This months update covers the election, the upcoming so-called fiscal cliff, problems facing more US cities and towns, and the reaction to austerity in Europe.  Below the video I posted a makeshift index for the discussion in case anyone's interested but doesn't have the time to watch the video in one setting. 



The times below are ruff markers, maybe off by a few seconds.


1:30 Some words on Hurricane Sandy from a NYC perspective

5:45 A lesson from Occupy's reaction during the aftermath of Sandy

6:30 Europe's Day of action against austerity

12:35 The 2012 election and what was not discussed

15:15 History of Public Works ignored

19:57  Income is taxed, but what about property?

25:45 The economic differences between Obama and Romney

36:20  Breakdown of the Fiscal Cliff, exactly what it is, where it came from, what's being discussed and what the proposals are.

45:00 What are the tax increases for the rich (even if the middle class isn't taxed)

47:00 Why this fixation on Deficits?

52:45 Okay the Deficit goes up…..who cares?

57:38  Governments borrow money but who are the creditors?

1:07:28  Austerity by another name

1:09:05 Why Paul Krugman (Keynesians  et al) thinks Austerity is crazy

1:13:10 A more racial position without borrowing

1:16:47  Can you really tax the rich? Aren't they the one's who create the jobs?

1:24:57 A look at what happens when a city goes bankrupt

1:29:20 What's the conclusion?

1:38:36  Q&A  What about Black and Latino's in this "movement"




"Everything is legal if the government can see you"-  KRS-ONE

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