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I just saw this memorial page at Excite: Never Forget

Isn't it curious that those words are uttered any time white folks suffer a tragedy, but let a black person say "never forget" about slavery or racism or any of the other myriad of atrocities that have befallen us and we're languishing in "victimhood" and "blaming the man"! td6 nono bang


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HA! Say it again!

I spent all last night opting out of every "memorial" the brass threw at me. I had one ask me why? "Sir, do you want honesty?".."Of course Sargeant."..."Ever since our incursion in to Afghanistan, we have killed, maimed, and wounded far more people than what was lost on 9/11....and we hav'nt accomplished a damn thing, except ensure that we have "job security" per se, for about the next 100 years. It was a tragedy, yes, but dammitt, people all over the world have experienced the same type of thing for decades and this country did'nt even hold a "photo op" prayer for them."

He left me alone after that.
Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Tell em to forget Nicole Brown Simpson and Jon Benet while you're at it ...

These mofos down south still aren't over the Civil War ... so they have to fly Confederate flags and talk about their ... ahem ... "heritage" lol

Exactly! The Confederacy was a country for 4 years. What type of "heritage" can a country have in four Muhfugging years?!

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