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NY Cops Search for Mom Who Abducted Her Own Kids


Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 4:19 am
By: Associated Press


Shanel Nadal, 28, was visiting her eight children at a child welfare agency in Queens Monday when she took them. (AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police are looking for a woman who took eight of her own children from a child welfare agency without permission.

The police said 28-year-old Shanel Nadal of Manhattan was visiting the children at the Forestdale agency in Queens on Monday afternoon when she took them. They range in age from 11 months to 11 years old. Nadal might be traveling with the children's father, 34-year-old Nephra Payne, in a black Chevrolet Suburban, Ford sedan or black Infiniti, authorities said.

Except for the 11-month old, all of the children are boys who share their father's first and last name, though they have different middle names. It was unclear why Nadal lost custody.

The city's Administration for Children's Services released a statement Tuesday evening.

"ACS and our foster care agency began working with the NYPD immediately after the mother absconded with the children from a visit at the foster care agency yesterday. Earlier today, we sought and received active warrants from the Manhattan Family Court for the arrest of both parents and for them to produce the children to the court. We ask for the public's assistance in locating the children, and appreciate any assistance that they can provide the NYPD."

Anyone with information about the children is asked to contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.
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Good question!!


I just read another story on this on another website - that also didn't give an answer to that - but did say that a brother of one of the foster mothers said that 5 of the children had been living with his sister for three years!! 


That means that there were children being taken away even as she was having even MORE kids!! 


And they apparently all have the same father.  So .... what was going on in the household during all this time ... all these years ... is something I wanna know, too!!


Here is the updated story. Now reading this, of course they are going to try to catch this woman because she is messing with their money.


From the NYDaily News



Parents kidnap their 8 kids from foster care: Text message to foster mom foretold abduction

Originally Published:Wednesday, September 21st 2011, 11:33 AM
Updated: Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 2:03 AM

Police believe Shanel Nadal (right) and Nephra Payne (left) abducted their eight children.

A day before she abducted her eight kids from a foster care facility, a Manhattan mom sent a text message that spoke of her desperation.

"I cannot live without my children. I cannot breathe without my children," Shanel Nadal, 28, wrote to foster mom Amieka Smith on Sunday.

Nadal's kids were taken from her and partner Nephra Payne, 34, and split among three foster parents after abuse allegations, a law enforcement source said.

She saw them in supervised visits at the sprawling compound of the Forestdale Agency, a Queens nonprofit organization that does child welfare work with the city.

During Monday's visit, a supervisor was on site but not in the vending machine area where Nadal rounded up her kids shortly before 4 p.m., the source said.

No one stopped her as she slipped down a rear staircase, opened a back door and disappeared - likely with the help of Payne, who was already wanted in a burglary.

The stealth of the escape surprised Barbara Emanuel, the foster mom for the youngest of the kids, 11-month-old Nefertiti.

"It was just a normal visit," said Emanuel, who was at the Queens facility at the time. "A little after 5, I looked up, and they were gone.


"I told the supervisor and they began searching, but they were long gone. It's like they just vanished. How does a woman escape with eight kids? I was there and I don't know how she did it."

A manhunt was underway for Nadal, Payne and the kids - seven boys ages 4 to 11, all named Nephra, and the baby girl.

Cops alerted authorities in South Carolina, where Nadal has lived, but two addresses they checked were dead ends.

Her grandmother, Rosetta Middleton, told the Daily News police had not contacted her and that she has not heard from Nadal since last year.

"I knew she wanted her kids back, but I haven't heard nothing about this," Middleton said.

Both Smith and Emanuel said they believe Nadal thought she was doing the right thing, but they expressed concern for the children.

"She isn't a monster," said Smith, who had been caring for Nephra John, 9, and Nephra Rahsul, 6, since May. "She just loves her kids. I cannot say I'm surprised she tried. She felt her back was against the wall.

"But this was supposed to be a supervised visit. How does someone sneak out with eight children from a supervised visit? I want some answers."

The Administration for Children's Services said a staff member should have been present.

Nadal does not have a criminal history, though neighbors at her Manhattanville building said she was a frequent pot smoker. Payne has a sealed arrest from 2009.

Police suspect they are traveling in a black 1996 Chevrolet Suburban with New York license plate No. EXZ5896, or in a black 2003 Ford sedan or 1993 black Infiniti.

The foster parents said they have grown close to the children and want them back.

"I miss my baby. She's such a little darling. Such a good baby. She says, 'Mama, mama,' " Emanuel said.

"I hope this can be resolved without anyone getting hurt or any more problems," Smith said. "I just want my babies back."

With Kathleen Lucadamo and Edgar Sandoval

Read more:

Hmmmm ... well, none of that still really says anything damaging or answers any real questions.


Most of the stories I've read simply say that "there was an allegation of abuse" ... and one article did say that it was in relation to the father .... but, as we know, that can mean anything these days!!  Some busybody hears you talking too loud at a child these days ... and the next thing you know, CPS is at your door!    Then again, you hear of stories where children are repeatedly abused .... CPS comes and goes, multiple times, and it isn't until after the child ends up dead that people start asking questions.


It seems to be a consensus among everybody interviewed, though, that she LOVES her kids and just didn't want to be without them.  Which is something we WANT more mothers to do, considering all the "abandonment" issues we have with parents in our communities!!!  So .... what's really going on, here??  


