It is quite long, but reality. Hopefully other learn this truth and realize things aren't so dainty as they perceived their reality to be. Interesting enough Redscar09, I realize that Obama was throwing up that hand sign about a week ago when I was looking through some of the titantron videos I own for my caws as well. Dave Chappelle was smart to get out of Hollywood...more like Hollyweird. lol The truth is the most up lifting depends on it if the individual can handle it or not...

I will say this, if Obama can not fix the economy, you know what's going to happen?
More likely him and his Illuminati friends will put their plan of uniting the U.S, Canada, and Mexico into the North American union. This sounds crazy as well...but this has been talked about for some time...

That really fucks up the currency system and technically the U.S is so bad in debt, there is virtually no money since the Illuminati blew the shit on that god awful war in Iraq. Yet that was apart of their up, world religion I should say. What a better way to control the masses by the government manipulating the people's religion...however, they do it today, spreading lies and twisting truth about religions....
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Originally posted by blaqfist:
Honestly dude..
You have some good points but you mix stuff up too much..

You bounce from one suggestion to the next...
And vague is how I would discribe 80% of your theories...

Not so much a "theory" when a Canadian news paper deems it as fact and the information presented on the news as well. C'mon now...what you trying to hide? The economy is in the crapper right now and the same skeptics who ridicule those for saying the economy would go into a recession are the same ones that put their foot in their mouths. No one believed the U.S would go into a recession at that time, well look what happened. You can keep believing that Barack is going to save America by passing all the Stimulus packages he wants...but where is the man going to get the money if the country is broke? Monopoly money? The North American Union is the only possible way. It's too obvious and when that happens I am going to say this, "I told you so."

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