Moving Beyond Religion

I am a former Presbyterian minister who served the Christian church for over forty years. Yet, I am now convinced that organized religion is not the final truth in our search for God. Rather, it is the grammar school of faith, an important stage in our spiritual education but one from which we must eventually graduate.

This site is dedicated to the kinds of spiritual experiences which are often considered outside the bounds of mainline Christianity: After Death Communication, Angel Communication, Coincidence, Near-Death Experiences, Pre-Birth Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences, Meditating, Healing, Dreams and Visions,and Reincarnation.

Why the Nautilus is a Symbol of our Spiritual Life

When you see the problems which organized religion has caused- "holy" wars, religious extremism, bigotry against women and gays, intolerance of other religious traditions- you realize that religion is often motivated by politics rather than by love, that it is driven by fear and prejudice instead of a true understanding of the nature of God.

Perhaps the biggest problem with much of Christianity is that it is trapped by its own past. It jealously defends its view of what God did in ancient times while turning a blind eye to what God is doing today.

This site provides a new vision of God's daily presence in our lives. God's revelation did not end with the closing of the biblical canon. The God of Abraham and Moses and Jesus is doing equally remarkable things in our own day, and the writings of the Psalmist and Isaiah and Paul are matched by equally inspired writers today who are currently producing the sacred scriptures of tomorrow.

There are a number of stories on this site, most of which contain the experiences of people I know personally. These stories demonstrate the activity of God in today's world and show us a larger truth than what is being taught by the traditional church. With these stories, we hope to inspire those of you who are interested in going Beyond Religion, and to provide a place where you can share your own stories.

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