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I place this here because Lauryn's music is very spiritual. I listen to it almost everyday. No other artist sings about loving the Creator and needing Him in their life the way she does (since MTV Unplugged).

Here's a link to some new songs. The best quality are The Passion, Social Drugs (studio version), and Selah.

Lauryn at SoundClick

Out of all of her songs I realy like "I Just Need You Around". Its a classic!

--------------------- Live - Learn - Love...

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oh my god i listen to that unplugged albulm almost everyday still-it is a classic to me. i cry everytime i listen to it as a matter of fact i'm going to go listen to it now.
thanks divinejoy for the post i love her music and will definetely check this out. I just hope she continues to make music like that last albulm i mean i liked her music when she was a part of the fugees and everything but it does not hold a candle to her last work-alot of people don't like it down here they think she has gotten to spiritual a nutcase even.

I liked I just need you around, but really i liked every song on that CD. my fav. was "piece of mind"

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