely has more common sense, practical knowledge and backbone than a Barack Obama, multiple members of the CBC, numerous Black lawyers, and/or a sell out and misguided university educated blatantly dysfunctional Black middleclass.
I won't bend, nor compromise and I will never make any deal that would mean admitting guilt for any criminal act, or otherwise, that I am not guilty of.  I'll fire an attorney first.  Anyone who chooses to devalue, waive, or trash his or her own Constitutional/property rights can only fault themselves for the results.
Unlike you, I have good reason for condemning Barack "the Magic Negro" Obama, multiple members of the Democratic Congressional Black Clueless, .....AkA.....the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus, other elected Black leaders at the State, County, and City jurisdictions who are a disgrace to the essence of what it means to be an elected official, Black court Clerks (Delores Odom Stocks being one) who sign court judgments,  Professors (Dr. Umar Johnson) who teach or state that U.S. born Blacks don't have rights and are not citizens,  and inept Black lawyers who state forget about the Constitution, Keep it Simple and/or who advise innocent Black men or women to plead no contest, etc., etc..
Originally Posted by Norland:

Damn you're like a big black roach up here in AfricanAmericadotorg.  Who has time to read all your chit?  You don't like the President?  So, you don't like the President.  Run for President, why doncha???  You're just your parents' kid, that's all any of us are.  Important in your own mind like lots of folks.  Rather than copying what I say in every one of your posts, prove I'm wrong and leave my posts right where they are.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Norland:

Dr. Umar Johnson said Africans in America aren't CITIZENS at all; we're DENIZENS (Inhabitants) and that we'll never be classified as CITIZENS.  That's why we're experiencing all this grief.  We're leaders of our lives as long as we walk the "straight and narrow", but as soon as you break the Legal Arm of White Supremacy (LAWS), you'll find out quick, fast and in a damn hurry who the TRUE leaders when they lead your butt to prison or to your grave in a funeral procession.  We're under the jurisdiction of the former SLAVE MASTERS' children.  This is their stolen country and we're the progeny of Africa's stolen SLAVES.  We'll NEVER be seen as AMERICANS; only in YOUR dreams.


RE:  America's 'Other' Immigrants
"Ironically, while U.S. born Blacks trash his or her Citizenship rights,  immigrants and illegal aliens from around the world take all types of life threatening chances for one opportunity to set foot on U.S. soil, or to one day become a naturalized U.S. citizen."
Not only do I believe it is a fact.
 1.  A dysfunctional Black electorate continuously vote for individuals who don't respect the Constitution, the "oath of office", or the rule of law, who step up to the plate for illegal aliens before serving the first law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery, all while the Black community remains silent.  Responsible voting  citizens hold elected officials financed by his or her tax dollars accountable to the Oath of Office, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.  Unfortunately, there are far more dysfunctional voters than responsible voting citizens in most any voting block composed of Black voters.   The political process, and voting process in the Black community amounts to a popularity contest between misfits, blatantly inept, carpet-baggers, unethical, and sleazy individuals.


60 Minutes, Sunday, March 24, 2013, “Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks”.


The woman, Wanetta Gibson, who made the false claim of rape against Brian Banks is black.


As his day in court approached, Brian says that his lawyer feared that he wouldn’t get a fair trial, based on his age, size & race. So she, an African-American herself, convinced Brian to plead no contest to a crime he insisted he didn’t commit.”


-Attorney Elizabeth Harris should be barred from practicing law in California or in any other State that she may hold a license to practice law.

2.  No good Black attorneys siding with the perpetrators or advising his or her innocent client to plead no contest, because the only expertise that these inept attorneys have is "playing the race card".   Individuals who have actually filed claims in pro persona, have more sense and competency in protecting his or her own Constitutional rights, and best interests than many spineless, sellout, and dysfunctional "race card" playing Black lawyers licensed by the State to practice law

RE: YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson

Selected comment:


"The Constitution was written by SLAVEHOLDERS.  Africans weren't on their minds when it was written.  All my days on this planet, I have never been referred to as an American.  I hear MINORITY (lesser than) all the time, and behind closed doors, I imagine it gets worse than that.  When the African goes wrong, it's not the AFRICAN who handles the situation, It's the CAUCASIAN.  Had we all been born in Japan or China, would we be calling ourselves African-Japanese or African-Chinese?  If we did, how dumb would we be and how dumb would we appear??  Just asking!! by Norland