After 11 years of having children .... neither she - nor he - has been deemed "fit" enough to keep ANY of them!!  The state has been taking them away as fast as they have been conceiving them!!    She sounds like a "good" mother .... but, I have to admit that it sounds like there could also be some 'mental issues' there ... just due to the fact that she chose to name them ALL (and there's a helluva LOT of them!!) with the SAME name!  I mean ... what's THAT about?? 


But ... if the children aren't in DANGER of any sort (which, who knows, they might be with the allegation against the father!!  But then again ... maybe not!!) .. and the parents are financially able to support ALL those kids .... then it will be a real shame because now that she/they are facing a KIDNAPPING charge, if they are ever caught, she will never be able to be a mother to those children again!!  They will snatch her parental rights .... and possibly the ability for any contact with them ever again!!


And that foster mother who's running around talking about that little girl is "her" baby ... ... which isn't even true right now will indeed be able to make that true, after all.

Ah ha!!!  The plot thickens!! 
Lawyer: Parents Allegedly Feared Foster Care Abuse


Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011
By: Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press




PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A New York City couple took their eight children from foster care and went on the run because some of them were being abused, their lawyer said Tuesday.


A day after the family was found safe in their van in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, defense lawyer Norman Steiner alleged that one boy was molested, and some of his siblings "suffered horrendous abuse" during two years in foster care.


"I expect them to be fully exonerated of this. If your child is in a dangerous place and you get them out of it, that's not kidnapping, that's justified," Steiner told The Associated Press.


The mother, 28-year-old Shanel Nadal, allegedly fled with the children during a supervised visit at a Queens foster care agency and left town with her husband, 34-year-old Nephra Payne.


The parents will be charged with kidnapping, custodial interference and child endangerment, Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said Tuesday.


"This is a sad story of a mother and father who have jeopardized their children's safety by allegedly kidnapping them and taking them out of state," Brown said. "These parents have now also put at risk the very relationships they were supposed to be building with their children during their supervised visits."


The parents were in custody in Harrisburg, awaiting extradition hearings.


The children — seven boys named Nephra, who have different middle names, and an infant daughter — appeared to be unharmed. The range in age from 11 months to 12 years, according to the police complaint. They will be returned to New York City, under the care of the Administration for Children's Services.


The agency said it was aware of the parents' abuse allegations and was focusing on the children's mental-health needs.


"We are aware of the allegations currently being made by the parents and we take all allegations of abuse seriously. Our immediate concerns are for the well-being of the children," the agency said in a statement.


The agency also is investigating how the children were abducted during a supervised visit, a spokesman said.


Authorities had been hunting for the children since Sept. 19, when they disappeared from the 3-acre campus of Forestdale, a nonprofit, privately run foster care center.


Nadal went there for a scheduled group visit with the children, who were living with three different foster caregivers. Despite the presence of both Forestdale staff and at least some of the foster parents, Nadal slipped away unnoticed with the children during a trip to a vending machine, police said.


Forestdale officials wouldn't discuss the situation with the AP, but the agency's executive director, Anstiss Agnew, told The New York Times last week that neither the family visits nor the facility were set up with security in mind.


"I guess we could put up bars and put up a moat," she said. "We're trying to heal family here."


Steiner, who had just been retained Tuesday by Payne's brother, declined to provide details of the alleged abuse of the children. But he said they had been shuttled from home to home while in agency care. The allegations came to him through the brother, whom he would not identify, and other relatives, he said.


"(They) heard these parents complaining to them, of how poorly the children are being treated, and how they have to get them out of there," Steiner said.


Police initially thought the family might go to South Carolina, where they once lived. By Monday, the U.S. Marshals Service learned the family might heading to Harrisburg, where Payne has relatives. Investigators spotted the parked van on a city street Monday night.


As officers kept watch, Nephra Payne was seen coming and going with some of the children, Acting U.S. Marshal Martin Pane said.


"Our initial concern was, where were the other children? But ultimately the van was searched, and all the children were in there," Pane said.


The children showed no signs of physical abuse, he said. It appeared the family had planned to spend the night in the vehicle, investigators said.


Nadal's bail was set at $200,000. New York City detectives, along with local police, interviewed her Monday afternoon, according to Detective Sgt. Dave Hodges of the Dauphin County district attorney's office. He declined to share what she said.


The couple had lost custody of their seven sons in 2009, and subsequently lost custody of the girl born last year. Authorities in New York have declined to say why they seized the children, but the U.S. Marshals Service said it was because of an abuse allegation.


Parental abductions of children in foster care do occur from time to time, often involving a parent who fails to return a child from an unsupervised visit. But the disappearance of the Payne children drew attention for the number of children involved and the nature of the family's exit.


Barbara Emanuel, a foster mother caring for the baby girl, Nefertiti, was apparently the first to notice the family had fled. She doesn't understand how it happened.


"It's like they just vanished," she told the Daily News of New York shortly after the disappearance. "How does a woman escape with eight kids? I was there, and I don't know how she did it."




Associated Press writer David B. Caruso in New York contributed to this report.

There is so much vagueness to this case, and the authorities are saying that there were no signs of physical abuse, so, exactly why were these children taken?  I hope they were not taken because of some meddling neighbor's lies or exaggerations.  I hope they were not taken because their life was not perfect and the parents were not rich.  I hope that the authorities do a thorough investigation so that the best interest of the children will be adhered to.  

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