At nine years old?  Accused of sexual assault by a gritty nasty looking white woman?    What do yall think?  Cuz when I saw it, I understand why the crowd went kinda cra cra on her....cuz why?  She's cra cra.  It appears to me she just wanted media attention.  On the cellphone giving out her telephone phone and home address knowing she was being filmed.  Who does that?  Someone wanting to be in the limelight.  And when she discovered it was an accident caused by his backpack?  Gave a  half-ass apology.   She also appeared to have a mental defect with no common sense.  If you closely observe to all the targeting while Black going on?  Many of the accusers are not WRAPPED TO TIGHT and are basically looking for that 15 minutes of fame.  So if doesn't move Black folks to STOP with this Black on Black crime and Black on Black hate?  We are definitely doomed.  But! 

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Original Post

Vespucci Land suffers from "package" hatred. In my entire lifetime I've NEVER heard one of OUR MEN described as a "mushroom." Not only that, OUR MEN have RHYTHM and SOUL. They KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!!!! 

The slave owner was plowing everything with a hole including animals. No one I know has ever picked a mixed race baby out of the clouds and there were plenty of them during slavery right up to now.

Priests are tearing the chapels up. Poor little choir boys and boys "confessing." There's sex slavery, pornography, men drooling over girls and boys, dogs and cats. No one's safe.

What did the "southern" men put on their mantles in jars on display?? I'll bet there are some right now from guys' lynchings and God knows where else. The European Immigrants in this country ruling over our asses are sicker than sick. Mushroom Man's not the only one, and he is ONE, there are plenty where he came from and more will arrive.

In Saudi Arabia there are men who chop men to pieces. Lions and Tigers DON'T DO THAT. They EAT what they chop.

What the FUCK are these FUCKERS we call HUMAN BEINGS????? The storms are trying to BLOW EVERYONE OFF THE PLANET. God's at the helm!!!!!!

WHITE PEOPLE, YOU'RE SICKER THAN SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, when your dumb asses go, everyone else is going to go right along with you. Then there'll be Peace on Earth, No Goodwill, No Damn Men.

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When I saw the video, it was obvious the she knew that kid did not "grab her ass"[Really, how many eight or nine year old boys go around grabbing a grown ass woman's ass?]  If his book bag brushed against her for all of two damn seconds, she knew that was all it was.

The video proved that it wasOBVIOUS that she just wanted to call in a FALSE POLICE REPORT in hopes of some of America's racist, Nazi police showing up and beating or murdering the little boy and his mother.

Racist White Americans are being told that it is 'OPEN SEASON' on Black people in America; it's a pity that Black people in America are still living in denial about what is really taking place in this country.

Black people in America are being plotted on, BIG TIME, and murdering our children has NEVER been beneath a racist.

All those "detention" facilities, tent cities, and CAGES they've put up all across this country, are not really for 'illegal immigrants'.

They are really being put in place for the implementation of the "King Alfred Plan", a Congressional Act put in place when Reagan was govenor of California, and conveniently just happen to remain in effect for all intents and purposes even after all these years, [and conspicously never contested nor even disseminated to the general African American public by our "Black leaders"]  

Racist fascists have risen up ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD and/or fast on their way into seats of power in nearly every nation on the planet, withAmerican Racists leading the way, yet, African Americans are not talking to each other, are not having meetings, or devising any plans of action.

Blackest Africa has literally been surrounded by foreign militaries as we speak. 

The rest of the world has been using bogus "laws" and fake "War-on crime" rhetoric and practices to imprison the youngest, strongest, healthiest Black males, whom, in ANY culture are/would be a group's Soldiers, Warriors, in times of WAR.

And we are at WAR

The entire Black Race is at WAR all over this world and in Africa

There is a RACE WAR being waged on Black people in America, throughout the entire Black diaspora, and in Africa.

The only people that don't seem to know this are Black people themselves; African Americans, Diaspora Blacks, and Africans.  



White people will blow your black ass to smithereens. Black people only know how to march and pray to Jesus. They have guns that'll shred you to spaghetti. Only thing we can do is boil their snow butts in hot tubs of water. We'll NEVER WIN A WAR with the EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS. If we could have done that, we wouldn't be here in the first damn place. We are BEYOND ROYALLY FORNICATED. The words haven't been discovered yet that describes us in Amerigo Vespucci Land.

Norland posted:

White people will blow your black ass to smithereens. Black people only know how to march and pray to Jesus. They have guns that'll shred you to spaghetti. Only thing we can do is boil their snow butts in hot tubs of water. We'll NEVER WIN A WAR with the EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS. If we could have done that, we wouldn't be here in the first damn place. We are BEYOND ROYALLY FORNICATED. The words haven't been discovered yet that describes us in Amerigo Vespucci Land.

