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Originally posted by Nmaginate:
Well... damn!

I missed the part where BARWICK "The Intelligent" said this PLANET has been in existence only 6000 years...

When a person is that dumb... WHY ARE WE BOTHERING TO SPEAK TO HIM???
The _160,000-year-old fossils_, the oldest ever Homo sapiens and excavated in a remote region of Ethiopia, appear to prove that _the [AFRICAN]continent was the cradle of humanity_, the scientists said.

Of course. It's not like they haven't dated a sheep that died yesterday and it came back a couple tens-of-thousands of years old.

Evil can only triumph when good men do nothing.
Of course. It's not like they haven't dated a sheep that died yesterday and it came back a couple tens-of-thousands of years old.

When you're relying on the BIBLE with all its documented flaws as your reference as your basis for your "6000 years Theory" you should be the last one throwing around skepticism.

The Ancient Eygptian PreDynastic Period (dating) alone would easily put us at 6000 years.

I guess EVERYTHING you believe is right and DAMN all the science and reason in the world!!

I guess they'll just keep asking and adding on more ...huh??? Big Grin
So, tell us the history of man prior to 6000 years ago. I mean yall sitting there acting like there is some significance to that. So please explain. Someone here agrees that pre- Egyptian culture dates to some 6000 years ago. What more needs be said? What great civilations are you hiding or can you expound on, that are older than those 6000 years then? Whats wrong with stating that civilation is about 6000 years old?
and I could swear I saw Barwick write that the world and life are 'zero sum' games. That is, unless someone is deprived, noone can prosper? Thats ridiculous. I suppose the world would be 'better off' if we all still were wholly dependent on hunting, gathering and substanance farming, at the total mercy of nature, in which mass starvation is a recurring theme and people still kiss the skin of toads to cure diseases, and die at age 30? Weren't the middle ages themselves proof that the zero sum game is not reality?
NO... I could swear Barwick said the PLANET was 6000 years old verifiable by the BIBLE...

Everything else you say is off the topic. No one can say or have yet to adequately piece together what happened well over 6000 years ago. We barely know what happen 500 years ago.
And by the way things are going globally... most of what was will cease to be.

"GREAT" Civilizations didn't just pop up out of nowhere. They would have to result in the culmination of things... human progress...

What's your point???

Barwick was dumb to say the PLANET is 6000 years old when soooo many things suggest otherwise. And just like him... you try to defend (by evasion) your assinine posts that have nothing to do with what is being said.
Then lets open your eyes so that you may see. I presume you are 'fond' of polls, correct? You stated previously in another topic that because only 11,000 people around the globe were of a certain opinion, that it made the poll significant or that the opinion meant something. So lets take a poll regarding the age of the earth. What do the Koran and bible have to say regarding this very question. Lets take a poll and ask these people worldwide, "which is correct, the book that is the foundation for your religions and your beliefs or the scientific theory that the world is billions of years young that totally refutes your very religious belief?" How many millions of muslims and christians throughout the world would say the its the BOOK that is correct? I think that some muslims would even cut out your tongue for dissing what the Koran says, let alone disagree with the science. But, would this indicate science must be wrong? Go on nonimaginative, tell us what you think regarding THAT poll of answers regarding the earth's age. The Navaho and plenty of African people's would look at you like you crazy and explain that the first people came up from a tunnel in the earth and started humankind. They have no concept of the number of 'billions', it is meaningless to them. Would you disagree with this poll? Why or why not? And remember, it would be literally MILLIONS (not just 11,000) who would disagree with science in light of their own faith and beliefs and respond to the poll appropriately. (Of course the N Koreans would answer it was Kim Il Sung that started history and mankind.) Your up...

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My little shadow, where have you run? Should I answer for you? Whats the matter, lose your appetite for the exchange of ideas all the sudden? You claim you promote learning, so tell us what we need to know here my young teacher. Are you 'absent' today?
Anyways, the fact is that american enlightment offers us a unique perspective on history and mankind. I know this will bug the 'culture equivalency' advocates out there, but its not disputable that because of who and where we are we know things that other cultures and nations still are yet to learn. Don't fear knowledge, and don't believe all people enjoy the same perspective as those of free nations. Thrive on knowledge and accept who you are and what has been given you.

What are you talking about???

Muslims for one when they spreaded/started their religion created a renaissance that included scientific knowledge... No one but some ignorant Bible thumper disputes scientific dating...

Africans and Natives (Indigenuous) people the world over would tell you they have lived since time began which would go far beyond you UNEDUCATED, non-knowledge based, LIMITED assumption that the CORRUPTED Bible is an authority.... Where does the Bible say the PLANET is 6000 years old???

C'mon... Tell me!

Oh... You don't know...

How sad...

Everything else you got to say is garabage cause you're making to stupid aSSumptions as to what you THINK I might believe...

Accept knowledge... don't reject it.
The Bible may have some moral authority but it poor on world history. Where are the Chinese, etc in it???

Silly Rabbit!!!!!!!
"The Bible may have some moral authority but it poor on world history."-Nmaginate

Nmaginate, I know we don't always agree, but I love this recent statement that you made. I want to add on to your statement by stating that the bible, like any religious doctrine exemplifying the shared moral beliefs of a group, is only useful when the people within the group actually use it and adhere to principles in it. But to date, the Christian religion has no moral authority because it lacks meaning for the members to whom it belongs and is practically useless to those that claim it.

One of idiosyncracies of European Culture and their chosen religion, Christianity, is that whatever they profess to be "ethical" and "morally right" can never be observed in their behaviors intra-culturally or toward others. So basically, we have a people who would merely like to appear morally superior to outsiders simply for the purposes of disarming them. Its all very clever. So we are provided with this deceptive image of a "pure," "pristine," "holy," and "righteous" group of people with whom we should always trust and never charge with any wrong-doing. And most of us (blacks and others) have been successfully seduced into believing Europeans can and have lived up to this image when they cannot. By now, everyone should be well aware of their many collective and societal mistakes and character imperfections. You see we must closely examine current and historic records of their behavior in order to find the truth rather than be seduced by image and impressive presentation.

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I just picked you up on my "morning scan." You're right, again. Yes, Nmaginate. You too.

I really don't like talking about religion. I spent a lot of my life in it, and I mean IN IT. Or at least, exposed to it. But, you are right.

Most of us get confused, defused, and derailed by the duplicitous nature of the European American social strategy. It is a construction that says: "I can do things that repress, even oppress, you as a people, but you and I are still friends. Right, buddy?" AND THEY SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS! And there is something wrong with YOU if you do.

I haven't left Christianity, but I got out of the church. I couldn't tolerate the "mind massage" inflicted every Sunday by... STOP! This really ticks me off.


Jim Chester


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