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We are proud to introduce you to Nubian Love,
the 1st agency for black natural models.

Why such a particular agency :?:
To expose the [u]natural Nubian beauty[/u], we believe that it isn't necessary
for aspiring models to rely on some artificial mould, in order to succeed. :idea:
We hope, at the same time, to help people to preserve their health by renouncing among other things to:

Hair relaxing
Skin lightening (bleaching)
Plastic surgery

Everybody is free to do what they want,
we choose to be natural :!:
You've been told to relax your hair... Just relax your mind.
You've been told to change you hair colour... Just change your mind.
You've been advised to change your name... What's the point ?
You've been advised to bleach your skin... You better know yourself !
What do you think of it?
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We would like to thank you for your support letters and pictures.
Once again, yes the publication is free.
As for those who did not receive any answers, make sure that you check you "spam" folder because since we have a commercial address, sometimes our emails don't get through.

In this case you can always use the forum:

We want to remind that amateurs as well as professionals are welcome.
Finally, we still encourage anybody (men or women) to try having their hair natural at least for a photo shoot cession.

The contact address is:

Good luck with your business. tfro

The only hesitation I have is with your name... it does sound a little like an online dating website. Sorry, not trying to be negative.

Maybe that's a good thing though, lots more hits. Wink

Be sure to whack a whole lot of meta words in each of your web pages that define what you are about.

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