3.  There are members on this board, African who believe and even state that U.S. born Black men and women do not have any rights in the U.S., using nonsense such as the Dread Scott decision of 1865, and/or following the lead of dysfunctional university professors who believe same in the year 2013 to support his or her argument.
"City Reaches $4.2 Million Settlement With 2 Women Caught In Dorner Manhunt"-CBS News
4.  Illegal immigrants from around the world who just got off the boat and his or her lawyers have more sense, have more backbone, are more likely to hold agents and officials of government such as rogue police officers, inept elected officials, and/or other public servants who violate his or her rights.
5.  Typically Black lawyers are too busy selling out, or bending over backwards to represent or free Caucasian criminals such as formerly employed by the Cochran Law Firm attorney Shawn Holley who represented no good trailer trash Lindsay Lohan, until Shawn Holley was no longer useful and fired by Lindsay Lohan.
6.  I don't need West American/Western/Hollywood/Racists propaganda machine ideology to validate my statements, because I have actually been a plaintiff and a defendant, who has been betrayed by no good Black lawyers who had all the facts but who instead state "forget about the Constitution....Keep it Simple", a black court clerk who signed a court judgment at my expense, have been betrayed by no good dysfunctional Black elected officials, and I also know of other individuals from within the Black community who have been misrepresented and betrayed by this garbage as well.
Originally Posted by sunnubian:


If you only see African Americans in the stereotypes created by the American/Western/Hollywood/Racists propaganda machine, you would believe something like that.


However, the majority of African Americans work, pay taxes and are law-abiding citizens, just like everyone else.  But, it is only African Americans that are always viewed throughstereotypical lenses of American/Western/Racists' propaganda that only shows American citizens that may "trash" their citizenship if they happen to be Black, while negating to show that EACH AND EVERY deviant behaviors Black people/African Americans engage in in America, is the SAME deviant behavior engaged in America by people of each and every race of people in America. ........e, gullible, and that break the law/"trash" their American citizenship; however, it is ONLY Black people/African Americans that it is constantly pointed out in.


Source:  “Ex-officers get probation in Houston teen beating” uploaded by EbonyRose


Here again, when U.S. born Blacks place no value in Constitutional protections for U.S. citizens, and when there are no civil lawsuit mega-buck penalties on the back end, to hold public servants or anyone else financially liable for damages in the City (Houston, TX), County, State, or Federal jurisdiction where this beating, "Cruel and Unusual Punishment....a police officer is not the judge, jury, and executioner" of a Black teen took place it will be business as usual. 


Amendment VIII-Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.


Furthermore, U.S. born black men, women, and minors must stop committing or being involved in criminal activity.


The Clean Hands Doctrine should send a strong message to anyone who seeks redress for criminal/negligent/unethical wrongdoing of another individual, a government or private business entity.  The individual making any claim for redress must first be law abiding before he or she can demand redress from anyone else who violates the law, the Constitution, the property rights of another individual, etc., etc.


Just think how strong this teen's legal claim for damages/redress would be, had he been innocent, not involved in an alleged burglary, etc., etc., leaving the police officers with "no probable cause" or means to explain or to justify the arrest, assault/battery on the teen in the first place. 


Chances are slim, that any police officer, probation officer or other public servant with any common sense, would have even considered arresting or violating the Constitutional rights of 15-year-old Chad Holley , had he been law abiding, and if so, this would be a very dysfunctional/rogue/unethical/ignorant police officer or public servant to violate the rights of any suspect without probable cause.


This is not 1865, and the Dread Scott decision has no bearing on what happens today.  

The only enslavement that U.S. born Blacks face today are the obstacles that he or she place on themselves and/or any treasonous misfit from within the Black community itself who contributes to disparaging Constitutional protections.


Clearly, Illegal aliens and his or her lawyers have a better understanding of how best to hold a public servant or anyone else accountable to the Constitution, the "Oath of Office", and/or the "Rule of Law" than far too Many U.S. Born Blacks!


