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Braided Updo

Here’s just what I don’t like about fashion:

Socks with sandals. The purpose of sandles is to
show off beautiful feet. It’s kinda like an oxymoron
bittersweet… can one go with the other?
I know sometimes opposites attract….but not
always and not in this case!

Silver and gold….There are just somethings that just
don’t go together. I’ve never really like silver earrings
to go with gold bracelets. It just clash to me!

I don’t really like dresses that are just a layer of
ruffles. They have a look like folded bags.

I can’t stand coca cola bottle glasses. Wireframes
are a bore. I will switch to plastic. They are more

There are times where I don’t like flat shoes…like
when the first half of the shoe is flat straight…so
hard to explain.

I don’t like wigs or weaves on me….I wear bare hair.
After all, I’ve heard so many people online talk about
their bad micros and tracks getting their hair stuck
in their weaves….then I was glad I never was into
micros and tracks. After all, I’m just warning people
that crap caused some serious damage to people
giving them alopecia……I’m going to just warn yall
that it can’t be avoided….if someone is putting heat
on the hair everyday or doing a color, relaxer and a hot
comb or putting a chemical plus heat or too much of
one or both it will cause serious lost….that’s why
I NEVER did this….I heard too many bad experiences..

Plus anyways, I’m not obsessed with superstraight
hair….That’s a problem that cause people to lose
hair….If you ain’t born with it…no problem……
It’s better to have healthy hair……but the bald
look ain’t for everyone. Some men look awful with
it and some women do but some just got it like
that so they can do that!

I don’t trust relaxers and chemicals….if it ain’t
aloe vera gel, coconut oil, castor oil, or anything
natural, I’m like a detective looking at it as guilty
of not being good enough for my HAIR!
I want the best hair and I’m working on it.
It’s getting softer in all this naturalness.

I don’t wear booty shorts…they show too much
and gotta keep more to the imagination…. There
are plenty of ways to look your sexiest without
over indulging on showing it off. The sexiest is
to keep alot to the imagination…

I HATE to wear pants in the summer/spring and
sometimes fall depending on the temperature.
I seriously got to get some more shorts.
I can relax in shorts. Pants make me tired…
But I do it for church and special places
that require I look like a nun!!

What I like….

I got this fetish for tube tops and tank tops
but it’s offensive to the elderly. Some people can
be so old fashion….I think it leaves enough to
the imagination….it just that old folks can’t stand

I love spandex….it’s my favorite type of bottom
to wear….I could start a spandex collection.

I like stuff with stripes and dots, a shirt with a light
blue and dark blue mixed in or green with dark green.

I like bags, fashionable and pretty bags….They
look better than BOOK bags….I already look like
a teenager so I ditched the bookbag and instead used the
fashion bag during Summer semester of college!
I felt it looks more mature on me….Since I am
23 years old I had to update my style and am
forever done with bookbags! I don’t like em’
I don’t want to see one on me!

Anyways, I had to find a big bag to put my books in. It was
stressful caring it around in a purse. Then
taking it out and uploading for the next
set of classes. All I had to do was just reach right in,
unlike with a bookbag that you have zip open. I just made
it easier on myself! I could see right in. Thank you God for that

"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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