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This question was posed on another website, so I'll ask it here -

We all now the Nino Brown character from "New Jack City". He exploited and sold out his neighborhood and his people for his own personal gain. Using this definition, what person in the African-American community would you label a "Nino Brown" and why?
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Comparing new Jack City "Nino Brown" to any one just from a so-called exploitive relation would be an injustice. Nino Brown in new Jack City exploitation of Black people was criminal, harmful and murderous. So unless those who are compared to him are in the business of crime and harming Black folk with no subsequent benefits coming from their actions then any comparison would be unjust.

The entertainment industry exploit our ignorance and human weaknesses by way of filthy music and movies but even a comparison of the entertainment industry to Nino Brown would be unjust because what they do is not criminal under the law nor is it murderous as in killing human beings.

The Black man and woman in America is a nation of people; a stolen and lost nation, but a nation none the less. The U.S. just destroyed Iraq in thirty days and has allocated close to $80 billion to rebuild Iraq. The Black man and woman in America was terrorized and destroyed for well over four hundred years. How much do you think it would take to rebuild a nation that was destroyed and bombed for four hundred years if it takes $80 billion to rebuild a nation destroyed in thirty days?

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem

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