Nine Words Sum Up America's Corporate Welfare Queens

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Found on the Movement To Strengthen Progressive Values’ Facebook page. Originally submitted by volunteer editor Laura S.










"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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dear god.

That caption is exactly what capitalism is. Business owners in the US (including Black business owners) have and continue to play that game.  Get workers to do more (for them) while paying less for it. That is the internal logic of the capitalist system, whether here, China, Africa....anywhere.


This denial and fear of talking about capitalism by name is tragic but has run its course. 

There's got to be something midway between socialism and capitalism.


Would that be the definition of a true Democracy, maybe??? 



There's a bit of a mix of conflation and confusion over what capitalism and socialism are.  Capitalism particular is a way of organizing production/business not necessarily a form of governance (notwithstanding the desire to control governance for its own interest.)  Socialism is not an economic such.  Once the internal logic of capitalism is understood, there's too often little desire to keep it an any middle ground sort of fashion.

Well .... little desire on the part of the capitalist, maybe!!  But ... the other 99% most often don't agree with that perspective!! 


Socialism isn't necessarily an "economic system", per se ... but the economy of a country is very much affected by the social construction.  I think most people don't mind somebody (a capitalist) being successful and utilizing capitalism as a means to further their financial goals!!  However ... just by reason of the 'rules' of capitalism ... it's ridiculous to think - and now well known - that you can't depend on the rich to be financially and economically reasonable, fair or equitable to society as a whole.


In other words .... they're in it for themselves ... and their own!! 


A socialist society and/or economy does not sustain capitalist ideals.  So you can't have it both ways!!  However .... I think "something in the middle" is what MOST Americans believe would be equitable in the best interest of the country as a whole!! 


There are just some things you can't leave to the trust of capitalistic greed (i.e., Social Security, health care, education) if you are seeking a "fair" society.  Nor should the government get in the way of the capitalist/entrepreneurial spirit as an economic system.


So, I'm looking for "middle ground." 

The real problem with Capitalism in America is the fact that American voters have allowed and/or voted in time after time legislators that have systematically taken away all of the systems of checks and balances required to make Capitalism fair to all.  Nearly every industry/means of making money has been deregulated to the detriment of the American people.  


Administration, after administrations has chipped away at every form of safety, security and fair play in almost every industry as far as the 99%/masses is concerned, therefore, we are now living under a de' facto Dictatorship due to the fact that all the power has been transferred to the 1% over the 99%, especially since, the United States Supreme Court, even, has sided with Big Business/Corporate America in sanctioning a way for only the 1% to be able to control and manipulate elections, political position, and policy with their deep pockets.


So, America is now Capitalist primarily for the 1% that make money manipulating the financial industry and Socialist for the 1% (and their politicians) that own the "means of production".   


What we are witnessing now is, what De-regulation and rendering key government agencies powerless gets you.

 Its not an issue of the rules of capitalism, its about the internal logical (and other) contradictions that come with capitalism.  This is something every economic class will teach-they simply make it all look and sound reasonable so the people accept it as normal.  While some may accept a middle ground- the logic of a capitalist (regardless of background) will never accept a middle ground because capitalist logic prevents it.  


I absolutely agree that the social construct pays a part in the type of business a country as.  So in Germany (a capitalist country) there are HARD and Non Negotiable rules that constrict capitalist business.  Yet, its still understood that if ever given the chance and opportunity, the corporations would jump at deregulation, privatization etc, not because of corruption in politics or government-but that's the objective of the capitalist. 


In once sense this is like the phony health care issue. Health care is what you receive from your doctor, nurse, and whoever cooks and preps your food.  Health insurance is the form of delivery system.  There nothing that demands that the US (or any other country) have a pay to play system (whether for or non profit).  The point of constantly shifting the discussion to things like 'affordability, opportunity to be treated etc, is to keep the discussion within the existing framework.  

The same can be said for the criminal justice system.


There are characteristics that are apart of capitalism that are central to it as a system.  Remove those traits, and you no longer have capitalism you have 'something else'.  What people (from diverse backgrounds) are seeing is that there is a direct relationship between the undesirable social outcomes that these traits embedded within the capitalist system. 

I think we need to distinguish capitalism from  people's willingness to LIE in order justify whatever abuses they can get away with and CLAIM it is in the name of CAPITALISM.


A lot of talk about capitalism reminds me of Flip Wilson talking about the Devil.


That Capitalism made me do it. 


There is nothing about capitalism to not make accounting mandatory in our schools but when has any economist ever suggested it?  I never heard that from any economist.  The schools are designed to indoctrinate workers to be used.  It they though like capitalists it would affect the game.  But blaming it on capitalism is nonsense.



Here is a quite recent lecture that gets into and explains more clearly some of the reasons for my comments.  The internal logic and characteristics of capitalism are ultimately both undesirable and unsustainable.


The meat of the discussion starts at the 5:00 min mark and speaks to ER's point about changing the kind of capitalism or middle ground options around the 20:00 mark.


Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:


I absolutely agree that the social construct pays a part in the type of business a country as.  So in Germany (a capitalist country) there are HARD and Non Negotiable rules that constrict capitalist business.  Yet, its still understood that if ever given the chance and opportunity, the corporations would jump at deregulation, privatization etc, not because of corruption in politics or government-but that's the objective of the capitalist. 




Exactly.  In a capitalist system, the "capitalist" will accept what he is given to accept.  It's not that corporations/capitalists can't be regulated.  It's simply that they aren't


But they can be.  And even if they were, corporations would STILL max out whatever economic gain they could.  But could is the operative word here.


I don't know if "we, the people" will ever get politically smart, involved, or savvy  enough to run our government ... instead of allowing government to run us!!    I dunno.


But, essentially, we have allowed one political party to run their agenda over the other political party like a Mac truck .. with policies that leave us as the smashed, mutilated, and destroyed remains in the middle of the road.  Because, let's remember  ALL of the members of BOTH of those parties are among the RICH/HAVES ... while the rest of us have nots ... are receiving even less everyday.


But ... I do know that MORE people are informed and aware now than were before our economy collapsed of just how much this so-called "capitalist system" is NOT working for the majority of us.  And they don't like it one bit.

But people can still refuse to buy corporations products.


Why do people buy DURACELL batteries?


Can they put different chemical inside just because they paint the outside in black and copper.  I thought it was really funny when they used Duracell batteries in the movie The Matrix.


Whose fault is it if we let corporations brainwash us with their marketing?


I suggested to some socialists that they start a global boycott of Duracell.  No effect.



Suggesting boycotting a corporation to a socialist would signal a "missing of the point" with which I'd agree.  The point is to remove the offending system, not to merely voice displeasure of it.  Once you declare the your own role within the capitalist arrangement unacceptable (being surplus producers), it falls apart.  That is, it CANNOT function without the surplus being produced.


Surplus isn't the same as profit.

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