CNN I-Report:  "Media misinformation brought back Boston racist memories" by omekongo 


Selected Comment:


"Tell it like it is Truth." -jtchicago2


Indeed, jtchicago2,


It seems and the reality of it will bear this out, that far too often, as applied to the many individuals who fit the description, of U.S. black men and women, who will line up around the block and then some, to head fast in the wrong direction....committing criminal acts, playing the race card, being deceitful, lying under oath, being unethical, trashing the essence of what it means to be a U.S. citizen, trashing the Constitution........


....but when it comes time to standing up for our Constitution, being truthful, competent, law abiding, ethical, etc., etc., a listener could hear a voice of silence in the midst of millions, for the few and far between in the Black community who truly stand for what is just, right, lawful, and place value in the essence of what it means to be a U.S. citizen.


CNN I-Report:  "Illegal Aliens and his or her Lawyers Have a Better Understanding of How Best to Hold a Public Servant Accountable, Than Many U.S. Born Descendants of Slavery Who Typically Give Carpet- bagging Sleazy Elected Officials a Free Pass to be Re-elected!" by TheTruth53


Best Regards




CNN i-Report:  "President Obama Forget RICH & WHITE Americans FIGHT for Black/Hispanics American NOW" by Vera Richards


Selected comment:


"African and Hispanic Americans need President Obama to fight for us NOW. FIGHT FOR us President Obama Don’t sign Senate “Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013” Bill. FIGHT tell Reid to do filibuster reform so that you can appoint federal judges and deliver on your campaign promise to make this a more just nation for all Americans not just the RICH AND WHITE!" by Vera Richards




Well Vera Richards, don't hold your breath too long, because President Barack "the Chicago-Cut Throat-Illegal-Alien-Bootlicking" Obama thinks more of illegal aliens than U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.




Hispanics (legal or illegal) are doing very well under Obama, and Hispanics do not need the first U.S. born Black man or woman, to speak in his, her, or their behalf. 




You, Vera Richards, must be, one of the better than 90% of the misguided Black electorate who overwhelming voted for Obama in 2008, and 2012.


You voted for a liar, a hypocrite, and a despot in no good Barack Obama.  You should be pointing the finger at yourself, and all the other misguided black men and women who voted for this misfit.


Selected Comments:


"And here for over four years we've been told he's everyone's president.  Except for that part when he referred to anyone who disagrees with him as his enemy." by Obamalaise


"Change is coming to America with the young people and Obama's presidency. Unfortunately all we will have left after Nobama is done with the US economy is pocket change."- 12wright  


 Indeed, 12wright, Obamalaise, etc., etc.


I'm U.S. born, black, from the inner-city, and with good reason I didn't vote for, and do not respect President Barack "the Chicago Cut-Throat-illegal alien bootlicking" Obama, and/or other Black elected officials who are a disgrace to the essence of what it means to be an elected official or public servant.


CNN i-Report:  Beats Me Why Better Than 90% of the Black Community Voted For Obama, When It Will Still Be Business as Usual


CNN i-Report:  Well Sandy Banks, Blacks are Irresponsible and Dysfunctional for Making Heroes Out of Misfits like Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Herb Wesson, Mervyn Dymally, Mark Ridley Thomas, Yvonne B. Burke, Kwame Kilpatrick, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jr., etc.


CNN i-Report: If given the opportunity or money, I wouldn't be willing to attend no good President Barack "the Magic Negro-Boot licking Illegal Alien-the Food Stamp President" Obama's inauguration because with good reason I don't respect BO.  


Aside from having contempt for BO, other information has come to my attention.  It is alarming that no one, or very few individuals from within the Black community even raise questions when individuals enter the Black community or any other community without proof of legal status, proof of naturalized U.S. citizenship, etc.  


CNN I-Report:  Indeed, it is commendable that the Nigerian immigrant, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa has achieved such a milestone. A strong possibility exists, that Emmanuel Ohuabunwa and all his family members could also be illegal immigrants!

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Source Thread:  Is Immigration Reform Bad for African-Americans? uploaded by sunnubian


"Morris also scoffed at the notion that undocumented workers aren’t really competing with African-Americans in the workforce because they’re willing to take jobs that nobody else will. He said that immigrants are overwhelmingly taking jobs away from Blacks in three sectors: hospitality services, construction and light manufacturing now and in the future. "


Indeed Frank Morris, and sunnubian  I commend you for posting this topic.