Well, never, say never.

I'm speaking in terms of Defensive Action where African America/African Americans are concerned.  

So, if they're trying to take us down, win or lose, [and with 'nothing left to lose'], African America should be PREPARED to fight back, should be PREPARED to defend itself against racist tyranny, shoud be PREPARED to defend itself against race war, should be PREPARED to defend itself against racist terrorism and should be PREPARED to defend itself against GENOCIDE.

But, African Americans/African America can't do any of those things while fast 'ASLEEP' or while living on 'D'Nile'.  

These fuckers have their ammunition aimed at us 247 365. The boys in the neighborhoods have what???? Guns placed there by the FBI, Cops, CIA just waiting for them to screw up so they can be killed or placed in jail until they're 99, never to see family members again.

We're not living in denial; these fuckers don't see us as CITIZENS and that's why we have so many problems from them. WHO MADE THEM CITIZENS is what I'd like to know!! Themselves???? They're no more from here than anyone else, no matter WHAT THEY SAY. We're all pretending to play house and we're forever the god damn slaves. And so it goes on century after century after century. Now there's some Orange Dumbo with an itty bitty (mushroom' according to Stormy) in his pants calling himself "President." 

Whatever, I'm going to vote for every damn thing Democrat/Democratic whatever the fuck they are and hope for the best. I don't care if they're Rottweilers or German Shepherds; if they're Democrat/Democratic, I'm pulling the lever.

What has happened to all those beautiful brown babies separated from their families, living in cages like the slaves of yore?? What's the deal with the Caravan of beautiful people walking a New Trail of Tears trying to get into Vespucci Land?? Who's taking care of this shit?? Obviously, it's not Orange Mushroom Man.

Another storm's heading in Vespucci Land's direction. Some more haters and black people are going to suffer and probably die. God's working overtime.


Well, YOU, obviously, may not be in denial, but the vast number of African Americans, Diaspora Blacks, and Africans are, otherwise, we would already have our own defense and survival as a priority.  

If the vast majority of Black people in America, throughout the diaspora and in Africa were not either fast 'ASLEEP' or living on 'D'NILE', or selling us out houseniggering, we would already have plans of action and defense in place, we would already have a Black Army, we would already have just as much 'ammunition'.  



Anthony Bourdaine had a show that took place in Houston where the Niggeroos had cars that were from another planet, it seemed. I think they were called "slabs" or something to that effect. The hubcaps stuck clear across the street and the speakers blew the hoods off the trunks. The interior of those suckers were beautiful as were the cars themselves. The "men" had to damn near lay down to drive them. What is the purpose of that shit?? Their English needs some serious improvement as far as speaking goes.

If they spent THAT much money on ammunition and cleaning up or buying some projects and homes of their own to house families and themselves they'd be wealthier than Donald Trump ever THOUGHT he was; paying their taxes and everything!!!! Black men like to compete amongst themselves, rather than branching out and accomplishing something major.

RIP Anthony. CNN Sunday will always have a place in its heart for you as will I.


  I agree with you Sista Sunnubian.  There are many blackfolks in denial.  They will be micro aggressive with their own folks....but!  Won't say a damn thing to the real enemy.  Just like Kanye's ass.  He is all up in Trump's butt.  But prior to that, he was puffing like he was sooooooooooooooooooo tough.  That's why there's a term that says...a "n" aint shyte.  Kanye is an example as to why.  Haven't heard a word from big mouth Steve Harvey or Lil Wayne...all these tough blacks.  WHERE ARE THEY?  Hiding under a bed  somewhere shaking like a leaf.   Massa did a good job brainwashing Blacks....cuz has gone generational.  I have yet to see a black man stand up to Trump.  Only women.  And even in the face of violence, Auntie Maxie will not bend.  She said..."I aint scared."  But there are soooooooooo many Black males who are. Sad.  And shameful.  Cuz they will bully a black woman in a minute....but!  Confront a racist?  Nawl.  But! 

Black men can't CONFRONT a RACIST, they'll end up swinging from a tree or with a couple bullets in their brains. This "land" has NEVER been "black correct." Anyone who thinks otherwise, is out of their minds.

Black men have been following white men ever since they went to Africa to bring back some free labor. No one skins and grins BETTER than BLACK MEN for WHITE MEN. Go to YouTube and watch dancing and shit all the way from how far you can go and then pick up a book. All you'll see is TEETH. It'll go on for as long as we're around these mentally retarded, murderous EUROPEANS.

Plenty of racists have been confronted without anyone swinging from a tree.

 Black people are not afraid of racists. 

Black people just don't trust racists.  

But, I say that even confronting a racist and/or America's racism is mostly a waste of time, because the vast majority of racists' minds cannot be changed, and they will continously seek ways to do harm to anyone Black.  We should be should be building socio-economic 'immunities' to what racist troglodytes try to do to us.

