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After Obama's "Black women please vote for Hilary Clinton/Niggas Ain't Shit" Speech at the CBC 


I am fucking done. Lies upon lies upon lies. 


Black men need to start coming out against this rampant political misandry. 


We have the political class, just come out and shit on us for no fucking reason other than to get votes from Black women. We put Tommy Sotomayor in check. We went after Russell Simmons bitch ass for that Harriet Tubman. 


We get this shit because of entertainment niggas, when everybody listen to them niggas. But Black women got fucking Scandal and looking crazy on the Orange is the New Black and yall awards and we say "Yayyyy".


Either Black men get talked about in terms of prisoners or victims. Or we get totally ignored...or we get the, "Nigga you ain't shit" speech. And we get it from Black men, White men, Black women and we say nothing back. 


Then Black women get told that they bring up the sun in the morning. 

It's bullshit. 


Black men and women worked together to bring about political movements. No matter how stressful or strenuous relationship was, it was a movement brought about together.


It went from that, to...Black men just talked and we WOMEN did everything else....




Last time I checked, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur (thanks to Black men), Coretta Scott King, Elaine Brown...are still here  or lived long lives and Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, MLK, Huey P. Newton, are dead and no women picked up their movements, their movements died with them.


So much from doing all the fucking work. 


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They do political movements, they die, the political movements die, and shit goes right back to where it was. I lived through it all with the Panthers and the women, MLK, Malcolm X, 4 little girls bombed in the church, the WHOLE 9 YARDS.


I didn't participate though. I'm all up in white land, I was working, putting up with Caucasoids on the job, (which was a major pain in my ass) trying to raise my two daughters, divorced, loving a man that was a lost cause, shackin' 'til mack got back; breaking up after a decade; we're both married to someone else 31, 30 years, respectively. Life has to go on, but he's always with me spiritually. Talk about screwed up a tad, tis I.


Off Topic: Lisa Ling's "Dance With My Father", with prisoners in Virginia (I think) being allowed to have a couple hours to have a dance with their fathers was some sad mess.  Tears were streaming down my cheeks after that show. The fathers were allowed to wear suits, their hair was cut by prison inmate barbers, some of them had NEVER worn suits before; they were sharp as tacks for a minute until it was over. After it was over, the daughters left, one held on to her father the whole time, one couldn't stay there at all, and had to go home (she was very young, as were many).


The fellas went back to their prison atmosphere, took off the suits and put on their PRISON UNIFORMS and eventually their cells.


Damn, the show was good and sad the whole damn time. Fellas don't live with their fathers, sell drugs, make heaps of money, get addicted, get caught up in the system, have to do time for God knows how long.


Lordy, what quagmire we're caught up in. White cops kill our kids with abandonment, get paid administrative leave. Murder black kids, black adults, WHITE SKINNED, walk free as a bird. Get caught selling drugs, BLACK SKINNED, that THEY PUT IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS, sometimes along with the guns; it's a prison sentence along with that 40 years of solitary confinement for that one guy a while back (who knows how many actually).


I was a little shit when they executed that 14 year old fella back in the day. (Been alive a couple minutes.) There's something seriously wrong here, with no FIX IN SIGHT.



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people act as if it wasn't dangerous.  I think people error trying to romanticize the Civil Rights movement.  Many of those Black men were maimed and killed in the process.  Are they suggesting that the men should have put their female counterparts in harm's way?  maybe they should have caught a few bullets as well??


I think this is a just more divide and conquer

It really doesn't make sense to me that folks have to DIE for others to be FREE. Nothing's accomplished in the human element without millions/billions dying. Once dead, they don't know what they ACCOMPLISHED nor will they experience any of the ACCOMPLISHMENT. That includes wars and all the other shit whites conjure up in their minds for others to do for them and their NON-PRIVILEGE. They're just passing through too.

It went from that, to...Black men just talked and we WOMEN did everything else....




Last time I checked, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur (thanks to Black men), Coretta Scott King, Elaine Brown...are still here  or lived long lives and Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, MLK, Huey P. Newton, are dead and no women picked up their movements, their movements died with them.


  Usually I don't respond to comments like this.  But!  I have to this time.  Young brotha...seriously.  You need to recheck those black history books you've been reading and not just start at the civil rights of the sixties /rebellion movement of the 70s.  Go all the way back and you will find that Black women set the stage and passed the torch for these fellas to come forth and demand human rights.  It just DIDN'T just happen.  And all of a sudden you have H, Rap Brown, Bobby Seal and others talking out of the side of their mouths.  Nawl.  It was TIME for black men to STAND up and say someting cuz the black women had been doing ALL the focking WORK to eradicate Jim Crow and racism in America....all by themselves since we step foot on this land.  Yep I said it!  Cuz why?  It's true.  


