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I live in a country in South-east Asia and I'm currently in college and I encountered a black Botswanan there.Yes,he likes rapping and so but there's only one problem.
He's a Nazi sympathizer!!He says things like the Jews were like trees in a forest to be cut down so Hitler can rebuild a new building which was a new Europe...
Which I think is quite strange,wierd and illogical since Hitler had refused to shake Jesse Owen's hand,made racist statements about blacks and we know nowadays that skinheads frequently have brawls with black students in London as well as in the US.
To my disgust,today when he opened a sample assignment book and saw the big swastika and a photo of Hitler,he went "Yeah!".

Need some help.Anyone got any suggestions for me so that I can show him the error of his ways?
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Drag his a$$ behind the nearest building and begin to, no skip that.

The fact that he likes rap music shows me he is not a "true nazi" at all as anything associated with members of other races was frowned upon and anyone associated with it was considered impure as well.
You may want to find some literature of how blacks were going to fit (or not) into the nazi way of thinking and show him that. The treatment of black POWs vs. others is pretty well documented as well.
If this doesn't work I wouldn't sweat it too much as when he gets back here and tries to fit into a true "nazi or klan rally" he will get a big surprise.....

This Botswana guy is a coconut, I mean someone who is black on the outside but white on the inside. He sounds like an extreme case of a self hater. Why don't you get him to come and post his dumb asinine remarks here for us to knock some sense into his colonial head.

Is it just talk or are you for solutions? If you are GENUINELY interested in solving black problems? Then join us at
Why would you or anyone else spend enough time with this individual to get to know what he likes or thinks? Sometimes I wonder about that rap music with its militaristic 4/4 beats and its emphasis on macho posing.African nazi huh? Doesnt he know they would have fried his a**?

Iwori take a critical look at what affects you.
The next time you see this guy, you should have a folder to hand him with copies of as much information on Hitler and Natzis as you can copy for him, so that he will know the truth. He is obviously operating out of shear ignorance and misinformation. He need to see proof of what Hitler thought of Africans/Blacks/Browns of the world. He needs to know that Hitler considered Africans/African American--any black people--monkeys,or inferior sub-human beings. If he is "friends" with Natzis, they are just using him for their own private joke, or maybe they do like him, because racist whites do like some black people, you know, like a pet.

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