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NEWSFLASH:Standing by the Jacksons!

Jermaine Jackson has appeared on several TV stations admirably defending brother Michael. He says, his brother is INNOCENT. The U.S. law of ''presumption of INNOCENCE' is on his side. Of course, that is for TRUE
U.S. patriots who respect and honor U.S. law, which is usually NOT the white bigot hierarchies and their blind followers who desecrate the law and use it for what Jermaine called a 'LYNCHING'.

As said, in former posts that billionaire Michael has lots of enemies. He owns priceless property, especially the Beatles music, that alone, could broker billions if Michael wanted to let it go. We have seen from the demented attitudes of whites they hate him for his billionaire wealth, power, and status. They insanely seethe with a demonic rage over
what Michael's worth is. Most of them will never come close to making a
centilla of the wealth that he accumalated so they are jealous of a
black male having such wealth, fame, and POWER. Power, I might add, that Mike and his family will unleash and with prayer prevail against the

Jermaine came out strongly urging Black people to 'stand with them' for as he RIGHTLY said, 'If they can do this to the Jacksons, they can do it to anyone.' As so, I am standing with the Jackson family because as said, they are RIGHT white mainstream America powers that be are out of control. In fact they are waaay over the top for as we have seen, from
the demented views on the board, whites haaaate Michael's power, and it makes their demonic blood boil at the thought of him being the
billionaire that he claims he is, and among other things, has the copyright to the Beatles music to prove it.

So, with the presumption of innocence, I'll continue to speak the truth and in so doing stand by the Jacksons as let's face it, they are
BLACK/AMERICAN ROYALTY who the demented white racists factions are jealous of. Mike is innocent, and the Jacksons have my support. After all, they've never done any harm to BLACK PEOPLE. They don't have our sons and
daughters over in a war for OIL WELLS. All Michael the KING of pop ever did was be the best entertainer on planet earth right along with James Brown, the KING of Soul.

They are a strong black family and Black women, with strong black men being few and far between, we should take Jermaine's word over the white racist media who has a track record of being savagely cruel, unfair, liars. hatefully targeting Black People.

So black women, in this exceptional case, let's support the Jackson family against this wicked white LYNCH MOB.

Michael Jackson's legal problems:Where does the Black woman weigh in?

Unique Michael, and his current legal crisis deserves a unique examination. We know Michael's 'confused' just look at what he did to himself. We also know that 'we 'all' are a little bit responsible' in that we are just sitting there watching him bleach his blackness off, and behave oddly, knowing if it was a relative we'd have already had him committed. Ha, some fans we turned out to be.

Now, having so said, let's take a look at the charges first and foremost acknowledging "a man/woman is innocent until proven guilty" according to the laws of the U.S.. Okay, but as said, the one word that best describes Michael is 'unique.' He is the "King of Pop," a mega-superstar with mega-super phenomenal success only equalled by Elvis, and the Beatles.

However, Mike was a little boy, versus Elvis and the Beatles being grown men, and the success was too much for MIke to handle on some levels. In the 80's, I think it was, the then Communist Russians took it upon themselves to psychoanalyze Mike and their conclusion reached was, "he wants to be white." Mind you, Mike wasn't allowed into those then communist areas but sometimes the enemie's words have facts that we can glean from.

What I mean is, they didn't have to tell us blacks that the boy was confused as anybody who would scrub off their beautiful ebony skin and turn themselves into a leper has a problem. Albeit, Mike says it's vigalogo? or however you spell it. The family has no history of such an illness, and he could have chosen to wear 'brown' make-up instead of becoming a leper who can't go out into the sun without a umbrella. But hey, to each his own.

Now, Michael having such a unique talent is a musical genius bar none. A great entertainer, born to the wonderful black race. His genius must factor in with regard to his peculiar conduct. Meaning, Mike is uhm....well, Mike is, he's, okay, well let's stick to the subject matter.

Mike, Mike, Mike. Michael Jackson is a professed billionaire yeah, a billionaire. As a result, he has many WHITEjealous, infuriated enemies. One of which is a horrid, wretched old crone by the name of Gloria Allred. It is her and her ethnic group who backs her up to spew the racist, vileness that she spews towards certain black males. In other words, she's got great wealth backing her offensive racism, wicked witch that she is.