I commend you, Marvin Stewart, former Board Director of the Minuteman Project and other Minutemen, for your understanding of a most important function of all elected officials and the duty of elected officials to respect the Constitution and his or her oath of office when serving U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


 “Supreme Court rejects damages for innocent man who spent 14 years on death row” In a 5-4 ruling, justices overturn a jury verdict awarding $14 million to John Thompson, who had sued then-New Orleans Dist. Atty. Harry Connick Sr. because prosecutors hid a blood test that would have proved his innocence in a murder case.” By David G. Savage, Washington Bureau, March 30, 2011, Los Angeles Times


Evidently, the CBC and other Black leaders who previously promoted the Amnesty/Dream act, must now realize that his or her future is on the chopping block too, because make no mistake as the Black community is driven into extinction behind our own leaders serving every other ethnic group but U.S. born blacks, there will not be any future need for the CBC, other U.S. born Black leaders at the State, County, and City jurisdictions of government, because Hispanics, Koreans, Jamaicans, the Somali, Kenyans, Ethiopians, Jews, etc., etc., generally promote individuals who have a cultural connection to his or her specific ethnic group......that is unless they can find a Clarence Thomas type fool, who will deliver more than what they can get from his or her own leaders, that also sends U.S. born blacks to the gallows.


".......On of the problems is this, the U.S. allows very few African descended people into the country, while the floodgates are open for mostly everyone else"-Yemaya


As if to say Black illegal aliens from Africa (Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, etc., etc.,) and other countries (the West Indies, Jamaica, Trinidad, Belize, the Honduras, etc., etc.) are not undercutting U.S. born Black men and women in the job market, displacing U.S. born Blacks, passing fraudulent documents with the blessing of unethical/sleazy U.S. born individuals to hold good paying jobs, and bringing in or dealing "illicit drugs" to U.S. born Blacks in Detroit, MI,  Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Compton, Inglewood, CA, Pacoima, CA, Pomona, CA, Oakland, New Orleans, LA, Newark, NJ, New York, NY, etc., etc., all at the expense of the rights of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. 


Many Illegal aliens should be deported and should not have preference over U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, period, no matter what country he or she migrated from to enter the U.S. illegally.


Originally Posted by Yemaya:

On of the problems is this, the U.S. allows very few African descended people into the country, while the floodgates are open for mostly everyone else. Another problem is just what was addressed here,  the corporate sponsorship of illegal immigrants. While in many states the problem lies with Latin Americans, up north the problem is eastern Europeans. Something I noted here years ago. Now I'm proven correct in my assessment ie Boston Bombers. But they have no fear of prosecution, even now. I've heard people over the years talk about the California issue and black people. I at  first thought they were crazy, but now not so much when I look at the demographics of Los Angeles. As you all also know, I am against the Dream Act... we have too much going on with the underemployed and unemployed here to get worried about some other folks.

If amnesty type immigration for people who break the law is not working for African Americans or African descended people then what are the options??


RE:  "US & France Intervene in Mali To Protect Land & Resource Grabs, Not Because of Al Qeda" by Bruce A. Dixon, 4-23-2013,  and uploaded by Yemaya


US Constitution, Article 2, Section 2:  

"The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."


Your buddy, President Barack Obama to whom, possibly a lot of you voted for is also the Chief executive.


US Constitution, Article. II., Section. 1.

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows:

......Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:--"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


Since President Barack "the Magic Negro" Obama and his appointee U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder  have held office there have been more un-Constitutional infractions against U.S. citizens, more freedoms for illegal aliens, and you can forget Constitutional protections for any U.S. born descendant of slavery, because Barack Obama could care less, the unemployment rate of Black men and women is the highest it has ever been, more Drone strikes than ever, U.S. soldiers....U.S. Veterans are more vulnerable than during any previous U.S. President, or Presidential Administration.


After all, more than any other U.S. President, President Barack Obama is more likely to be used, because as it stands Barack Obama will to throw anyone under the bus to promote himself, to make history to be the first Black President, to keep from being held accountable for unethical, criminal, illegal, un-Constitutional, inhumane, and treasonous decisions he has made, or will make. 