While black men were being chased, lynched, castrated and hung up for view, black women were clandestinely and strategically being the water on the rock.  And each drop of water finally over the years cracked the rock of inhumane stronghold that massa had us in at one time.


Flip through those pages carefully and slowly young brotha.  Don't skip a word.  See?  Young people like you just don't get it.  It doesn't matter how savvy you are with words or how extremely over the top intelligent you are.  The main thing to understand in our culture is that the mission to keep our freedom/human rights has been passed on to yall.  And what do yall do with that important task?  Bitch and moan and do rap videos to dismiss the gender who brought all of yall asses to the current place of [temporary] FREEDOM-it doesn't just stop with us.


Yall in return continue to disrespect and disregard all the hard work it took to get massa's children to feel guilty about the lifetime encroachment that their parents and government had on black people.  No other place in the world were black people able to do that but here.  Cuz why? Simple.  Black WOMEN not black men RAISED white children from the time they were born.  There is a bond in that white parents could not duplicate.  Cuz white heifers not women did not have what it took to RAISE their own kids.  They didn't have the skills.  Still don't,    Cuz where they came from?  Children didn't have CHILDHOODS.  And that was huge when you are a culture that masters nurturing the young.  African women surpassed all females in different cultures in this category.  


Cuz why?  Black women were the leaders in providing nurturement[sp] and healthy development for children in their culture.  Because massa didn't come from a civilized culture....he had no clue....and neither did the white woman.  They were barbaric, primitive and backwards when it came to dealing with their own family dynamics.  As why white heifers gave the rearing of her children to the black woman she referred to as "mammy."  But mammy was SMART.  And used her position in the kitchen and around the plantation house to get down into the heart of massa's children cuz she knew that if she got that?  She would acquire her freedom one day.  Not for herself but for her offsprings and for her people in the future.  It's called critical thinking.  It's called vision.  And these essential elements have  been the woven thread to continue the fight against these white aryan monsters.  


So if I am lying young just SHOW me where?  I wanna hear it.  Cuz quite frankly It shouldn't bother you one bit that the women in your culture were bold enough, brave enough. confident enough. loved their culture strong enough  to CHALLENGE massa without FEAR.  You should be PROUD she challenged him.  Cuz massa has a history of bringing the divide and conquer method to places he invades.  The Black woman's only weakness?  Her physicality.  That's it!  She is the one to create the method of wearing the mask while doing all she could to get massa.  Cuz she was not AFRAID[of the bump in the night.]


Don't believe me?  Look at all the regents where massa  has conquered.  And the proof is right there.  He divides first and then conquers...and he does it by going to the men initially and letting them know that allowing WOMEN to do certain kinds of things take away their MANHOOD.  And African men never thought of it that way cuz they  had their own way of doing the manhood rituals with their young boys.  But massa scattered that custom cuz when he came on the scene and became appalled to see women running things and men not pulling on little boys sexually.  He knew he he had to put a stop to it.  And he did by turning African men against Black women. And it worked.  Cuz this is massa's classic war tactic[he used it against himself too].  So....I'm just saying that before you make a blanket statement which  kick the women in your culture to the curb on the side due to a misunderstanding or just plain jealousy.....look inside yourself first and then review the history of your culure and from there determine if you  HAD any right to make such a fock up statement about the women in your culture who damn near MOVED mountains to get their people on the other side of slavery.  No other slave in the world has ever accomplished that... from where I can see.  I'm just sayin again....but!  


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Ya know, all this shit we've been through in this country with these damn ex-cave dwellers, it's not working. They're killing us like we're a bunch of black ants. America's just a humongous grave yard for our black asses. No more no less. Lift the flag, there our skeletons lie/lay/are. It's beyond fuckin' tiring. We're marching/beggin'/pleadin'/getting the fuck locked up, getting shot up, these fuckers are running for leader to lead some or all our babies to Afghanistan, Syria or some fuckin' place, while counting their millions/billions, trying to add $400,000 dollars or more in presidential pay to their coffers. It's gettin' more than a little sucky on the American Plantation. We're fighting a fuckin' battle where NO ONE GIVES A SHIT AND REALLY NEVER HAS GIVEN ONE!!!!!! We're forever facing blatant CONSTIPATION. There are no shits to give when it comes to us. Colonoscopy PLEASE, for the Dog Folks!!!!

