He refused to shake her hand.

Eye would have spit in his face. trump likes to play in the mud, Eye would have joined  him!

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Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."

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Then she STOOD AND APPLAUDED the Venezuelan traitor Guaido, when Trump had the nerve to have that worm inside Congressional building and introduce him.

She probably applauded when Trump gave the racist, race-baiting pig, Rush Limbaugh, the grossly UNDESERVED, MEDAL OF FREEDOM.



The Native American Curse is working full fledged upon the so-called "white man's" adopted country.

I'm about to rip up my TV. I'm tired of looking at the ugly Sliver Lips. The "Republicans" follow this Orange Bozo like the Black people followed Jim Jones to Ghana (or wherever it was). You remember when 500 or so were bloated up like balloons, drinking his poisoned Kool-Aid, believing in his shit.

Be careful who, what, where you FOLLOW.

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