PC-Z1: Sharp’s Ubuntu-powered, touchscreen “Mobile Internet Tool”

Sharp says the device is targeted as users who look for a device that rolls Internet access, an electronic dictionary and an e-Book function into one. The PC-Z1 goes on sale in Japan on September 25 for $450 (in white and black). Sharp hasn’t said anything about international sales plans yet.


Are they CRAZY? The Toshiba NB205 is $400. It's bigger but it costs less. Size for desired function might be more important than price.

Netbooks: Handy computers, but be sure you know what you're buying


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The media thinks its their job to tell us what to think about netbooks.

How to: Choose the Best Laptop for your Small Business By Jamie Bsales

Aside from portability, the major selling point for a netbook is its low price (for the majority of models anyway). At anywhere from $299 to $499, you can commit to a netbook without applying for a government bailout. But that low price comes with an important caveat: A netbook is intended to be a complement to your main PC, not a replacement for it.


A netbook is intended to be whatever the buyer decides.

I think a used dual-core desktop with a netbook makes a lot of sense. Put new hard drives in the desktop and use it to keep the backups of the important info on the netbook. You might lose the tiny netbook. I could see a lot of people using the netbook far more than the desktop and only using the desktop for heavy duty stuff.

The Best Laptops, Netbooks, and Smartphones for Travel


Yeah Right! Tell me another one.

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NSW starts school netbook rollout

By Staff writers
Aug 26, 2009 3:16 PM

Year 9 students get Windows 7 early.

The NSW Government has started rolling out 70,000 netbooks to Year 9 students and teachers as part of the Federal digital education revolution initiative.


So they are spending $150,000,000 over four years for 200,000+ netbook computers. And Rowe was on my case claiming I was talking about sitting a kid in front of a computer.

Let's send Rowe to Australia to set those people straight. 20

CTL 2Go E10 Classmate PC for Kids

The netbook has one of the most cramped keyboards I've seen on a 10-inch netbook (though the Shift key is now full size), but I'm willing to be forgiving for that since it is meant for the small handed. Win on the trackpad though; it has been expanded and with its dedicated scroll bar is a pleasure to navigate the desktop with.

The $449 price seems like overkill considering most netbooks on the market, which are hands down more attractive, are at least $50 less. However, for a kid its got durability, easy to use software and is 100 percent cootie free.


What good is a low price on a netbook for a kid if he breaks it three times a year? Or would that be per month?

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NVIDIA Strikes Back

At itself? lol

HP Netbook packs bigger screen, Nvidia chip
by Brooke Crothers
Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday announced its first Netbook with an 11.6-inch screen and Nvidia's Ion chipset as well as two inexpensive "ultrathin" laptops.

The Mini 311 is the first HP Netbook to use a large screen--11.6 inches exceeds the upper limit of 10 inches on standard Netbooks--and is the first to get high-octane Nvidia Ion graphics--the same graphics used in laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air.


So the ION is supposed to be actually available on Oct. 22nd. Tell me another one, PLEASE!

I don't know what the story is with the sound here:


Very unprofessional! 20

Is Call of Duty unprofessional?


Who cares?

Nvidia's $200 Netbook: "Better Than Atom"
Darren Gladstone, PC World
Sep 15, 2009 4:07 pm

"This is what we think a netbook should be," says Bill Henry. As the general manager of Nvidia's Mobile Internet Products (hint: driven by the Tegra chip), he's supposed to say stuff like that. So I roll my eyes a little. But after seeing a late prototype that's nearly ready for market and getting a little hands-on time with the Mobinnova N910, I'm inclined to agree.



So, something better than the Atom but not as good as Atom+ION but half as much money. So is a $200 computer a killer for the kiddies as an educational tool but not a game machine?

By the way:

ARM to shake up netbook market with dual core Cortex-A9


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We cain't just have the CPUs getting better:

Faster, Standardized Hard Drives Coming to Netbooks and Notebooks

Today was a big day for hard drive announcements with faster hard drives coming to notebooks from Toshiba, the announcement of a standardized Mini SATA format and a cheap (and fast) hard drive upgrade for Asus netbooks coming out.

The big news today was that Toshiba announced a new 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive for notebooks which boasts 23% faster data transfer rates and is 28% more energy efficient so your battery won’t suffer from the speed bump. The MGXXXXGSY series drives also come in 320GB, 250GB and 160GB versions and are slated to be available in October. No pricing details were available.


