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For the past year I can not begin to count the number of times I've heard the phrase "get over it" mentioned in casual conversations and the media when dealing with "our" history.

In the past few days with the anniversary of Sept 11th coming up, some of the same ones who are stauch defenders of leaving the past in the past are now banging the drum for 9-11. After all they conclude, it is part of our history and we should all remember what happened that fateful day.

Now maybe I'm missing something, but isn't slavery and the aftermath part of "our history", that should be remembered as well?

Is there a ststute of limitations as to when something is no longer revelant and should be erased from our history?

Got that off my chest, now back to work.
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Reason for the continual "get over it" phrase and the "banging the drum" for 9-11? White guilt versus White skewed non guilt.

Slavery? direct White fault/guilt. 9-11? Muslim fault/guilt and skewed White fault/guilt.

White American people believe that American foreign policy politics HAD ABSOLUTY NOTHING to do with the 9-11 attack. Their belief? "they (the Muslim world) hate us because of our freedoms and the way we live". 17

The Bush/Chaney White House sold it, White America bought it hook, line & sinker.

So now, according to the White way of thinking, the entire Muslim world (including the Nation of Islam) is on the hook for 9-11 and now cultural blame has been shifted forever. Now Whites have someone else to hate, the Muslim world and Black America should hate them equally as well.

Finally, according to White America's way of thinking, we have something in common.

It seems that Whites need someone/something to hate. Sounds like a genetic flaw to me.

I had a conservation a while ago with a White women who told me that she hated the Muslims who owned and operated a convience store (she shops there regularly & at the time continued to do so) located close to her home.

She told me that if she had the opportunity that she would kill them because of what they did to us. I asked her "prior to 9-11, how did you feel about them?'. She said that they were OK. I then asked, "so what has changed about them after 9-11?".

Long pause. No answer, then she said "I just don't like them". Roll Eyes

For White folks, they constantly have to find that place of "not my fault/responsibility" in their minds. They tell themselves "forget about slavery, WE got attacked on 9-11 and now WE live in absoulte and constant fear everyday from ALL Muslims. This is what's important now, not the past.

That "WE" according to White folk, includes Black America.
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9-11 was perfect for this country.

From here to the end of time it will serve as a pretext for stoking moral outrage ... even while the "American ideals" that we're supposedly defending are being actively subverted at home ... and have turned to tyranny (both economic and military) abroad.


They don't talk about personal responsibility for themselves principally because they're lacking in moral intelligence.

This is what makes them so dangerous as a group.

They're quick to moral outrage ... but are lacking in moral intelligence ... including cognizance of the simple idea that a "universal" principle applies to everyone .. including the person who wishes to apply the principle.


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