She has made Michael Jackson a target alone with O.J. and Mike Tyson. Her feminist backing supports her parasitical, reckless conduct. Remember the 'holding the baby over the balcony' incident? Well, it was a act of bad judgment and all rational, humane people felt it so, and dropped it. In fact, Michael has brown, yellow, red, black fans on the 7 Continents yet it was strictly the 'WHITE' powers who went after him to strip him of his wealth and status over that 'bad judgment' balcony incident.

Gloria Allred led the battle cry to 'remove his children from the home' because of that one incident. She is vicious and wrong to go after him the way she and 'hers' do, and perhaps the rising tide of international groups of people now coming after her and her type, to the point that they are holding emergency meetings in Switzerland is a result of reaping what one sows.

For as said, though Mike is 'unique' he has a right to be 'unique' as it's his life. Still, the charges are 'child molestation' and that is a serious, and ugly charge indeed. Yet, we've seen Michael battle the charge the first time, and when the TRUTH came out, we saw it was as Mike said, 'Mike was set-up' by a disgruntled, WHITE dad who as it turned out, didn't want to press charges and just wanted 'cash' and get this, for "Michael to present his script to a reputable director.' Set up? Oh yeah, without a doubt. I mean honestly, people if you thought your child was molested by Michael wouldn't you press charges and NOT be thinking of a script?

So we see the WHITE father's conduct is enough to give reasonable doubt to the allegation itself. Well, it is for rational, humane people, whereas the bloodthirsty, and wicked they just distort the facts and hurl a lie and show the murderous, nature of their father satan to be in them, and they in him.

However, Mike put himself in such circumstances as for one thing, he chooses to surround himself with the diabolical white race, marry the white race, have white race children and so prove himself a 'bowwed down servant' of the diabolical, demonic white race. As so, he set his own self up for trouble and trouble is what he has gotten.

I mean, the whole 'boys' in his home, pictures of 'boys' on his walls, why no little girls? Mike is a wierdo on that level alone, albeit, he says 'he just loves children and because he was deprived of a normal childhood, his 'adult' mission is to make children happy.' Okay, whatever.

On many levels, I definitely can see him trying to re-capture the 'normal' 'fun' 'childhood' he yearned for as he has the wealth to do it. Yet, I also think he needs to see someone professionally to get a grip on this 'lost childhood' thing that he spouts with regard to his 'loooove' for little boys oh, and I guess girls, but then again, I thank God it's not little girls who he surrounds himself with.

Michael's hang-ups are despised by the white diabolical faction not because they give a darn about those children rather, because Mike is technically a 'black' male billionaire. He announced this on his, 'I've got something to tell yall' or whatever, special that Fox premiered when that English reporter did a hatchet job on him.

He said he was worth a 'billion' whereas Barbara Walters took it upon herself to announce that he's more or less 'lying' in that he is worth only 300 to 400 million. Oh yeah, well, first of all, if Michael says he's worth a 'billion' then he should know, as 'unique' though he may be, he is 'intelligent' and no one can take that away from him. Secondly, if he's only worth almost a half of billion, whose going to lose respect over the wealth he has accumulated? But it does show us, that WHITES like Barbara, and Gloria Allred have a problem with Mike announcing himself a billionaire, and we wonder why that is? I mean right-thinking Blacks, browns, yellow, reds, and the minority Caucasian people don't have a problem with Mike's billionaire status as he's accumalated enough wealth to be a billionaire, what with him now being the SOLE COPYRIGHT OWNER OF SOME OF THE MAJOR BEATLES MUSIC.

Remember that whole bru-ha-ha by WHITES infuriated that Michael owned the BEATLES MUSIC? Oh, and WHITES doubly infuriated when Mike showed himself quite a skillful warrior against them when he not only became owner of the Beatles, but husband of the daughter of Elvis, that little drug taking girl, what's her name? Lisa, yeah, Lisa Presley. Mike was her husband, and he did well push buttons. If only he had impregnated her, it would have all been a success. She claims they were ack...ack...intimate so Mike is capable of shall we say, rising to the ocassion.

