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I just heard a new radio station here in Seattle that is showcasing a really quite revolutionary programming format. They call themselves "Quick 96" and they play up to 420 songs per hour!! The marketing pitch is something like this: "You have no attention span. You multi-task. We give you only the best of the songs that you want to hear." etc. etc.

It's really interesting. I listened this morning and then again this afternoon. They played rock music in the morning and a bit of a mix in the afternoon. I only heard one commercial - and it was about 5 - 10 seconds long.

Oh, btw - each song is played for only 5 - 8 seconds!!! They play the most popular part of the song - (the refrain???).

I'm not sure whether I really like the format or not. I'll be very interested to see if it sticks.

Has anyone else heard of anything like this in their area?

I love innovation!! cool

Onward and Upward!


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THere is definately nothing like THAT around here! It sounds like fast-food/take-out for the ears with nothing much left to chew on for what's in between the ears! But,then again, I am not the creative/innovative type. {I didn't think television needed a remote control. And then, they invented cable so that you couldn't be without one}. Anyway, it sounds great for an on your way to a party type of mood. Otherwise, it just sounds like a migraine waiting to happen! But, that's just my humble opinion. wink

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