Up that battery life too:

MSI netbook claims 15 hours of battery life
By Andy Patrizio on September 21, 2009 6:01 PM

Maximum battery life is an obsession for laptop makers and buyers alike. Well, MSI, a Chinese OEM/ODM that makes both laptops as well as components like notebooks, has introduced the Wind U110 ECO netbook with a nine-cell battery that MSI claims is good more than 15 hours of battery life


Take THAT Toshiba!


Get a 12-inch Acer Netbook for $279.99
by Rick Broida

Netbooks keep getting bigger and better, but somehow their prices keep getting lower.

It wasn't too long ago that finding a 10-inch Netbook for less than $300 was cause for whoopin' and hollerin'. Now Amazon has the 12-inch (well, 11.6-inch, technically) Acer Aspire One AO751h-1378 for $279.99 shipped.

That's a full $100 less than when CNET reviewed this model just two months ago.

Acer wheels out Ferrari netbook

One of the first laptops based on AMD's new ultra-thin platform

Daniel Robinson

V3.co.uk, 25 Sep 2009

Acer has unveiled a netbook designed to stand out from the crowd, carrying a Ferrari badge and based on AMD's second-generation ultra-thin platform.

The new Ferrari One laptop comes in racing red livery emblazoned with the Ferrari logo, and is styled by Acer as "the world’s most exclusive netbook".


Now I KNOW that I didn't make more the 1/3rd of those 1200 views in this thread. So where are the responses to my monologue?

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Originally posted by umbrarchist:

Up that battery life too:

MSI netbook claims 15 hours of battery life
By Andy Patrizio on September 21, 2009 6:01 PM

Maximum battery life is an obsession for laptop makers and buyers alike. Well, MSI, a Chinese OEM/ODM that makes both laptops as well as components like notebooks, has introduced the Wind U110 ECO netbook with a nine-cell battery that MSI claims is good more than 15 hours of battery life


Take THAT Toshiba!


Holy shit!!!


I need one of those!

My little Toshiba still runs out of power before the day is over.
It seems that Windows 7 isn't quite as efficient as XP.

On the other hand, you may want to stand pat with Windows XP. For our "Windows 7 Performance Tests" article, we tested Windows XP Home Edition and three editions of Windows 7 (Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium) on a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 netbook with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, and we discovered that Windows 7 ran slightly slower than XP did. Windows 7 Starter, intended for use on netbooks (or as Microsoft puts it, "low-cost small notebook PCs"), managed to reach a score of 31 in our WorldBench 6 test suite, while the other two Windows 7 editions topped out at a mark of 30. By comparison, Windows XP on the Lenovo earned a score of 33.

A three-point decline in WorldBench 6 score on a normal laptop isn't much of a drop, but on a netbook it represents a difference of roughly 10 percent. So while it looks as though Windows 7 will run on a netbook, you may want to take the OS for a spin on a demo netbook at a store before you decide to upgrade.


I'll have to research this WorldBench 6 to understand what the test does. Maybe it would be better to go with Linux.

Toshiba Launches New Low-Power Satellite Netbooks

Chris Brandrick

Sep 29, 2009 6:13 pm

Toshiba today revealed two new additions to its Satellite range of laptops, dubbed the T135 and T115.

The low-power portables both offer up an Intel Celeron dual-core processor, with the 13.3-inch T135 housing a 500GB hard drive and up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, whereas the smaller 11.6-inch T115 model offers up 250GB of storage and up to 3GB of RAM.


Are those netbooks? They aren't Atomized. Can they be IONized?

When in doubt CHEAT! Watch out for those sneaky Columbians.
Netbook Gets Speed Boost From Dual Atom Chips

Recommendations by Loomia
Find a Review
Get Reviews Close
Thursday, October 01, 2009 6:20 PM PDT

A Colombian computer maker has designed a netbook that aims to provide the performance of a standard laptop at a lower price.

Haleron combined two of Intel's Atom processors in its new netbook, which it says provides better performance than existing models. Most netbooks today use a single Atom chip.


By the way netbooks need to be backed up too:
Acronis releases backup and recovery software for netbooks 12:30PM, Wednesday 30th September 2009
Acronis has launched the first backup and recovery software optimised for netbooks.

True Image Home 2010 Netbook Edition is tailored for the screen size and hardware of a netbook, and is as easy to use as the full desktop edition. It allows you to restore your files or complete operating system in the event of a disaster, and also offers the option for online backup.


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For when the going gets TOUGH:

The Best Netbooks for Explorers in 2009

HET checked Netbooks from Toshiba, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Fujitsu, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Lenovo and a couple of less known brands.

