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Here we go again. 



Published: May 27. 2011 1:30AM


By TIM HAHN, Erie Times-News

The mother of a 14-month-old girl found dead in an eastside neighborhood Tuesday told police that her youngest child had been dead for about a month, according to court paperwork filed in the investigation.


Police said Tania R. Coleman, 20, made the revelation to Erie police detectives hours after her daughter, identified in court records as Alayja Coleman, was found stuffed in a suitcase that had been thrown out as trash.


Tania Coleman remained jailed without bond Thursday on charges of criminal homicide, concealing the death of a child, tampering with or fabricating evidence, endangering the welfare of children and abuse of a corpse. She is separated from the general prison population, according to a prison official.


Police also charged Tania Coleman's boyfriend, Xavier A. Hollamon, 20, with concealing the death of a child, tampering with or fabricating evidence and abuse of a corpse. He remained jailed Thursday on $50,000 bond and is in restricted housing, the prison official said.


Police said Hollamon is the father of Tania Coleman's two other children, a 3-year-old girl and a 2-year-old girl who are now being cared for by family members. The children lived with Tania Coleman in an upstairs apartment at 729 E. Eighth St., while Hollamon lived with his parents at 454 E. 24th St., according to police.


Hollamon is also the father of a child that Tania Coleman is now carrying, police said.


Investigators have declined to comment in detail on what they believe led to Alayja Coleman's death. Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook said she likely died of "nutritional neglect."


Medical examiners were unable to determine during Wednesday's autopsy if Alayja Coleman had a physical disability, Cook said Thursday. The autopsy also failed to find any obvious signs of trauma on the girl, he said.


Police are still working to obtain the child's medical records, and they are still interviewing people in relation to the case, Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin said Thursday.


Among those already interviewed, Franklin said, was the father of Alayja Coleman, who is identified in court records as Rahsean A. Murphy.


Murphy declined to comment Thursday.


Investigators have not said how long they believe Alayja Coleman was dead before her body was found in a suitcase by Erie firefighters who responded to the 700 block of East Eighth Street to put out a kitchen fire Tuesday afternoon. Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri said only that investigators believe the girl was neglected for "a period of time" and was left to die in the residence.


But according to an affidavit of probable cause filed with a search warrant for Tania Coleman's apartment, she told detectives late Tuesday that Alayja Coleman died in the apartment "approximately one month ago."


Tania Coleman's older brother, Jeffrey Coleman, said Thursday that he had seen Alayja Coleman at his sister's apartment in January and she "looked like a regular, normal baby to me."


Investigators have also not said when they think the child's body was put in the suitcase and placed outside. The affidavit filed with the search warrant stated only that, at some point, the suitcase was placed in a new garbage can, along with two white garbage cans. The can was then placed near the curb.


The next day, a male neighbor, whom police did not identify, saw the can sitting empty and its contents spilled onto the ground. The man moved the garbage can into his residence, according to the affidavit.






Staff writers Gerry Weiss and Lisa Thompson contributed to this report.

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I continue to be absolutely SHOCKED at some women's behavior when it comes to their children.  This is soooooooooo unacceptable on so many levels....that I am totally left speechless.  And she's PREGNANT again?  Now this is time when folks need to consider sterilization for some people's murderous act upon their OWN children.  They shouldn't be ALLOWED to bring ANY LIFE into the world....ever!  How can anyone mistreat a child?  I will NEVER understand this form of abuse.....never!  Po' kids now they have to grow up knowing their parents are murderers.  Tragic for everyone involved.

So the child died from malnutrition? So sad. In this situation, I think that this was a young girl who had too many children before she was able to properly care for them financially and emotionally. Now that she's pregnant again NY state will take away this child to put in a home where this child probably has less than a 50% chance of being successful in life. Sad situation all around.

Originally Posted by ocatchings:

20 years old!!! Another example of why some gilrs should wait before having children at such a young age with some idiot that "loves" her but can't provide jack schnitt!



I doubt that age has anything to do with it.  I would bet that they were either drunk and high or one of them physically abused the child to the point of death.  Even most ten year olds wouldn't intentionally harm a baby.  There is more to this story.  The fact that she has 3 stair-steps and is pregnant again at only 20 years old, and not married (or married or not) probably says more about her maturity level and intelligence or lack of, than her only being 20 does.


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