Take a different approach altogether, like UNIFYING as a group, as a community, as a race, to make sure that American racism can't make or break anyone Black in America, global racism can't make or break anyone Black within the Black diaspora, and/or anyone African in Africa or Africa itself.

Forget all 'marching', 'protesting', arguments, reasoning and debate, and use that energy to UNIFY and build/build-up our own communities, our own children, our own educational institutes, our own banks, our own real-estate, our own businesses, our own organic farms, all of African America, the Black diaspora,  Africa, and our own arsenals.  


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  Thank you sista Sunnubian.  No more protests, demonstrations....that shyte ain't working.  We need to create a forum where people can talk to each other about each other's history and experience.  That's the only way.  Cuz all those rallies in my opinion is straight up bullshyte.  Cuz I think I told you when I was on the bus after dropping my car off and there were a few young Black males sitting upfront who wouldn't even offer me a seat.  They were talking about going to a park to rally about Black Lives Matter but couldn't be respectful enough to give a "sista" a seat.  No manners.   So for me....the movements are fake.  Many who participate are  cowards and all they want is to see themselves on Instagram/facebook.  Proof?  There has been an increase of  Black folks dying...not less.  So.

 We need more conversations/discussions showing that we are all human beings.  White folks wanna pretend they have never been a slave-that's a lie.  The truth need to be told about EVERYBODY!  Asians were slaves......Europeans were slaves.....and everyone in between were slaves.   Africans were the LAST to be enslaved.  So  folks really need to educate themselves on world history and understand that slavery was about PROFIT and POWER[mercantilism] ...not about skin color.  Cuz even in Europe, there were was part of their culture but it wasn't called slavery.  It was called Thralldom(during and after the collapse of Rome)....where serfs and peasants work the land like sharecropping.  Asians were slaves....especially in Japan...but it wasn't called slavery but it was still human bondage.  It was still forced labor.  Some were called Karls, Jarls, villiens, etc.  but they were STILL slaves.  So we need to be honest about human history.  Otherwise....this hate will continue and so far?  It has.    But!    

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oh and speaking on the Black Diaspora?  I gotta a little time today.  Black folks from America and Africa need to try some SELF-LOVE!!!!!!  We can be self-hating what we look like just cuz massa said it.  We have to look inside ourselves and see the beauty and brilliance of our culture.  Proof?  Being the last slaves?  We built this country to last where even today people are still benefitting from our labor....our inventions, our music,our literature, our culture, our art...our aesthetic.  There has been no other culture like us.  And we need to recognize that and know that we are the ones to CIVILIZE the WORLD....not the other way around.  Cuz massa will lie lie lie.  He ain't did shyte but bring disease and mayhem wherever he goes.  Proof?  He managed to wipe out hundreds of thousands of Native Amerindian tribes reducing them to merely "five."  He couldn't do that with us...that's why he's shooting us today.   Cuz he doesn't want the evidence of our brilliance around.  He want to brag about creating all of this himself....and the truth is?  He didn't.  So we as Africans/African Americans need to get real about who we are to ourselves and the world.  Cuz whenever massa does something he destroys it or it the many countries in Africa still trying to pull up from all the damage massa and his boys did to the culture.  And we can't let the Jewish people and the Arabs off the hook either because they are to blame too.  Both were slavers and sold they can't continue telling that lie either.  But if they don't wanna fess's too cool cuz at least we know and it's out there for ALL to see.  Cuz truth is the light.

And we need to get back to the naturalness in our culture and spirituality-not religion and reject Christianity because that is a lie too.  Noah didn't curse Ham.  If so that means that not only Noah had to be Black but everyone in the bible had to be Black.  Cuz you can't curse someone's descendants into becoming another race.  That would be pagan witchcraft......right?  That religious myth was used to justify going into Africa and taking all those Black slaves and keeping them for life..cuz they couldn't continue enslaving their own folks no more cuz it was banned by Magnum X in the 14th century when almost all Europeans became Christian-which occurred less than a hundred years before the Atlantic Slave Trade.  This is why I believe it is the whimsical in believing mind conditioning stuff like this that is keeping Blacks/Africans from moving on and building a civilization for ourselves.  Cuz we can do it.  We did for America.  We can do it for ourselves.  But the thing is?  We gotta want to.   But! 

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White men are mentally ill. I believe every last one of them is. Do white people give so-called "presidents" mental health checks?? Who gave George Washington one?? They forgot Orange Itty Bitty Mushroom Dickster altogether. These fuckers are alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll murderers and killers. They don't even like themselves. Everyone you see looks like a SKELETON IN DRAG, with the exception of Mitch McConnell, he was dragged from the sea away from his TURTLE FAMILY.

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