To be recommended by HumanEdgeTech, a Netbook must offer the following:
SSD - solid state hard drive
Weight below 1.5 kg
Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS
Battery life 4 hours or more
Built in Web Cam

Of over 100 models tested, we have five recommendations and one maybe.


When you must have a computer at the top of the world you can't fool around because it is a long way down to the repair shop.

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Maximum PC Primer: Lightweight Netbook Computing with Linux
although most current netbooks are x86-based (running the Intel Atom CPU), the usage of ARM-based CPU chips is likely to increase in the future since ARM offers far superior energy efficiency over x86 and battery life has always been a major factor in mobile computing. ARM chips have been used successfully for some time in smartphones and music players, including the newest Zune HD. Since ARM is a different CPU architecture than x86, Windows will not work on ARM. Earlier this year, Microsoft's Steve Guggenheim said that the company currently has no plans to port Windows 7 to the ARM architecture. Therefore, any new wave of ARM-based netbooks will run Linux once again. Unlike Windows, most Linux distros can be compiled for ARM if you have the requisite skills for doing so.

Linux is an ideal choice for netbooks for multiple reasons in addition to CPU architecture. Netbooks generally have lower specs than most full-size notebooks (not to mention desktops) so they are ideal for lightweight applications like web browsing, document preparation, etc. Linux does these tasks very well without the bloat that Windows systems have to deal with from anti-malware utilities. This primer will help you set up and optimize Linux for your netbook.
The Operating System

While any Linux distro will work for your netbook with some degree of success, it is better to use one that is explicitly designed for that purpose. Many specialized distros (optimized for a specific hardware configuration) have sprung up for models like the Acer Aspire One, The Asus Eee, and several others while more generalized distros exist for all netbooks. Most netbook distros are based on Ubuntu, since Ubuntu is very well developed and has enjoyed unparalleled success on more conventional systems.


Linux is coming to a netbook near you. Better buy lots of penguin repellent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So I have been putting up all of this PR about the Nvidia ION,


HP Mini 311 First Test Results: Is Ion Worth It?
Compared to ultraporable notebooks with Intel’s integrate graphics, the Mini 311’s 3DMark06 score trounces the Intel GMA 4500 graphics inside the MSI X340 ($699.99) (643) and ASUS UL30 ($767.84) (760). The Mini 311 is 501 points better than the overall ultraportable average. In fact, this system has an almost identical 3DMark06 score to the latest MacBook Air ($1,995.84).



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What's hot: NVIDIA ION fast graphics.

HP Mini 311
What's not: Windows 7 graphics performance not as good as XP.

Reviewed October 14, 2009 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

We've been waiting a year for the first NVIDIA ION netbook to hit the streets, and HP's the first in the US. They decided to ship the new HP Mini 311 several weeks ahead of other brands, and not wait for the Windows 7 rollout. HP will offer 311 models with your choice of Windows XP or Windows 7 after October 22, 2009 when Win7 goes on sale. If you want Windows 7 we suggest you wait since the XP model doesn't offer the same video playback performance under Windows 7 as it does under XP (this issue may be ameliorated by future driver and BIOS releases, but no promises there). Thanks to ION, video and gaming performance are miraculous by netbook standards under XP and the upcoming Windows 7 version of the Mini 311 is just as good.


HP sells this laptop for $399 and up with Windows. But the brave, the daring, the EULA-disregarding OS X hackers of the world have discovered that you can coax the Mac operating system to run on the HP Mini 311, leaving you with a thin and light OS X-powered laptop with an Intel Atom processor, an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display and NVDIA GeForce 9400M graphics.

Netbooks may not be for everyone, but they're peachy in Ed
Where the users Michael Dell discussed see a screen that is 4 or 5 inches too small, kids see a footprint that fits on their desks or in their laps. Where Michael Dell sees a cramped keyboard, kids see a keyboard that fits their hands. Where Michael Dell sees a very light second machine, kids see a first machine that they can carry easily.


Netbooks nurture learning
Students learn two subjects at once with computers at their own desks


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This data is 5 months old but it doesn't show the dissatisfaction with netbooks that some people would have us believe.

PC Pitstop also took a look at what brands of netbooks were most popular. At the point of our analysis, the Acer Aspire appears to be the undisputed king in the netbook arena with an impressive 45% of the market. ASUS Eee PC came in second with approximately 18%.

Based on user's self reported satisfaction ratings, netbook users are generally satisfied with their scaled down portables. Generally, the percentage of satisified users were in the mid to high 90's.


