My friend in California recommended the Master Cleanse for me. It is a combination of distilled water, lemon juice, grade b organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The goal is to cleanse out your body of toxins and parasites, and other nasty things in your intestines. You are supposed to do it with no food for 8 to 10 days to be fully cleansed.

Here is my recipe:

1 Gallon of Distilled Water
30 TBPs of Lemon Juice
30 TBPs of of Grade B Maple Syrup
4 TBPS of Cayenne Pepper
4 TBPs of Cinnamon (this is said to be a cleansing agent)

I expect this will last me two days. I am starting Saturday night the 11th and I plan to complete it Sunday the 19th and start eating on my healthy diet the 20th.

I will update daily in case others want to give it a go.

***Update Day 1***
I started it the first night (20th) I took the drink, and the saline wash at about 8pm - the saline wash is 2 tsp of sea salt in a glass of water. Let me tell you something, this will get things moving inside so don't plan on going out.

***Update Day 2***
I stopped the program. I forgot we were having a special family night at my dad's and he was cooking for everyone. Side note: I had my wife measure my wastline, 39"" Frown. I should be around a 33'' or 34''.

***Update Day 3***
I restarted the program this morning. The drink I made has WAY to much Cayenne pepper. I am going to power through the taste during the day. Tonight I am going to remix it without the cayenne and then add a pinch to each cup. It doesn't taste bad without the cayenne.

Second update - Ok, I broke my fast already. I was so dang hungry when I came home I ate some grilled chicken, rice, and vegetables. Then I ate a bag of healthy chips. It was to much. My problem is when I start eating I can't stop. I am going to take my sea salt saline rinse tonight and pick it back up tommorrow. My goal is to make one whole day. I know if I make one day, I can make two and then it should be easy.

***Update Day 4***
I made it through most of the day. At about 8pm when I got home I took the saline drink and it made me very upset. I was hungry so I ate some homemade salsa and a few low fat chips. Then I threw it all up.

***Update Day 5***
I woke up today feeling surprisingly good. I am not to terribly hungry and am ready to continue with the program. Tonight I will probably use less salt in the saline drink. I am going to try to go the whole day this time. I am getting closer.

Second Update - I took Khalliqa's advice and decided to eat once at night.

***Update Day 6***
I feel pretty good and I already look slimmer, even though I think it is the result of my stomach shrinking a little bit. I find if I eat at night I am OK. My next goal is to eat at night but only a light healthy meal. Another individual actually bought a cleanse as opposed to doing the juice like I am doing. She said it worked well. I may try that.

Overall though I actually feel alot better and have alot more energy during the day even though I still haven't been sleeping well.

If I can keep control of my nightly meal, I will push this cleansing out until the end of next week and then build back to my traditional healthy way of eating.

Thanks Khalliqa for the advice!
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Originally posted by MBM:
Is it so much "cleansing" your system as irritating it? sck

Abstinence is not aggressive... its passive... as such can not be irritating...

Fasting allows your system to rest.... in fact many times your digestion slows down....

the flushes are there to eliminate what has been allowed to accumulate while abstaining from food....

hope that helps...

@ Dell.... I eat once a day and fast three days out of each month.... but I would like to try the master cleanse and use it as a guide for a 21 (or month long) day fast at least once a year.... Smile (I've tried it once before... but did not complete it... I have the book too!)
I put way to much Cayenne pepper in the mix and it is killing me. I am going to have to remix it but I hate wasting stuff.

MBM, we will see. I have heard some very positive reports about the program. I think some use it in excess, or use it to lose weight. I am using it to clean out my system and then get back on a positive nutritional program.
Originally posted by Dell Gines:
I put way to much Cayenne pepper in the mix and it is killing me.

Instead of wasting the mixture you are drinking, try diluting it with more water. Add some sea salt to it. I did my first 10-day fast in 1996. I am fasting 40-days for my 40th b-day and making Hajj (Insh Allah).

I pray for your success.

Thank you.
Colonic cleansing was faithfully practiced by the ancient Egyptians,

I've been doing a lil personal reseaarch myself:

I will select one {probably Queen Afua's brand} and try it for a month. Maybe I will have my own picture[s] as testimony.

This wholistic ritual is about the best practice next to eating more veggies and fruits and "other" substitutes for protein rather than meat!
Originally posted by Dell Gines:
How did it go for you overall?

It was a memerable experience. I did it for personal reasons. The thing I have learned is that fasting is not for vanity, i.e "I fasted for 100 days". Fasting should teach you something about yourself and help improve the quality of your existence. Fasting is a prescription for good physical, mental & spiritual health. It should be practiced regularly (every month).

Thank you for asking about my experience.
Originally posted by Dell Gines:
How did you get past the first stages of hunger in the first day or two?


You will find detailed explanations of my dietary practices in past forums. Hunger is a force a nature. The Black man controls the forces of nature.

Thank you.

Originally posted by Dell Gines:
How did you get past the first stages of hunger in the first day or two?


1. Distraction- involve yourself in a physical activity or project that will consume your attention so much you forget to eat... after a couple of days you'll be fine.. ( I did this once ... the trick is having something that engages you that intensely)

2. Water with juice of half fresh lemon... a little bit of sugar(1/4tsp of honey or maple syrup), 1/4 tsp of salt and cayenne...

3. Coffee with no sugar or milk (this will help your bowels move... moving the bowels on a fast, very effectively relieves one of the sense of hunger)

4. Purposely, if at all possible, removing yourself from tempting smells, foods, thoughts etc...

5. Sheer determined will....


Dell.... the above does not sound too healthy...

it almost sounds like binge eating... for some reason I was under the impression that you have fasted before... that was clearly an erroneous notion....

Dell... in our community we are encouraged to gradually move into something...

try this before you start the master cleanse...

try eating one meal every day for a couple of weeks... (if you want to master this do it for a month and you will never feel hungry but once a day)... none the less.... you seem to be able to control your hunger up until you need a meal... so you should be able to handle one meal a day.... after a couple of weeks of this... lighten the one meal one day... and then drink juice the next... and began a three to five day master cleanse the next....

come off the fast as you've been instructed... gradually going back into one meal... repeat the process and increase the duration of your next fast...

in our community we eat once a day and fast three days out of each month... (this is normal for us)

I hope this is able to help in some way...

I didn't actually complete it but it still helped out a whole lot. Being on it for the 5 days and eating only the light meal at night shrank my stomach. Plus I think I cleaned out my digestive track real good. After that I switched up to 90% fish vegetables and rice. People are already commenting on how it looks like I lost weight. I have more consistent energy during the day and feel better over all.

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