If former President George Bush were to give the order commit all the inhumane things in Sub-Sahara Africa that have occurred during President Barack Obama's tenure, U.S. born Black men and women would have been marching on the White House, protesting, condemning the President, you name it.





“There are cases where an individual has been wrongfully treated by his government and about the only way, unless the individual resorts tocourt, and even in some cases the courts are not able to give proper relief, the only area or avenue open to the individual is through his representative. When you find a bona fide error has been made, I suggest that you make a maximum effort to remedy it. This I feel is a vital and important function of those of us in the House of Representatives”. Authors: Donald G. Tacheron and Morris Udall, from the book entitled, “The Job of the Congressman”, pages 65 and 66.


(The above excerpt “The Job of the Congressman” holds true for all elected office officials)


Article VI, USC:  This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. “……Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and Members of several State legislatures (all elected officials), and all executive and judicial Officers of the United States and of the several states, Shall be bound by oath of affirmation, to support this Constitution. 14th Amendment, USC, Section 1:   “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” 14th Amendment, USC, Section 4:   “……But neither the United States public debt of the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave: but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.”



Oath of Office,: "I, (President, Supreme Court Justice, Congressperson, Assemblyman, Mayor, City Councilperson, Judge, ), during such times as I hold the office, I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States (the Constitution of the State of California, Maryland, Illinois, etc., etc.), against all enemies foreign (terrorist enemies of the U.S., illegal immigrants, un-American or un-Constitutional anything and everything, etc.) and domestic (treasonous individuals or organizations, any Police Chief who condones this and the Police Chief's rogue police officers, unethical or criminal elected officials or public servants, illegal aliens or his or her advocates, un-American anything and everything), and that I will bear true faith and allegiance, to the Constitution of the United States , (State Constitution), and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter."


U.S. Senate and Congressional Oath of Office: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."


RE:  "Ending the War on Drugs"


Just like any other business endeavor (legal or illegal), as long as a steady supply of customers exists to make the sale of illicit drugs, profitable, there is very little that any government official/agency can do to stop drug trafficking, illicit drug sales or use, etc., etc.


Furthermore, crying about going to prison for committing a criminal act that he or she truly committed is useless.   


The best weapon against illicit drug use is to not be a user or engage in illicit drug dealing/trafficking in the first place. 

The best tool, advice, or constructive tactic to keep from going to jail/prison is to be a law abiding citizen.    If any illegal activity takes place just make sure that it is anyone else but you.


The only individuals from within the Black community that I have sympathy for, engage in defending, or speaking in behalf of are any truly innocent Black man or woman falsely accused,  or condemning any lawyer, or elected official who fails to be competent in using his or her influence to protect the Constitutional rights of the the innocent.



Source:  "The Spaming of"


 "........not a place for people to come only to spread hatred, self-hatred and racist stereotypical views.  There are countless sites all over the internet for that, and that's exactly where people that only come to to infect the board with self-hatred, hatred and racist stereotypical views of African Americans, The Black Race, The Black Diaspora, should be directed"  by sunnubian


sunnubian usual, talk but no proof that I hate the Black race, that the material I've posted in unfounded, etc., etc.  With or without my voice, my input, dysfunctional U.S. born Black men and women who fit the description pretty much trash his or her own reputation , future, and/or a larger scale the U.S. born segment of the Black community.


 ...and it is pointless to even defend such an individual, or set of misfit individuals.


Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Something needs to be done.  I welcome debate and enlightenment, but long drawn out redundent rants that are interjected into topics that have nothing to do with what the rants are all about . . .


Also, I think African Americans should defend African Americans/Ourselves from racist stereotypes, racist propaganda and the centuries old psych game of maligning our people, even when it is coming from another Black person. 

I always thought of as a Think Tank of sorts for African Americans, and not a place for people to come only to spread hatred, self-hatred and racist stereotypical views.  There are countless sites all over the internet for that, and that's exactly where people that only come to to infect the board with self-hatred, hatred and racist stereotypical views of African Americans, The Black Race, The Black Diaspora, should be directed. 

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