Of course since it is so old, in netbook time, there are lots of models that were not available in May 2009.

Macro$cam Strikes Out Again!!!

Windows 7 endless reboot answer evades Microsoft
Microsoft support offers ideas, but some PCs still crippled after upgrade attempt
Gregg Keizer (Computerworld (US)) 28/10/2009 07:05:00
Tags: Windows 7, Microsoft

Users remained stymied today by endless reboots after trying to upgrade their PCs to Windows 7, according to messages posted on Microsoft's support forum.

An answer has yet to be found for all users, who began reporting the problem last Friday after watching the upgrade stall two-thirds of the way through the process. Most users said that their PCs had displayed an error that claimed the upgrade had been unsuccessful and that Vista would be restored. Instead, their PCs again booted to the Windows 7 setup process, failed, then restarted the vicious cycle .

Windows 7 endless reboot answer evades Microsoft - Microsoft, Windows 7 - PC World

This is what happens when you make things unnecessarily complicated just to be able to come out with another product.

He calls this a COMPROMISE!!!

Netbook or notebook? Here's a compromise

By Samuel Wee, newsroom intern

SO YOU'VE been hearing a lot about netbooks recently, and you're thinking of getting one for yourself.

You're not quite ready, though, to sacrifice the processing power you get from a standard laptop.
How to get the best of both worlds?

The Lenovo IdeaPad U350, priced at $1,099, may be your answer.


You can buy THREE NETBOOKS for that.

Where do they find people to write crap that STUPID?

Digital Envy?
There once was a time when the size of your laptop screen was a status symbol. People lugged around these huge laptops that looked like they literally took a desktop and threw it into a laptop bag. These over sized machines were heavy and provided a lot of consistent work for chiropractors. Over the past couple of years, the screens have gotten smaller and surprisingly so have the prices!

Netbooks, or really small laptops as I like to call them, have taken over the technology industry and become the premier status symbol of nerds everywhere. These machines are extremely small (usually 2 lbs.), but packed with a lot of power. They look like something out of a James Bond production or a science fiction film. The netbook is the ultimate gadget!


That was so true. $1000+ for something to carry around and most of those people weren't doing anything sufficiently sophisticated to justify it. I just had to work on them when the dummy dropped it. Netbooks are actually cheap enough and light enough to justify the effort. In fact they are too cheap to be good status symbols. But they are powerful enough to be truly useful. If it ain't wasted on a crappy operating system that is.

And now for something REALLY RELEVANT!

Windows 7 and netbooks: A bad mix

Contrary to popular belief, W7 slows down netbook performance


A 20% performance loss by upgrading your operating system?

Now that is advanced technology. lol 20 lol

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This is the first comment I recall encountering about the sound in the Toshiba.

Toshiba mini NB205-N230

Sound: With just a single speaker located in the front underside of the unit, it’s the weakest sound quality of any netbook I’ve tested. In a classroom situation, though, that could actually be an advantage.


A user must find the strengths and weaknesses and compare them to his/her needs. Of course that can be fixed with some external battery powered speakers but that would mean more stuff to carry.

More sound advice

The 9-inch screens usually come lined with speakers on the side, while the 10-inch ones have the speakers at the base of the laptop. The biggest problem with all of the netbooks is their low audio output. So when a 10-inch netbook is on your lap, the sound is blasting into your belly; the 9-inch, though, directs the audio straight to your ears. This might sound like nitpicking, but the difference is quite noticeable for anyone who has used two such netbooks side-by-side.
Tech Depot - An Office Depot Co.

The other advantage of a 9-inch netbook over a 10-inch is that both have the same amount of pixels, only they are more tightly packed in the 9-inch one. You will read a lot of reviews saying that most of the 9-inch laptops offer better picture quality and this is the main reason for it.



PS - 11 posts by other users.
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Uh oh! Who needs Invidia? It's about the drivers.

How to run Quake III and HD videos on a Netbook

Most Netbooks are unable to render high-definition videos, not to mention run 3D games. In fact, the standard Intel Atom processor and integrated graphics chipset can barely handle Flash-heavy Web sites.

However, it's beginning to seem like the limitation is not on the hardware, but the drivers. Martin Mohring, from the Linux Foundation, was at a Mobile Dev Camp event in Germany. There, he showed an MSI Wind U115 with an Atom Z530 1.6GHz/Intel GMA 500 combo not only playing an HD video clip, but also running Quake III at about 35fps. The secret? This Netbook is using Moblin Linux, which has optimized drivers to push the graphics performance to another level.


