Obama doesn't support infanticide. This article is some right wingers oped piece. As op-ed is clearly stated at the top of the page.
What the author neglects to point out is that the bill itself was a regurgitation of another similar bill which was already in effect in Illinois. The reason President Obama, then state senator Obama, voted it down was because after reviewing then current law and this proposed law, he believed that adequate protections were in the current laws relating to this subject. He stated this clearly in the Presidential debates last year when asked about it. I believe it was at the final debate.
Another Right Wing/White Wing propaganda point in my view.
So the media says, but there is a bill passed for this garbage. Time to wake up people!!! I take no left wing article serious either. You need to stop trying to defend this socialist pig.

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in·fan·ti·cide n. 1. The act of killing an infant. 2. The practice of killing newborn infants. 3. One who kills an infant.
Originally posted by Cocoa Starr:
WillyWill, are you [insert cussin' here] kidding me? Roll Eyes The World Net Daily?? OH PUL-LEEZE! lol Now I know you're joking!

Did you even read the other article provided Khalliqa? It even shows that man was in favor of Infanticide. That's no laughing matter... spank
Though World Net Daily may be funny to you, you best realize that not only that site but many others are onto your "messiah".

Please educate yourself. I know it's hard to except the truth, then again, if you are some one who constantly drinking the magic Obama cool-aid, "It's above your pay grade". Shame...


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