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Earlier in the month, SARACEN thread ( Conceptual incarceration and the effects of slavery ) urged us to, perhaps, explore and examine our history more readily... more deeply:

Today, what has changed is not the game or the playing field, it is our understanding of game theory and game strategy. For example, psychologist Wade Nobles (1986) coined the metaphorical term conceptual incarceration to help us better understand a key aspect of the psychological slavery that shackles African people. Conceptual incarceration results from our unwitting adoption of erroneous concepts, ideas, views, opinions and theories about ourselves as African people, about Europeans, and about the world. It is Nobles' contention that the debilitating anti-Black, anti-African attitudes in the belief systems of virtually all Black people regardless of class, education, or religious orientation are largely to blame for the underdeveloped state of African communities in the U.S. and abroad.

The thing that immediately came to (my) mind...
  • A lot of people only repeat things that are the result of how the Terms Of Debate are set by others...
    Conceptual Incarcerarion is about: being trapped in someone else's Terms Of Debate.

Mi Amigo (from the group formerly known as The Three Amigos... lol) just happen to illustrate that idea, eloquently:

The loss of wisdom by Noah The African

There is a crisis of wisdom that is afflicting the black community of today. But what is wisdom? Wisdom and intelligence is not the same phenomenon. There is a distinction and difference between the two, although one cannot be wise without having the ingredient of intelligence. There are many working definitions of wisdom but popularly wisdom is the product of experience and an understanding of human nature. Thus, the older one gets the more experience they have and the more patterns of human nature are revealed.

Essentially wisdom is the product of the past due to the fact that experience, the key ingredient in wisdom, is past tense. Our personal experiences as individuals are stored in our memory to help guide and shape our present actions... Individual memory is, however, not the only source of experience as written and recorded history offers and free repository of human experiences...

In light of this, the crisis in the black community is born from a dearth in wisdom brought about by outside forces which seek to shame and stifle blacks from "looking back". America does not want black people to look back because it reveals an ugly reality about America, so America attempts to stigmatize blacks who manifest wisdom publicly. Those who are guilty of no more than lamenting the truth of history are heckled for playing the "race card" or for manifesting the "Victim Syndrome" or using the past as a crutch to hide from ineptness and irresponsibility among blacks. America's insecurity with blacks has lead America to attack blacks for simply speaking the truth and this effort has paid off as it has conditioned many blacks to side with the efforts to silence our history.

And even more confirmation found from an observation made in the discussion that followed NTA's commentary:

And BIG UPS to Bill Cosby on that good lookin' out! tfro

(Former VA Governor Gene Wilder has A Slavery Museum Dream deeply rooted in that
Door Of No Return theme. ((See link.)) )

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