Windows 7 Sucks!

Windows 7 Netbook Battery Life Sucks Worse Than Windows XP

Yeah, netbooks feel so much nicer running Windows 7 than Windows XP, but you're paying a secret price: Your battery. On average, Windows 7 seem to suck all the life out of it 47 minutes faster than Windows XP.


Netbook users not happy with Windows 7 Starter Edition


Xum [1666]
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Umbrachist, I knew Windows 7 was going to suck, literally and figuratively! lol I have Vista, but I'm not going to upgrade until I absolutely have to. Once MS figures out and fixes the majority of the vulnerabilities and system hiccups in this new operating system that's when I will upgrade. Long live Windows 3.1! Big Grin
ASUS Eee PC T91MT multitouch netbook gets reviewed

The ASUS Eee PC T91MT marks the company’s second attempt at a netbook tablet. The first, the T91SA, was a hit. Unfortunately, ASUS didn’t have the supply or logistics to get it to a hungry market. What limited supply that did come was stripped down with a non-tablet edition of Windows XP.

The T91MT has an identical design to that of the T91SA. It’s very thin and light, measuring just one inch thick and weighing two pounds. One major difference, at least to the North American market, is the introduction of the contrasting white and black color theme (although ASUS does have a black model in the works). The only other visual difference is in the screen finish, but we’ll get to that later.


$80 Android Laptop, Menq EasyPC E790

Here is the cheapest laptop in the world. It can run Android since it is based on a Samsung ARM926EJ-S3C2450 processor, but for now this review unit that I am reviewing in this video only runs Windows CE 5.0. Check back hopefully within a month for another video when Menq may have sent me a firmware upgrade to use Android instead of Windows CE.

As I filmed the Menq Easypc E760 last year at IFA, Menq is a chinese company interested in providing the worlds cheapest laptop designs. Last year, they were using a 480×320 resolution 7-inch screen to reach the $89 price point for laptops, now they are able to include a 800×480 resolution 7-inch screen. Find more information about this Menq EasyPC E790 at http://www.menqgroup.com/products/pro/E790.asp


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Three computers for $1200


That is less than half of what I paid for an IBM PC in 1981 and I got an employee discount.

It is difficult to calculate how much more powerful that netbook alone is in relation to an original PC. The factor must be over 100.

For a lot of people it would make sense to buy the computers and then pay a consultant $1000 to train them how to use it. lol How many people don't have a clue what to do with that much computing power. I know a Black woman that just lost her PhD thesis due to a crashed hard disk because she wasn't backing up. That was worth more than $1200.

Finally the IMPORTANT information.

Asus, Toshiba Have Lowest Failure Rates, Says Study

Laptops from Asus and Toshiba, followed by Sony and Apple, had the lowest failure rates of the nine manufacturers included in a report from Square Trade, a provider of electronics warranties. Hewlett-Packard, which is the world’s largest producer of PCs, came in last.


Reliable IONs

Hands On With the Asus 1201 Ion Netbook

Nvidia's ION platform is finally showing signs of life.

First, Hewlett-Packard launched with its Mini 311. Lenovo and Samsung then followed with their own Ion netbooks and official ship dates. Hot on the heels is Asus with yet another Ion netbook, but this one is slightly different.


Asus got rated more reliable then HP.

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Verizon Wireless has a promotion where you can get a Netbook for $99.00 with the purchase of their wi-fi internet,

AT&T has the same deal but the Netbook will cost $149.00.

Don't forget to surf the websites of the major manufacturers for their in-house deals and re-furbished computers.


I did see that deal at Best Buy and am trying to see if I can scrape together that much by Christmas; but I am Hoping that it might be marked downs for Black Friday or right before Christmas. Note: Bestbuy DOES NOT compensate you for the difference if you buy an item and then it is put on sale shortly afterwards.
Verizon Wireless has a promotion where you can get a Netbook for $99.00 with the purchase of their wi-fi internet,

AT&T has the same deal but the Netbook will cost $149.00.

Those DEALS from communications companies come with wireless contracts that usually run for TWO YEARS and cost $1200 or more. I would not consider that a DEAL.


The only down side is the two-year contract (I think you can chose a one-year contract), otherwise, you are going to pay some carrier for internet access; the two-year contract would be for internet access, which you are going to have to pay for any way, and I think it averages approximately
$400.00/year. So, you just opt to have internet access with AT&T or Verzon instead and get the netbook at least half the price.

