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i don't see why the black kids fought over this statement, cause its 100% true. MLK tried to make it were we could live and go anywhere in peace. but now some black folks have made it where you can't even walk through a inner city neighborhood without being attacked or killed over a damn color. so the white girl was right.


March 1, 2006 -- An alleged racial attack on a group of Catholic schoolgirls on a Brooklyn basketball court last year began when one of the victims ridiculed Martin Luther King Jr., a lawyer for one of the defendants said yesterday.
The mockery of King's 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech served "as a catalyst that caused events to spiral" out of control, said the lawyer, Michelle Agdomar.

During closing statements in Brooklyn Family Court, lawyers said that as tension mounted in the Marine Park confrontation, one of the black girls said, "Martin Luther King had a dream," to which one of the alleged victims replied, "Well, too bad it isn't working."

The comment was followed by accusations of racism from the group of black girls, who are now charged with committing a hate crime.

"This was not a hate crime," Agdomar said. "Au contraire, it was the black girls who felt offended."

As violence erupted, the white girls were beaten by a group of up to 60 boys and girls in the playground who called out "white cracker," "black power" and "Martin Luther King power," prosecutors said.

Assistant District Attorney Jeanine Girgenti brushed off the white girl's statement as a "sarcastic comment" and said the standoff was initiated only because the girls are white.
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yeah and southern inbreds still attack lonely blacks on back roads and lynch and drag them to pieces, so what is your point? remember who started all of this schit......and no i'm not condoning anything...but as Faheem stated...every action brings about a reaction.....ask yourself how did big cities get to be bastions of poverty for nothing but blacks and mexicans...kinda ironic huh? once again...there is not jack schit particular to black people...i can take you some places here in cally and white skinheads will come out for ya...don't know what you would do but I know what I would do........

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