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Minority college aid suffers from attacks
Fri Mar 17, 6:58 AM ET

Demographic changes are our nation's new reality. More than 13% of Americans are Hispanic (who can be of any race), and nearly 13% are African-American. About 4% are Asian-American, and nearly 2% are Native American. Together, nearly a third of our residents are people of color. Some experts predict people of color will be nearly half of all Americans by 2050.

This has job market implications. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education reported that the income of the U.S. workforce is projected to decline if education levels do not improve. The center said the education levels of the fastest-growing groups - Latinos and African-Americans - raise special concern. Why, then, are the Departments of Justice and Education pushing colleges and universities to allow white students to apply for scholarships, fellowships and programs targeted at students of color?

Opponents of minority scholarships, such as the Center for Individual Rights and the Center for Equal Opportunity, say people have a right to be treated equally. These groups have been so aggressive on the issue that universities, including Southern Illinois University and the State University of New York, have simply opened access to aid to all students.

The Departments of Justice and Education seem to have become adjuncts of these right-wing groups, which can't kill affirmative action in the courts or through legislation and so instead seek to do it through intimidation. While the University of Michigan spent huge sums of money defending its affirmative-action programs, many other colleges are reluctant to take on six- and seven-figure lawsuits. The avoidance of the fight might be good for universities but not for our nation, especially if we consider our long-term needs for a well-trained and diverse workforce.

Those who declare war on diversity are guilty of tunnel vision, not global vision. They speak of a level playing field in the present, instead of considering ways it had been tilted in the past. They speak of competition without questioning the fairness of the major gaps in access to higher education. For example, while 48% of whites enter college after high school, only 27% of African-Americans and Hispanics do.

Shirley Wilcher, interim executive director of the American Association for Affirmative Action, says, "Now is not the time to shut the door." Wilcher describes such efforts as "immoral and short-sighted."

Demographic diversity is our nation's new reality. Slamming the doors to educational access for underrepresented people of color ultimately slams the door on our nation's economic growth.

Julianne Malveaux is an economist and syndicated columnist.
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This is an empty article designed to garner a certain response from perpetual victims.

Each year millions of dollars of financial aid goes unused. Out of all of the barriers to education for African-Americans lack of access to funding is not as great as the SKY ROCKETING COST OF EDUCATION.

It is interesting how the same people who criticize drug companies for making drugs unafforable and the government's "pay off" to them seem to want the government to "pay the invoice" sent by these colleges without any check upon the price increases.

Ms. Malveaux sets up the article by telling of the impending "threat" to the way things were for Blacks because of the increase in Hispanics.

Next she speaks of the threat to race based public scholarships by those who seek to prevent PUBLIC FUNDS from being used in such a way.

No one can take away PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS that are applied to students regardless per the choosing of those WHO CONTROL THE MONEY.

Ms. Malveaux mentions nothing about the rising costs of education that is outpacing the rate of inflation and is the real culpret in "slamming the doors on all middle class people. Of course we know that balance is not her goal.
I guess some of us do not understand the social vehicles that has assisted thousands in delivering themselves from poverty and ignorance to the middle and upper middle classes....I have witnessed it firsthand.....

This is the question that is of issue, since race is supposed to be irrlevant according to confused negroes:

Why, then, are the Departments of Justice and Education pushing colleges and universities to allow white students to apply for scholarships, fellowships and programs targeted at students of color?

I am not about to sit here and outline what in amerikkka justified the race-based scholarships and programs in the first place....I guess it was the lilly white azz pictures I saw in every City department taken less than 50 years ago and stored in their records retention.....and also the open enrollment whites got in colleges for many many years...regardless of their grades.....I guess some black people have accepted the second-class stigma that others TRY to attach to the WHOLE black "aint" happening.......

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