However, I think I'm going to hold out for Black Friday to see how low stores are going to go on something like the Netbook, in fact they are already running on CNN that 'it leaked out' that Walmart is going to have laptops for under $200.00.
Originally posted by sunnubian:

The only down side is the two-year contract (I think you can chose a one-year contract), otherwise, you are going to pay some carrier for internet access; the two-year contract would be for internet access, which you are going to have to pay for any way, and I think it averages approximately

Walmart is going to have laptops for under $200.00.

I'll pay for wired access to my house and run a wireless access point there but there are enough hot spots around that I don't see any point in buying 3G.

To me the netbook is for downloading info from my desktop at home to carry around and use and assimilate on the go. So all that matter is the price of the netbook to me. People have to decide for themselves how to use the tech. I haven't researched it so don't know the lowest wireless anywhere prices. I want high speed at home so I am not buying both.


PS - This is getting annoying not being able to log in with my original nam. The links died in the OP and I can't replace them.
Originally posted by negrospiritual:

Have you seen this article?

One in Three Laptops Die in First Three Years

I hadn't seen that particular article but if you look in my Nov 17th post the second link refers to the same source for that failure under warranty information. It doesn't provide a link to the original PDF though. THANX!

I pretty much always hated laptops. They were too expensive and a lot of people just bought them for status symbols. Every model had customized parts so they were expensive to fix. In my opinion netbooks are powerful enough and inexpensive enough. I figure most people spending more than $500 on a portable computer are wasting money.

Here is another article on reliability:


How do we want to run our society and educate our children with these things now?

um [1804]

PS - So you can't tell how often a thread has been viewed on this site?
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Cherrypal Africa breaks the $100 Netbook barrier

OK, it's slow.  But what do you want for $100.

But it probably makes more sense than buying a Kindle.


This is really weird!

{{{  Seybold again:
    We soft-launched the Cherrypal Africa in November and started shipping early December. So far we got nothing but positive feedback from admittedly surprised customers. What we promised was a 7″ laptop, 400 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 2GM storage, and what we shipped were 10.2 inch, 1.6 GHz, 160 GB  (new) laptops.

The website specs, Seybold explains, are a minimum, a promise you will get at least this. What you actually end up getting may be a roll of the dice.

Update: Some of the comments in the Slashdot dicussion thread linked above suggest that instead of purchasing components, CherryPal is actually just purchasing marked-down pre-built netbooks (such as the Menq I mention later on) and rebranding them. Upon looking at the blog quote again, it could be interpreted that way. I will ask Max Seybold for clarification when I interview him later today.

Here is an article from WindowsForDevices.com looking at the Africa and its big brother, the Bing (no relation to Microsoft), in more detail than I have been able to find in other places.

The article notes that CherryPal’s practice of using whatever CPU it can get its hands on means the device may end up coming with X86, MIPS, or ARM processor architecture.

This would mean the operating system CherryPal puts on it (Windows CE or CherryPal’s own custom “Green Maraschino” Linux distribution) has to be compiled three separate times. That has to be a standardization headache.  }}}

$80 Windows CE Netbook Runs Fast


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The Charge of the IONs

4 ION enhanced netbooks compared.

{{{  Most people buy netbooks because they’re ultra-light, affordable, and offer long battery life. There’s just one thing missing: good graphics performance. That’s where Nvidia’s Ion comes in, a GPU that’s paired with Intel’s Atom processor to provide a better multimedia experience on mini notebooks. Ion-enabled machines can not only handle mainstream games like World of Warcraft, they can play high-definition video and stream your favorite shows at full screen on sites like Hulu without any stuttering. You can even edit video at a fast clip using programs like vReveal, which allows the GPU to do the heavy lifting instead of the Atom processor.  }}}




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Windows XP running on new Gecko Edubook


On the surface, the 8.9-inch Gecko EduBook is just another boring blip in the history of Netbooks. However, the true beauty of this device lies under the hood.

Instead of an Intel Atom chipset which has become the de facto standard for this category, the EduBook sports an Xcore86 chip based on the SOC (System on Chip) architecture. SOC combines a 1.0GHz processor, RAM and mainboard onto a tiny module small enough to fit inside a handheld. Sipping only 1.2 watts, this allows the Netbook to run off eight NiMH AA-sized batteries for up to 4 hours, though there is a lithium-ion option with a 6-hour uptime. By using store-bought AA cells, this allows the Netbook to be used in rural areas where electricity might get spotty.






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