Myth of the ‘Angry Black Woman’ Busted: You Will Never Guess Which American Race and Gender Is the Angriest












"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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  Wow!  What a subtle way to say that black women are NOT the angry is in fact white women.  And guess what?  It has always been white women cuz the civil rights took away their loyal maids who did every focking thang for them including maintained their grooming.  Yes that's right.  It was Mammy brushing white cunts' hair and suggesting she take a bath...otherwise heifer would still be wearing her brussells from the 18th century.  It is white whores who are mad that they have to share their career climb with black women when the  ramification of the civil rights movement was legislated and and created for the sole purpose of black women and black men.  But of course, who jumped on it and benefited from it?  That's right.  Those nasty dirty white skank ass whores whose whole history derived from being on their knees in brothel activity.  And because they are so desperate to keep that false reign on beauty?  They continue to steal every damn thang from Black women...including their lips, shape of  their butts and what do you know....the color of their black skin called tanning.  This is why I call them those tan whores.  Cuz they have the nerve to get an attitude with us...the original "tan" women when WE wanna engage with our OWN men...not theirs.

Here's the thing about those cunts.  White women stole Affirmative Action from us.  And,every time a black man gets a quarter, they steal him until he's broke and then toss his broke ass back to us.  They stole our natural standard of beauty while claiming we are ugly...and no matter how hard they try our natural beauty doesn't stick on them like it does us as why many of em look 20 years older than what they are.  Cuz why?  Black don't crack and that pisses them off.  They will say in defense "we are modeling after the thin Asian girl...her beauty."  Well that's a lie cuz the Asian girl looks like a starved waif white adolescent male-not a full bodied WOMAN.  Only pedophiles are attracted to those types.  Bingo!  Her white counteract has a history of looking at those not in his white culture so....white skank has to compete for that since she was merely a mail order bride when she got to the new land.  Her white culture prior to that NEVER had massa look her way.  Don't believe me?  It's all in her European history as a bonafide whore, slave girl, harlot and concubine.  These features are NOT in our history. 

Moving forward....this is why she is sooooooooo angry.  Cuz she isn't a good mother [cuz remember black women raised her kids], she doesn't really know how to cook [cuz remember black women cooked for her family] and she really doesn't have any real woman skills other than laying on her back.  And she's tired of what does she do?  Steal from us.  And since she knows that's not authentic....she gets angrier cuz she doesn't have anything to SHOW what's innate from her...that can be deemed intellectual or brilliant.  Cuz in today's world  the real battle now is to become self-sufficient if you are with someone or she's angry that she has to work and do everything else as a real woman all at the same time-she can't handle that.  

Plus she  can't depend on Lucy like she did Mammy to watch her kids while she works, cuz Lucy is from some where in South America....and Lucy is angry too [from all the wars in her country mandated by massa] so when white woman leaves for work?  Lucy mistreats her children-beats on them. When white skank finds out her kids are being abused, she  becomes more angrier cuz now?  She has to stay home with them.  So really her angry isn't all because she is jealous of black women per se...that's only part of it.  Her angry stems from a lot of insufficiency she has including her inability to handle her own business as a grown ass woman...know why?  She's a skank with no woman skills.  She lived in a fantasy world for so long...believing massa bullshit and when the time came for her to do her a free woman.  What does she do?  Followed the legacy of her gender.

Testimony of that is when she does go to being a teacher of middle and high school students...what do she do?  Reach back to the brothel days and have sex with most of the boys in her class.  Or engage in sex with her male boss.  Or lure her children's male friends in her web for sexual power she's not getting any where else.  Who does that?  A skank with no woman skills.   skank who never knew anything about being a REAL woman.  Now every one can see it.  Now everyone knows she is just a body filled with silicone, lip injections, booty lifts, breast implants....she has no voice.  And never did. The pedestal massa tried to put her on undeserving....she fell off years ago.  Cuz why?  She didn't have a CLUE how to manage something she never had in her culture.  She is hot as a her own doing.   She should have never wiped her  boots on those she felt under her.  She should have NEVER listened to massa.  She should have been the human being she claimed during women's suffrage she was.  Cuz now?  Payback.   Karma's  a bitch...ain't it?   But!

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They whole race is angry, insane and are killers. Doubtful these things come from planet earth. Just saw one with a white beard on his chest, white hair hanging from under his hat. Needs to join the fuckers at the Bird Sanctuary. There's something WRONG with these things. They like to pose on TV in their shorts, you have to play the game "Where's the Pecker?" They look like muscular girls; the ones that have muscles. All over this contraption they're in various poses of insanity. Face lifts, humongous lips, facial distortions no one has ever seen the likes of. Hollywood stars that were so supposedly "beautiful" when they were young; scare the shit out of you now with one look at a picture. They've lied to all of us. They're not human; they're acting; that's the big secret. They're aliens from Mars; that's why they're trying trying to go back home.

All these fuckers are giving me a severe case of the vapors. We don't have time to get angry. Look at these angry killing monsters.  They can't breathe without a gun. You'll NEVER get angry again in life. Stole everything they have, still aren't happy. They stole the country they're going to make "Great Again." There's something wrong with these fucks. They left whatever semblance of a mind they ever had in god damn EUROPE. They haven't been right since they laid their eyes on their first Original Native of America; completely lost their minds upon the African.

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I just believe that White people are "angry" because of the "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" psychology that is constantly being played on them by racists, racist culture and racist politicians in America.  

Otherwise, when you really look at the enormous amount of "White privilege" they are afforded in this country, what, exactly, is really happening to White people for them to be so "angry".

Racists and their racist rhetoric tell White people that they should be "angry" and that the majority of their anger should be directed toward Black people or that things they are angry about is the result of Black people in America.  

Racist and opportunist politicians come along tell them they are "angry" and constantly disseminate racist propaganda, false narratives, deceptive "statistics", and media designed to induce racism and anger in White people in America.

So, who should be surprised that White people are "angry"?  

Hell,  the oldest game in the Plutocracy's arsenal is to keep White people "angry" at some non-White group or another, so their being consumed with "anger" and hatred and racism keeps them distracted from seeing who is really screwing them, and to have a steady supply of'Sheeople' brainwashed and socially conditioned enough to be willing to sacrifice their own interests for the interests of the plutocracy, and be willing to fight and die for the plutocracy instead of for their own interests. 








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The [so-called] "Angry Black Woman":


I knew when they started that racist campaign against Black women, particularly, African American women, that it was nothing but racist and sexist propaganda to begin with.

It did nothing but attempt to cast yet another stereotype onto the backs of Black/African American women.  

So, let's see now:



Sexually Promiscuous 

Have a lot of babies

Aborting all her pregnancies

On Welfare

Do Not Work


and now, "Angry"


Please feel free to add to the above list; because it should be obvious to all our haters out there by now, that we don't give damn what they think about us.  

Haters' opinions are deemed invalid.

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  I knew when they started that racist campaign against Black women, particularly, African American women, that it was nothing but racist and sexist propaganda to begin with.


  It is also a distraction as they quietly SNATCH all of our civil rights as free human beings in this country.  Massa is a master in mind manipulation in that he totally  Ignore the devastation to what HE has done to black people and focus on finding ways to justify why killings of black people is a non-issue..even if some of us kill each other.  All a distraction.  Cuz quite frankly, I'm more sad in the latter that we as a people don't have black unity we once had than I am about massa being racist.  That's old news.  He's always been the villain.  The monster of humankind.   My only question is how can we as an advanced people be so keenly aware of our brilliance in our culture yet blindly unaware of the psychological games being played on our culture by massa?    But!

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