Hello to everyone! I'm new here. I hail from Chi-town, and Im known as GREYDRAGON.
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Welcome aboard GREYDRAGON.....

Be careful though!!!.... There be Conservative Black folks about!!!...

Even an occasional "White devil" may be found!!!... hehehe...

Feel free to add your opinions!!!...


The Liberal/Progressive mantra: "We are the champions of diversity and opinions... We tolerate all beliefs, all religions, and all customs.......... Unless they disagree with ours!"
You'll find lots of warm and positive conversation here. I hope to see lots of you!!


Onward and Upward!
Greatings Greydragon.
I'm a recent new member myself, and I would like to welcome you to this site. I've enjoyed my stay here, hope you do as well. Jump right in to any topic of interest to you. smile

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