... Sick with the ways of mankind, the young warrior monk retreats to the sanctuary of Superior National Forest's Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) to commune with his Higher Nature...


I just returned today from a four day solo motorcycle camping trip to the northern most point in the U.S. (Superior National Forest). I witnessed the man-made mountains of the Iron Range, enroute. I witnessed the wildlife. I biked through hundreds of miles of desolate forest, where there were no inhabitants. Twenty-five miles of my travel were detoured through a gravel path that my bike was not built for; I bearly made it through. I was very happy when I found paved roads again.

I had forgotten how many stars there are in the sky... It was absolutely beautiful. I believe everyone should visit places like this. I intend to buy land there, where I can return regularly to "recharge" my soul.

Below are some pictures I took along the way.

Thank you for permitting me.


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Originally posted by One:
One of my campsites. This one was on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota.

I had a visitor in this campsite. After Maghrib, it got very dark; pitch black outside. But I could see this little fella scoping me out. I think it was a skunk. But, it might have been a weasel too.
Originally posted by Brown:
rockNice pics!

One day you and your bike will have to come down to middle georgia and visit my sanctuary.

My family has close to 900 acres down here with alot of black history!

[I'll post pics once I figure out how to...]

Thank you.

I would love to have that honor. You are very blessed to have land. I hope you are putting it to good use.



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