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"The Dead Are Rising: The Life of Malcolm X" by Tamara Payne and Les Payne

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Les Payne [1941-2018)

Les Payne, Journalist (1941-2018)

Pictured above is co-author, Tamara Payne and her father Les Payne (ie. died March 18, 2018; he generated the manuscript for the book).
Allegedly the book reveals that Malcolm X was negotiating with the KKK to obtain a state for all black people. That doesn't even sound right. The KKK have no legislative powers to perform such a task, unless they actually do...!
Eye love to read and will enjoy reading this book. Unless Tamara Payne has 'concrete'/legitimate evidence-proof her assertions are just hearsay.

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."


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We probably all negotiate with the KKK. Who the hell knows who they are?? They wear ghost robes and hoods with eye holes, you know. So what if he did? He didn't last as long as Pat stayed in the Army. When Blacks seem to be helping Blacks in any way, they are murdered. It's against the law to help a Black earn a nickle.

Find out who's helping QAnon the pedophile ring. Who are these creeps fucking children?? Where are the KKKops with their guns for these fuckers?? Who's practicing cannibalism?? I think the entire white whatever the fuck they are, needs psychopathic therapy. They're crazier than a pack of bed bugs and roaches.

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