They say Alzheimer's makes some folks angry. Never heard of brain cancer like we do today. Maybe these White folks are coming down with some Racial Alzheimer's and their brains are decomposing and that's what makes them look so damn evil, makes them so hateful and makes them want to kill the whole world with us leading the pact of being murdered and scares the shit out of you just to look at them. All over television on my 2,000 channels, they're a scary-looking lot. I can't even stand to watch them act. The only ones I could watch are dead. Thank God for TMC for my favorite story fakery.  


Something's wrong with the White Race and it damn sure's not getting any better. We've been putting up with their shit for 500 YEARS. Something's wrong with us too. Both "races" need to deal with that "something", before there's no more Black people left anywhere on fuckin' earth. These bastards are working on sending us all to our graves.


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  This is really off topic but my sista you bring up some anthropology theories and I have to comment on before I go off to school.  


All those mental diseases come from massa not getting the proper nourishments during his stay in the caves.  The brain has to survive on OMEGA 3 if it is to development correctly.  And since massa had no access to the ocean while being a neanderthal, a lot of cells in his brain never developed fully or didn't develop at all to evolve into cognitive thinking like the homo sapian sapian.  As why when the cave man raped the homo sapaian sapian African woman....the DNA from her brain cells from her portion of the shared chromosomes emerged almost fused with  massa's under developed chromosomes and that is what saved massa from extinction.  Somehow over mya  when the homo sapian sapian was branching off there were sections where hybrid activities were spinning making them available to attach to similar type of cells...I guess the neanderthal was per se human enough or had developed enough to accept the advanced cell of the homo sapian sapian.  Sometimes this dynamic aborts at conception because the neanderthal cells were extremely inferior to the cell of the homo sapian sapian.  


But!  It is still something very poignant missing in the descendants of neanderthals.  The primitive side of 'em hasn't dropped off completely.  And this is very vital to how the neanderthal's brain process information and behavior.  Instinctively, the neanderthal wants to kill for food, kill for sex, kill for territory-much like how animals in the wild do. However, homo sapian sapians have developed a pattern of denning i.e find a den or home to dwell in for their young.  Apart from how wild animals den, the human den masters are the females in the homo sapian sapian arena.  They search for dens much like female animals  in the wild except for the human females use critical thinking to cook and store food and advanced primal instincts to access danger.  And that's the only primitive component they have compared to the neanderthal who had no ability to look around corners to determine safety.  They were always at a "violent" mode.


 Anyway, not to get to deep with this...but!  Because the neanderthal stayed up in the caves for so long[don't believe they were part of the out of Africa migration] they didn't fully develop into critical thinking beings that could civilized their environment-they would just takeover a territory through violence and then move on to the next prey.  As a result, their brain stayed in a low-grade primitive mode and un-evolved.  And it was the breeding with [raping] homo sapian sapian that allowed them to upgrade mentally enough to continue to exist.


And as they began to become more and more nomadic, a lot of their cave-like genes begin to disappear outta their DNA pool but not disappear entirely.   And because they still have that defective mental gene, it causes an abnormal increase to their aging process [and them being a host to an abundance of diseases doesn't help their age development] and their ongoing violent behavior,  That's why massa always looking for something to channel his anger like: yoga, mediation etc.  Cuz he know that's the missing link that's putting a nail to his survival.


 As why places like the middle east, Asia and some ports of eastern European demonstrates the ramifications of that missing link..they are still behavioral stuck on the primitive way in which they think and live.   Ancient areas like Iran, Iraq, Syria. including rural regents of Asia and traditional Indo-Aryan tribes in those proximities are examples of those cultures un-evolved that still behave in similar ways of the neanderthal.  


As why massa has a history of going MAD and then dying...after reaping violent havoc.  He has managed to model and steal other culture identities as his own to fuse with his genes...but!  He is not an intelligent human species...he is the opposite to humans....he is the antagonist to humanity.  Like in life, there is darkness...then opposites.... right?  So is massa... compared to what it deemed human.  And that is why the universe will not let him longer than average.  He stole that [time] too.  Cuz if it wasn't for his violent crime of enslaving other people for his survival, he would have been DEAD!  His species would have been wiped out by natural selection.  If not by that?  The little Ice age.   If not by that?  The Bubonic Plague.  And the funny thing, he knows that.  As why he will kill as much as he can on his way out.  And also because he  knows more than anyone that there is nothing...absolutely nothing about him that's human or civilized.  As why he steals everything...including civilizations and the "human idea" which makes him think he's fully human too. Not!  But! 

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