Ooh, anyway, enough of that. The point being, Mike is capable of resisting WHITE evil hurled his way. Oh, and he was on the money with the EGYPTIAN VIDEO featuring Eddie Murphey and the Black Model as PHARAOH AND WIFE. Did you all as well notice how the 'great dancing' of Michael was not talked about at all? In fact, that particular video was not well received by the WHITE RACE but then again, it wouldn't be, for as God literally showed us, 'they will strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel' before they give BLACKS credit for EGYPT, BABYLON, ISRAEL, SUMERIA, and all the other ancient BLACK CIVILIZATIONS that whites desecrated, defiled, and turned leprous white as snow. We're talking 'demonic' folks, a clearly 'demonic' force of beings spawned on planet earth (Daniel 7:7-8,17-25; 8:12,23-25; 9:26; Rev. 11).

So for all these reasons and then some, we know Michael has WHITE enemies who go about like Satan, a roaring lion, seeking to devour BLACK SUCCESS. It's just the nature of the demon beasts. Also, another factor is what Michael's forces are saying, 'this charge came out the same day his CD came out.' Set up again? Quite plausible as I'm sure you're all famaliar with the story surrounding Mike's last CD.

For those who are not, it seems Mike's last CD deal didn't bring his WHITE investors the money they were due, and as a result, his enemies were furious. That in fact, is when the WHITES called on their WHITE OWNED JOURNALISTIC hierarchy to do a hatchet job on Mike. Remember Mike accusing the famed music director of 'being racist?' He, painted leprous white, looked really silly bringing the charge of WHITE RACISM, but laughed away though it was, he did bring it.

Yet, when you think about it, Mike whose bleached himself white, surrounded himself with whiteness would be the last person who you'd think would bring 'white racism' charges unless they were true. So it really wasn't that funny after all, and does have merit.

Now, couple that with TRUTH AND COMMON SENSE which go hand and hand, and you have Mike basically just describing that which is commonly known as WHITE RACISM ever alive and 'arrogantly' seeking to 'lie, deceive, kill, steal, destroy' just like their father Satan (John 8:44; 10:10; Isa. 14:12-15).

Bottom line, we see Michael's defense coming and it has great merit to it. Also, I heard Johnnie Cochran on 'Larry King' show say, that 'Michael always has someone with him' ever since the first allegation. That's wise, but what would be wiser still, is to always have cameras in his bedroom and throughout his house since he insists on having children in his midst.

I hope he had hidden cameras to prove his innocence, and I pray his WHITE enemie's wicked works will boomerang on their heads, and in fact, this will happen. Gloria will not be flashing those crooked teeth on every broadcast in that 'what goes around will come around' and from all media accounts it is coming around 100 fold in that special sessions are being held to stem the 'fightback' to Gloria's and her kind's evil.

Still, the charges are pedophilia and Mike alone, set himself up for those charges. If he didn't protect himself from his WHITE enemie's wretched evil, then the prisoners are 'chomping at the bit' to do him in, but I'm sure he'll hold some stunning concerts in prison.

I hope he wins against his enemies, and I hope he's not some wierdo, psycho, pedophilia. I know as of right now, 'he's innocent until proven guilty' and if I liked his music like I did when he was a good looking Black child, I'd buy it. Will you black woman?

I mean, Mike's actions shows he's NOT into BLACK WOMEN, and that's his choice and in light of his uniqueness Black women's blessing, but should we go to bat for him? Again, another black male with white women? Nope, no can do.

Yet, on the level of a unique male being unfairly persecuted by WHITES should we show opposition to WHITE madness? Well yes and no, on the one hand, as daughters of TRUTH we can't help but speak the truth. While on the other hand, we should not take it upon ourselves to go forth speaking on Michael's behalf, as his WHITE choices make that an impossibility.

He's got decent white power forces behind him, and if he loses this battle he will fall hard, as his enemies are vicious enough to mock and humilate him. Gloria Allred never got over Michael telling her to go back home where she came from or as Mike put it, 'Go to hell' so she's all demonically aglow as she appears on every television station.

Got to give her males this, they stand by their women, and are seeking to bring Michael down to prove it. Black women, let us Thank God our HUSBAND is awakened to stand by and fight for us so we can know what it feels like to be exalted and backed by a POWERFUL BEING.

As for Mike, if he is innocent, I do hope he crushes his enemies to fine powder and the wind blows their carcasses back to the pits of hell as that's the only fit home for all such WHITE filth. What say you black woman?

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